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22 Ноя 2020, 21:41
Fauci: Vaccines are an incentive to ‘double down’ on precautions

Effective coronavirus vaccines are headed for widespread use within several months, but the nation must “double down” on preventive public health measures in the meantime, Anthony Fauci says.

“We are in a very serious situation, but we can do something about it,” the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert said in an interview aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Traditionally and historically, highly efficacious and effective vaccines have crushed epidemics like smallpox and polio and measles,” Fauci said, expressing confidence in the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccines.

Two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have announced they have developed effective coronavirus vaccines. Pfizer has sought Food and Drug Administration authorization for emergency use, and Moderna is expected to follow.

The vaccines should be “an incentive to have us double down even more with public health measures until we get the full component of the help that’s on its way,” Fauci said.

“Putting vaccines aside for a moment, which will be extraordinarily helpful, if we implement the simple public health measures … we can blunt that inflection,” he added. Those measures include wearing masks, physical distancing, frequent hand-washing and avoiding congregate activities, particularly indoors.

Fauci rejected the idea the public can’t take action against the virus’ spread, especially given the upcoming holiday season, which is expected to lead to an uptick of cases. Instead, he urged people to consider whether they have family members at a higher risk of infection, including older people and those with preexisting medical conditions.

“Do you really want to get a crowd of 10, 15, 20 people, many of whom are coming in from places where they have gone from crowded airports, to planes, getting into the house?” he asked. “I mean, those are the things that have been such joyous things in the past. But this is a very special situation.”

“I think the people in this country need to realistically do a risk-benefit assessment,” Fauci said. “Every family is different. Everyone has a different level of risk that they want to tolerate.”

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25 Ноя 2020, 13:13

It's an Irish discovery 200million years in the making – for the first time ever, dinosaur bones have been identified on the island.

Fossil bones from a four-legged plant-eating scelidosaurus and a deadly two-legged carnivore sarcosaurus were found in Islandmagee, on the coast of County Antrim.

The remains were originally discovered by school teacher and fossil collector Roger Byrne between 1980 and 2000. He donated them to the Ulster Museum.

They have now been confirmed as belonging to dinosaurs for the first time by experts from the University of Portsmouth and Queen's University Belfast.

Ulster Museum is expected to put the fossils on display when it reopens after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

A team of experts used high-resolution 3D digital models of the fossils to analyse bone fragments and identify the type of dinosaur each came from.

'Several specimens from Northern Ireland have been suspected, or suggested, as dinosaur bones but just two can be definitely assigned to this group on the basis of their bone histology, surface texture and morphology,' the team explained.

The remains discovered by Byrne sat unverified in a museum for decades, until technology reached a point where they could properly be verified.

Originally it was assumed the fossils were from the same animal, but the team were surprised to discover that they were from two completely different dinosaurs.

Robert Smyth, a researcher on this study, said the shape and internal structure of the bones gave away the fact they belonged to two very different animals.

The study, employing the latest available technology including 3D imaging and modelling, identified the type of dinosaur from which each came.

'One is very dense and robust, typical of an armoured plant-eater. The other is slender, with thin bone walls and characteristics found only in fast-moving two-legged predatory dinosaurs called theropods,' said Smyth.

'Despite being fragmentary, these fossils provide valuable insight on a very important period in dinosaur evolution, about 200 million years ago. It's at this time that dinosaurs really start to dominate the world's terrestrial ecosystems.'

Professor David Martill, a researcher involved in the study, said the two species confirmed to come from Ireland are like chalk and cheese.

He said the sarcosaurus was a spectacular animal with a large head and ran around on two muscular, powerful legs.

Then there is the scelidosaurus, which was a powerful animal adorned with spikes. It was a herbivore but would put up a good fight if a meat eater gave it any trouble.

'One of them is, if you take your everyday view of a meat-eating dinosaur, it had a mouth full of razor-sharp serrated teeth,' said Martill.

'The scelidosaurus was running around on all fours with its back legs higher than its head. It would have been adorned with big spikes capped with the sort of sheath that a claw is made of.

'If it came and kneed you it would rip you apart. Although it was a herbivorous animal, it wasn't a defenceless animal.'

Research lead Dr Mike Simms said: 'The two dinosaur fossils that Roger Byrne found were perhaps swept out to sea, alive or dead, sinking to the Jurassic seabed where they were buried and fossilised.'

'This is a hugely significant discovery,' Simms said of the analysis.

'The great rarity of such fossils here is because most of Ireland's rocks are the wrong age for dinosaurs, either too old or too young, making it nearly impossible to confirm dinosaurs existed on these shores,' he added.

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, is part of a larger project to document Jurassic rocks in Northern Ireland.

23 Ноя 2020, 17:14

She has won legions of social media followers for her empowering posts on body confidence.

And Malin Andersson set pulses racing as she shared a racy lingerie snap on Instagram on Sunday.

The former Love Island star, 26, looked incredible as she donned black sheer lingerie with a dark purple detail.

Showcasing her jaw-dropping figure, Malin fixed the camera with a sultry stare as she posed by her window.

The reality star styled her brunette locks into loose waves for the glamorous shot while she also wore a light pallet of makeup.

Alongside the post, she wrote: 'Some days aren’t as good as others, but when I put on pretty lingerie I instantly feel better. ❤️ Powerful.'

On Friday, Malin shared another snap of herself wearing Christmas lingerie as she showed off a red thong which had 'kiss me under the mistletoe' along the waist.

Malin's hands could be seen in the picture as well as her c-section scar from the birth of her late daughter Consy.

Consy, who was born seven weeks premature in December 2018 and passed away when she was one-month old.

The star also radiated body confidence and highlighted her scar in a Halloween-themed snap of her donning a black lacy lingerie one-piece.

While staying at Clarence House in Berkshire, Malin flaunted her toned pins with a pair of strappy black heels as she continued on her body positivity crusade.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Obviously I'm dressed as an angel, but how cute is my c-section scar please. It travels everywhere with me.'

As well as promoting body confidence, Malin has often spoken candidly with her fans about how she's feeling.

As the second nationwide lockdown started, Malin revealed that it had made her feel 'the loneliness I felt before all over again'.

The reality star said she 'cried a little from pre lockdown emotions', as she said winter is particularly hard for her with the anniversary of her mother's death and her late daughter Consy's birth.

In a lengthy post, Malin wrote: 'So I've just got home from such a busy day. I love keeping busy, it keeps my mind busy which means I don't tend to think about trauma.

'But on the way home from shooting for my podcast today I was staring out the window, looking up into the night sky.. I saw the most beautiful stars. Almost like my family were saying 'hang tight'.

'It dawned on me that we are about to go into another lockdown. For me this means the loneliness I felt before, all over again.

'I know deep down I'm a strong girl, and I've come a long way.. but there's definitely something different this time about having to do lockdown during the winter near Christmas.

'This month marks my mums death anniversary, and December my daughters birth. It then marks Christmas.. where I would usually go to America to spend it with my brothers family.

'Then January comes and it's my girls death anniversary. It actually sounds like a joke when I write it out.. but it's not. It's my reality.'

Malin's daughter Consy was treated in intensive care at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital but sadly passed away at just four weeks old in January 2019.

She continued: 'I got in into my house, put my nightie on and I cried a little.. I felt the 'pre lockdown emotions' and I've buckled up my inner strength to focus on all the positives.

'See - even Me, Malin... can feel the lows of the low too whilst being totally 'woke' at the same time.'

Malin went on to say she will look at the positives and how it gives her strength to share her story with her followers.

24 Ноя 2020, 05:15

She's been in mandatory hotel quarantine since jetting back to Australia from LA on November 13.

And on Monday, former Home and Away star Esther Anderson revealed that she's somehow managed to injure herself while in lockdown.

The 41-year-old actress shared a picture of her foot and what appeared to be a broken toe on Instagram.

'Quarantine life,' the age-defying actress captioned two pictures in her latest post.

The mother-of-one can be seen sporting a moon boot in the first photo as she rests her right leg after injuring her foot.

The second picture shows a close up of her injury, which is of her middle toe pointing sideways.

While Esther does not detail what happened, followers flocked to the picture's comment section to guess how she got the injury.

'She went by ambulance to hospital,' one fan commented on her post, before another added: 'Lasses braking bones especially feet me mam broke her foot in March.'

'Lol even in isolation you manage to break a toe,' a third wrote.

Esther is almost at the end of her hotel quarantine with her son Forest, after leaving Los Angeles for Australia on November 13.

She was required to complete a 14 day quarantine as an international traveller arriving into Australia.

She is based in LA with husband Howard Moggs after the pair married in 2017 at Geelong in Victoria.

In May, Esther revealed she hoped to spend more time back in Australia once the COVID-19 ban lifted.

She told The Morning Show: 'It's made us realise just how important family is and what's at stake.'

'I'll definitely be cherishing my time spent in Australia and try and spend more time at home after all of this is over,' she said.

Esther added she was 'upset' she was unable to travel back home to celebrate her father's 95th birthday because of the coronavirus pandemic.

'I was so upset. But everyone is well that's the main thing,' she said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Esther for comment, in relation to this story.

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