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The focus of the initial meeting was on Covid-19 vaccines, therapeutics and distribution, said one person familiar with the agenda.
He and other top government officials have said that about 40 million doses of the vaccine will likely be available next month.
It’s the third Covid-19 vaccine maker to report results from a late-stage trial.
Nancy Messonnier, who enraged the president with her public warning of “severe” Covid-19 consequences, is slated to reemerge as a key adviser.
“We are in a very serious situation, but we can do something about it,” said Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert.
The requirements of Pfizer’s shots create a “use it or lose it” situation.
The treatment is not authorized for patients who are hospitalized due to the coronavirus or who require oxygen therapy.
States fear a gap between the year-end deadline and inauguration
The agency also urged Americans to avoid mingling with people who haven’t resided in their same household in the past 14 days.
By tapping the Yale researcher, Biden makes clear his interest in addressing longstanding disparities that have exacerbated the pandemic.
The potential impact of Amazon’s arrival in the pharmaceutical space rippled through that sector immediately.
“The vaccines are effective. We want to get it approved as quickly as we possibly can,” said the nation’s top infectious disease expert.
The news of a second successful vaccine comes during the darkest period yet of the U.S. coronavirus epidemic.
The politicization of mask-wearing shows how difficult it will be for Joe Biden to build consensus around even basic public health strategies after he’s sworn in.
The nation’s testing capacity has increased, but not fast enough to keep pace with the swarm of new cases.
The news comes days after Pfizer revealed that initial data suggest its vaccine is more than 90 percent effective.
Biden’s transition team must plan for a crisis response without access to essential information about the nation’s supply chains and testing supplies.
Care facilities can’t keep the virus out as it spreads through communities.
“They need a lifeline and they need it now,” he said.
The drug, known as a monoclonal antibody, mimics the body’s natural defenses against the virus.
The milestone comes as the U.S. over the weekend set new records for daily number of cases and more than 1,000 deaths.
The president-elect’s statement came shortly after his transition team announced on Monday a Covid-19 transition advisory board.
The better-than-expected result is the first Phase III data from any of the four candidates now in the final stage of testing in the U.S.
The country’s health care system is already buckling under the load of the resurgent outbreak that’s approaching 10 million cases nationwide.
It marked the fourth day in a row that new cases topped more than 100,000.
President-elect Joe Biden’s incremental approach will face opposition from Republicans and powerful health care lobbies.
Several candidates are in late-stage clinical trials.
The order, issued on Oct. 21, would strip certain civil service and due process protections from career federal employees who make policy.
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The pandemic surge in charts
Spiking infections have seized the headlines — and it could get much worse.
The sign-up season begins amid an intensifying pandemic and shortly before the Supreme Court will weigh Obamacare’s fate.
Nearly every region of the country is reporting an uptick in infections and hospitalizations.
Recovery could take years, with the nation’s most vulnerable enduring the worst of it.
Five Republicans facing tough reelections crossed party lines in a vote highlighting Trump’s challenge to the health care law.
The letter was led by Sen. Gary Peters, who oversaw the creation of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee as part of the CARES Act.
Albert Bourla’s memo to staff asserts Pfizer’s independence in the face of strong pressure from the White House to deliver a shot before Election Day.
The president’s age and weight puts him at higher risk of complications.
Trump’s health secretary also refused to address whether the president ordered a slowdown in coronavirus testing.
Monoclonal antibodies are a potential treatment that could combat Covid outbreaks before and after a safe and effective vaccine is widely available.
Amid Trump’s push to reopen schools, Michael Caputo’s science adviser asked that the health agency alter its warning about a study of pediatric coronavirus.
The updated guidance comes just days after President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19.
The agency’s decision to hold vaccine developers to the stricter criteria will likely push any vaccine authorization beyond Election Day.
House Democrats will introduce a bill intended to limit the administration’s ability to spend federal funds on certain coronavirus-related advertisements before the election.
Bright alleges that he was demoted because he opposed political pressure linked to an unproven Covid-19 treatment.
He added that a vaccine likely won’t be widely available until next summer or fall.
As officials debate how to get Trump’s name on the cards, health officials warn of a taxpayer-funded boondoggle to bolster president’s flagging poll numbers.
The campaign by Pfizer comes amid growing scrutiny of the CEO’s predictions that the company will know this month whether it has a viable vaccine.
The court will soon weigh cases that could shrink Medicaid or undermine Obamacare’s marketplaces if the health care law survives.
The pandemic is spawning new infections at a rate not seen since the end of July.
The political backdrop could make the first coronavirus gathering of the advisory committee one of the most-watched in FDA history.
“I think we should be even more affirmative about it,” the former New Jersey governor said.

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