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14 Янв 2021, 11:05
В «Ювентусе» отреагировали на информацию об интересе к экс-игроку «Ростова»

Спортивный директор туринского «Ювентуса» Фабио Паратичи прокомментировал информацию о возможном переходе в команду футболистов «Дженоа» Эльдора Шомуродова и Джанлуке Скамакки.

«Как я уже говорил, у нас конкурентоспособный состав. Если на рынке будут хорошие варианты, то мы воспользуемся возможностью и усилимся. В противном случае — нет, нам некуда спешить», — цитирует Паратичи Football Italia со ссылкой на RAI Sport.

Шомуродов перешел в «Дженоа» из «Ростова» осенью 2020 года. В нынешнем сезоне он принял участие в 11 матчах чемпионата Италии, в которых забил два мяча и отдал одну результативную передачу.

Ранее главный тренер «Ростова» Валерий Карпин отреагировал на новость об интересе «Ювентуса» к Шомуродову.

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14 Янв 2021, 11:21

В Минске продолжается церемония прощания с митрополитом Филаретом, которую посетил и Александр Лукашенко, пять задержанных во время прогулки в лесу витебских пенсионерок остаются в изоляторе, врач, которого ударил сторонник Лукашенко, ушел на больничный с ЧМТ и другие важные новости дня — в традиционном онлайне .

20 Янв 2021, 11:46

В России за последние 24 часа коронавирус COVID-19 обнаружили у 21 152 человек. Такие данные приводит оперативный штаб по борьбе с коронавирусной инфекцией.

Этот показатель стал наименьшим с 18 ноября. Тогда в стране коронавирус обнаружили у 20 985 человек.

Материал дополняется.

20 Янв 2021, 19:14

Mark Wright has been forced to isolate at home after eleven of his Crawley Town Football Club teammates tested positive for coronavirus.

The footballer and TV star, who made his debut for the club earlier this month, is following government guidelines after the football team were plunged into crisis.

Mark spent his 34th birthday in quarantine on Wednesday as restrictions meant he was unable to leave his home for any reason.

A representative for Mark confirmed to MailOnline: 'Some of Mark’s team mates at Crawley Town tested positive which meant their FA Cup tie against Bournemouth this coming weekend has been postponed.

'Mark is of course following all guidelines.

'Consequently he as had to postpone his daily BBC 2 fitness show, Workout the Wright Way, by a week, which was due to start next Monday.

'Also will be broadcasting his daily Heart evening radio show from home, which he did last night until, he is allowed out.'

The team have had their FA Cup game against Bournemouth on Saturday postponed.

It is currently unclear whether Mark's wife Michelle Keegan, 33, will be affected by Mark's isolation period.

Earlier in the day, she had paid tribute to her beau on his birthday as she shared some sweet throwback snaps, and wrote: 'You drive me mental and keep me sane at the same time. So proud of you for everything you do and the person that you are. Can't wait to celebrate properly with you x.'

Last week, Mark told how his father has been left 'mentally' changed by COVID-19 after being released from hospital.

Ex-TOWIE star Mark, whose parents Mark. Snr, 64, and Carol, 60, announced on New Year's Eve they had been struck down by the virus, said his father was 'not the same as four weeks ago' during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

At the time of publication last week, Mark's uncle Eddie, 65, the father of his reality star cousin Elliott, was in a 'critical condition' due to the virus - with the presenter making an impassioned plea for people to observe government guidelines.

Mark said: 'My dad is out of hospital now. One of my dad's brothers is in hospital on oxygen.

'His other brother, my uncle Eddie, Elliott's dad, is in a critical condition, we're praying each night that he gets better.

'We are hearing from doctors that he's not getting worse, but we're still praying he gets through this.'

Mark emotionally spoke about the after-effects of the virus on his father, saying it had affected him mentally.

He said: 'I mean, he's out of hospital and I hope he doesn't mind me saying this but, mentally something's not right there at the moment.

Mark's beloved mother Carol, took to Instagram last month to reveal to her 190,000 followers that she and her husband had been 'attacked' by the virus.

Alongside a throwback snap of their holiday to Barbados, the Wright matriarch penned an impassioned caption about their battle and diagnosis and urged naysayers to 'never believe the virus isn't real'.

In her caption, Carol penned: 'Well what a year this has been. This Christmas and new year I was unable to spend it with my loved ones...

'My hubby and I have got attacked with the virus all over Christmas, my husband is fighting it, I am suffering the worst coughing fits ever...

'But my hubby and me will pull through this. It has taught me something in life, never think that this virus isn't real. Never take things for granted, always be there for others and it's made me appreciate life so much...

'The little things in life are more important then the big ones....

'Love and caring is all we need. Happy new year to every one and let's hope next year is the best year for every one. I just want to thank the NHS for helping my husband hopefully recover this. Fingers crossed x.'

Last week Jess revealed some of her family has been hospitalised by coronavirus.

The former TOWIE star, 35, took to Instagram to detail how Covid has ripped through her family like 'wildfire', with some having to seek treatment in hospital.

Jess wrote: 'Covid has ripped through my family in the past month and it has been absolutely horrendous. Please stay safe everyone, stay home, wear masks and also check on loved ones regularly.

'The fight isn't over for us yet, we are taking every day as it comes and praying a lot. This new strain seems to be spreading like wildfire.

'Thank you the well wishes for those who have known, for my family members that have been hospitalised by this awful, awful virus.'

Jess added it was important to also focus on mental health and help build others up as the nation negotiates the third lockdown.

Carol and construction boss Mark are also parents to footballer Josh, 31 and influencer Natalya, 19.

Carol joined TOWIE as a permanent cast member from the inaugural series in 2010, and stayed on screens after both her children departed.

The family are famously extremely close, leaving Carol devastated at spending Christmas apart.

News of their diagnosis comes shortly after Mark Jr. took to Twitter to pen: 'The Government have of course explained how fast this new variant is spreading, but I think it is hard to understand quite how fast...

'I cannot stress how many people I know, from immediate family to best friends and distant friends who currently have covid. It's rife. Stay safe.'

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