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22 Ноя 2020, 00:05
Туктамышева объяснила значение иероглифа на ее костюме

Российская фигуристка Елизавета Туктамышева объяснила значение иероглифа на ее костюме, передает «Чемпионат.com».

Напомним, 21 ноября спортсменка выиграла российский этап гран-при.

«Правда ли, что иероглиф на спине означает «любовь»? Да, это действительно так. Выбрала, потому что это самое важное в жизни человека», — сказала Туктамышева. Ранее Туктамышева поделилась эмоциями от победы на Гран-при России.

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22 Ноя 2020, 18:05

Экс-фигурист Максим Траньков прокомментировал победу Елизаветы Туктамышевой на российском этапе Гран-при, передает «СЭ».

«Весь наш спорт состоит из расчетов и ошибок. Кто меньше ошибок допустит — тот и выиграл. Вчера их меньше допустила Елизавета и заслуженно победила», — сказал Траньков.

По итогам двух прокатов Туктамышева набрала 223,39 балла. Ранее сообщалось, что Туктамышева осталась в восторге от атмосферы на Гран-при России.

27 Ноя 2020, 13:15

Liverpool's Champions League tie against FC Midtjylland will take place in Denmark after the easing of UK travel restrictions allows for the Premier League champions to travel to Herning.

The Reds are due to travel to Scandinavia next month for the Group D clash, and there had been fears that Jurgen Klopp's side would have to self-isolate upon their return, in line with the rules set out by the UK government.

These protocols have typically been waived for elite sportsmen and sportswomen since the return of competitions, however Denmark would not be afforded such exemption, casting doubt over the fixture.

There had been talk that the tie would be relocated to Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, where such restrictions do not exist. That would have seen Klopp return to his former club for the first time since visiting in 2016 with the Reds in the Europa League.

However, the Danish side have confirmed that the game will be played at their home ground.

'The English authorities have eased travel restrictions, which is why our Champions League clash against Liverpool FC will take place in Herning as planned,' the Danes said on their official website.

The new rules now allow for elite athletes to travel to Denmark without having to undergo a period of self isolation as previously required.

Liverpool are set to face Midtjylland on Wednesday 9 December as Klopp's side bid to book their place in the knockout rounds of the competition.

The Reds suffered a setback to their European ambitions this week after a much-changed side stumbled to a 2-0 defeat to Atalanta at Anfield.

The uncertainty surrounding the Midtjylland fixture is one of many qualms that the Premier League champions have had to deal with this season.

Klopp's side have been rocked by a series of high-profile injuries, with the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez sidelined in recent weeks.

Mohamed Salah was also absent for the visit of Leicester City last Sunday as a result of testing positive for coronavirus while away with Egypt on international duty. The star was pictured mingling with family and friends at his brother's wedding.

30 Ноя 2020, 05:14

Dorinda Medley took to Instagram on Sunday to lambaste people who openly ignored COVID-19 guidelines over the Thanksgiving weekend.

'So, I am sitting here on Instagram going through everyone's weekend and it's disgusting. People are making up their own rules,' began the Real Housewives Of New York alum, 55.

The Bravo star was passionate as she chastised travelers and explained how she celebrated a socially-distanced holiday.

Dorinda, rocking a pair of black, thick framed glasses, recorded her passionate criticism from the comfort of her bed.

'Let me tell you about my Thanksgiving! [I was] all alone, not because I wanted to be. I'm trying,' said the star, adding that she had '26 people' over at her Thanksgiving celebration last year.

She continued: 'I managed to go and see my parents who have basically been alone for nine months. Didn't even have my daughter here, ok? Because she didn't get COVID tested and she went to the city, so we made a responsible decision not to bring her home.

'And I sat in the sitting area as they sat in their dining rooms and we talked for 20 minutes. Why? Because we are trying!'

Getting a bit more heated, Dorinda gave a fiery explanation about how 'getting a COVID test' does not mean you are safe to hangout with your friends and family.

'So, all these people that had their dinner parties and got a COVID test, that is a moment in time! It's a marker. It's just a marker.

'The minute you leave and you go out and you see your friends and you have parties and you have gatherings, you're exposed again or potentially exposed again. Who would know? Please, everyone, stop! Stop the madness! It's dishonest, it's disgusting [and] it's immoral.'

Leaning closer to the camera, Medley stated: 'Do not ask the system to do for you what you will not do for the system if you or your family get sick.'

She begged those refusing to follow COVID-19 guidelines to 'not put these essential workers and these nurses and these doctors back into war, again' with their irresponsibility, adding: 'They have left their families, they have been exposed, [and] it has been terrible.'

Dorinda went on to mock the logic that many people behind holding gatherings amid the pandemic.

'"Oh, I'm making a momentary decision and I'm gonna just have 10 or 12 of my friends [over] because I think it's ok!" Well, how would you know? Why? What is going on here? I just don't get it.'

She urged her followers to just 'stay home' and if they 'have to go to the city and do something' then they need to do their 'best to limit [themselves] to as few unnecessary people [they] have to see' and 'keep [their] mask on.'

'If, God forbid, after having your dinner parties you get sick or potentially sick or someone gets sick, then what are you gonna do?

'You're gonna run to the hospital and put this tremendous strain on an already strained system and put all these poor people at risk. Because, why? Because you decided you just couldn't follow the guidelines,' uttered Medley with a disapproving look.

To close out her lengthy Instagram rant, Dorinda, once again, urged those going against coronavirus protocols to 'stop the madness' and, instead, do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Viewers reacted in disappointment when DailyMail.com revealed exclusively in August that Medley would not be returning for another season of the Real Housewives Of New York.

But the star attempted to make it up to her die-hard fans by recently partnering with BABE Wine to transform one lucky winner's home into a 'Berkshires-inspired winter wonderland.'

'There's nothing like the holidays. It's my favorite time of year and as most people know, I go all out,' said Medley who promoted the BABE 'holiday décor contest' to her Instagram followers on Friday.

'When BABE approached me, I knew it was a perfect partnership. We are both so extra in everything we do, including the way we celebrate the holidays, and I absolutely love it.'

To enter the holiday decor contest, which is open from Friday, November 20 - Tuesday, December 1, fans of Dorinda were instructed to head over to the official BABE Wine Instagram page.

'One lucky winner will then receive a $1,000 gift card so they can completely re-do their holiday decorations, pulling inspo from Dorinda’s iconic, over-the-top holiday décor,' the official statement explained.

To encourage participation, Dorinda uploaded a video (shot by her good pal Melinda) that gave fans a look at the 'iconic decor' inside Blue Stone Manor.

Carrying a BABE wine in hand, Medley elegantly stood in her doorway before gesturing Melinda to come inside and explore.

Dorinda had on a matching black pajama set with white trim and her signature bleach blonde hair was softly styled.

There were countless ornament-filled trees, elaborate table settings, twinkle lights, Christmas-themed figurines, and more strewn about the star's lavish home.

Talking directly to her Instagram followers, Dorinda sat down in a chair in her living room and discussed the contest and its spectacular prizes.

'Get in the spirit too by entering to win $1000 of home décor and a fridge full of BABE wine to make your place feel like home this holiday season!' she stated excitedly.

Chelsea Phillips, General Manager at BABE, explained that the brand partnered with Dorinda 'to make this season magical' because she 'knows a thing or two about holiday joy.'

'Together we’ll fill some lucky person’s home with lights, festive decorations, snowflakes, and, of course, a fully-stocked fridge of BABE,' Phillips concluded.

Dorinda has become increasingly active on social media since it was revealed by DailyMail.com in August that she would be leaving the Real Housewives Of New York after six seasons on the Bravo series.

She tried to get ahead of the news at the time by taking to her Instagram account to inform fans early that she would not be returning to the show next year.

'What a journey this has been. I have laughed and cried and tried to Make it Nice... But all things must come to an end,' she began in her post's caption.

She said that the series was 'a great outlet for [her] to heal when [her] late husband Richard passed away' in 2011.

'I have met so many interesting people and learned so much about myself, about life and about women along the way.'

She went on to thank Brave and NBC for the 'incredible ride' and she also expressed gratitude towards her RHONY castmates for their 'constant stimulation and entertainment.'

'I wish you all health, happiness and success,' she concluded.

A production source told DailyMail.com exclusively at the time that Bravo's decision to let Dorinda go was 'a big mistake.'

'We're all surprised as even though she had a tough season, she is a fan favorite who people are rooting for.'

'Dorinda was the only housewife left who owns both her own apartment in New York City alongside a second home in the country,' the insider added. 'You watch, this is an error that they will regret.'

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