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14 Янв 2021, 08:06
ЦСКА сделал предложение «Фатих Карагюмрюку» по трансферу полузащитника Ндао

Московский ЦСКА сделал предложение турецкому «Фатих Карагюмрюку» по трансферу сенегальского полузащитника Алассана Ндао. Об этом сообщает Ajansspor.

По информации источника, ЦСКА предложил «Фатих Карагюмрюку» за полузащитника €3 млн.

В нынешнем сезоне Ндао провел 18 матчей, забил четыре мяча и сделал четыре результативные передачи.

Ранее сообщалось, что ЦСКА сыграет со сборной свободных агентов Испании.

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17 Янв 2021, 05:15

Pep Guardiola has warned his Manchester City players not to be distracted by events along the M62 with their bogey team Crystal Palace lying in wait.

While the nation tunes in to Liverpool v Manchester United, Guardiola will be reminding his players of Palace’s recent record at The Etihad ahead of their evening kick off.

Roy Hodgson’s team pulled off a 3-2 win during City’s 100-point season thanks to a wonder goal from Andros Townsend and led until the final 10 minutes of last season’s 2-2 draw.

‘Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace,’ muttered Guardiola when asked about the clash between his two biggest rivals.

‘Palace is the only result I want. I want to beat them, the other match I honestly don’t care about.

‘The last two seasons at home to Palace we have got one point, that is why it’s my only concern.

‘It doesn’t matter how many games we have won. Palace is Zaha, Eze, Benteke, Roy Hodgson, Milivojevic. This is why I have been concerned about them since the day after we beat Brighton.’

For the record, City have won their last seven games in all competitions and moved into the top four despite not fielding a recognised centre-forward for a lot of the campaign.

Sergio Aguero’s stop-start season continues as he is self-isolating and ominously for the competition, Guardiola can see the focus in his players that led them to two consecutive championships before losing their crown to Liverpool.

‘I don’t think the players are upset or angry less optimistic because some people might say United and Liverpool have been better than us or we are not contenders.

The attitude is that after West Brom (1-1) we played good against Newcastle, then we went to Stamford Bridge and played good, then United, then Brighton on Wednesday.

‘If you dream being top of the league and don’t play good, you are not going to achieve it. I have the feeling the players now are committed every game to do what we have do. We’ve done that for many years. It gives me confidence to keep winning.’

Guardiola is expressing himself as much as his players and wore a t-shirt celebrating singer Nina Simone and denouncing fascism when he addressed the media on Friday.

He also gave his opinion on long covid, a rare condition among footballers but one that potentially disrupt careers. Newcastle pair Jamaal Lascelles and Alain Saint-Maximin both missed weeks rather than days after testing positive.

‘The doctors cannot say what the reaction for each person. It is a new illness so we don’t have experience,’ he said.

‘For some players, maybe is it good, we have some players who have struggled during this when tested positive and others ones who passed quietly, calm.

‘The reaction afterwards for some was tough, for one, two or three weeks was difficult. And for others, after three or four days were quite well. Which is why in any cases it is different.

‘Every person is different and we have to adapt and see, especially after the first training sessions.’

City’s game against Everton three weeks ago was postponed following a number of Covid cases in the City camp including Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus led to the closure of their training ground.

14 Янв 2021, 19:16

It could have been oh so different for Wilfried Zaha heading into tonight's Premier League battle between Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

The Eagles talisman has long been linked with a move to the Emirates, but will once again occupy a spot in the away dressing room when Palace arrive at the stadium, pulling on his boots as he takes last-minute instructions from Roy Hodgson.

Mere metres away, Mikel Arteta will deliver a tactical briefing of his own, knowing full well that the main attacking threat of his opponents could quite easily have been wearing the red and white of his own team.

By his own admission, Zaha has been 'very close' to a move to Arsenal in the past, before the club's hierarchy opted instead to sign Nicolas Pepe in the summer of 2019.

The jury is still out on whether he was worth the £72million they paid (and that might be putting it kindly), but many are now confident in their opinion that Zaha would have been the better buy.

Both Ivorian, both valued at a similar amount, and Arsenal's board lumped on the then-Lille man instead of Zaha. A flip of a coin in some respects, but it turns out Ligue 1 is not the Premier League, and Zaha is still flying high.

This season, the money men at Arsenal will have been watching on with some envy at the incredible season Zaha is having with Palace.

Despite the team being far from impressive in recent weeks, Zaha is thriving in his new central position, regularly moving away from his spot on the left wing to occupy a centre-forward role alongside a rejuvenated Christian Benteke.

After years of pundits urging him to add goals and assists to his game, he is now enjoying the most successful season of his career, fully hitting his peak with eight goals and two assists in his first 15 league matches.

And because of the shift in position, it is not enough to just compare him to Pepe. Indeed, the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Bukayo Saka all need to be rated alongside Zaha, and the Palace man blows every single one out of the water.

In terms of goals, his eight is better than each Arsenal man, with Lacazette the closest to him with seven. The Frenchman, though, doesn't have any assists so Zaha stretches further clear of him in terms of goal involvements.

Elsewhere, Aubameyang and Saka have three goals apiece, while Pepe himself has just two in his 11 Premier League matches this season.

Onto assists and only Willian beats Zaha's two - the former Chelsea man has three, but can't claim to have scored a single goal so far this season.

Zaha has had 92 touches in the opposition box this season, no mean feat given Palace's tendency to sit back and play on the counter attack.

Arsenal, of course, you would expect to enjoy much more potency in their opponents' half, but the reality is that none of Arsenal's front line gets close to Palace's superstar.

Saka is the closest with 72, while Aubameyang has 62 and Lacazette 59.

Onto 'dribbles completed', a metric Zaha in which will perhaps have expected to fall down the pecking order slightly, given his new role through the middle.

He is no longer picking the ball up inches from the touchline and driving past his opponents on the wing, but still he easily eclipses every Arsenal man again.

Zaha has 26 successful dribbles - that is, times he has beaten his man - with all bar one Arsenal attacker still in single figures.

While Saka has 24, a total close to Zaha, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Willian, Eddie Nketiah and Pepe have six, nine, eight, six and eight respectively.

The most harrowing part of this for Arsenal fans is that Zaha actually wanted to play for them.

He is a man who idolised Thierry Henry growing up, dreaming of pulling on Arsenal's kit and banging in the goals for the north London giants.

Back in 2019, when Unai Emery was the manager, he was wanted by the club and he wanted the move. It all looked on until the Gunners board stepped in.

'I had a conversation with the manager. [Unai] Emery was just like, "We don't really need to go through much",' Zaha said recently on Jamie Carragher's podcast.

'He said he'd seen me play, he knows I can change games at any time and stuff like that. He was like, "Yeah we'd love to have you", and I was just like, "Yeah I'd love to come".

'The conversation was rather straightforward because I played against him when he was manager of Arsenal. He saw what I could do, saw my work-rate, and what I could add to the team.

'Obviously, it was up to the club who they chose and they chose Pepe over me.'

All credit to Zaha in his response to the knock-back, though. He has fully knuckled down at Palace, well aware of the love and support the fans and club have given him, and moved on to the next level.

In a Hodgson team renowned for their structure and rigidity, he is the free-flowing attacking talent that the fans pay to see.

A club legend with nearly 400 appearances under his belt, a fans' favourite more than ever before in his 11th season in red and blue.

Going into tonight's game, Zaha more than most will be aware of the comparisons being made between himself and the Arsenal players. And he will be aware that he is eclipsing them in almost every area.

What better motivation could there be for him than to prove it inside the stadium at the Emirates once more. A victory for Palace would see them leapfrog Arsenal in the table, too.

During Arsenal's season of struggle, Zaha will be desperate to show them once again what he can do. Mikel Arteta, here's what you could have won.

20 Янв 2021, 15:13

Nerve damage caused by motor neurone disease (MND) could soon be reversed using existing drugs, a promising new study has revealed.

Researchers have pinpointed an issue in patients' nerve cells that depletes energy levels in the mitochondria - the power supply to the motor neurones.

The results of the study are now being used to look for existing drugs that boost mitochondrial function and may be able to be repurposed to treat MND.

Motor neurone disease is a rare condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the disease, although there are treatments that can help to reduce the impact it has on a person's daily life.

Sadly, the disease can significantly shorten life expectancy and eventually leads to death.

In the study, researchers from the Euan MacDonald Centre at Edinburgh University used stem cells to generate motor neurone cells in the lab.

They also examined post-mortem spinal cord tissue from people with MND.

An analysis of these cells revealed that the axon - the long part of the motor neurone cell that connects to muscle - is shorter than in healthy cells.

The movement of the mitochondria along these axons was also impaired, leading to a low energy supply to the motor neurones.

However, when the researchers boosted the mitochondria, the axon reverted back to normal.

Dr Arpan Mehta, Lady Edith Wolfson Fellow and PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, and lead author of the study, said: 'The importance of the axon in motor nerve cells cannot be understated.

'Our data provides hope that by restoring the cell's energy source we can protect the axons and their connection to muscle from degeneration.'

The results of the study are now being used to look for existing drugs that could boost mitochondria function.

Previous research found that a drug called ropinirole, which is currently used to treat Parkinson's disease, could reverse axon damage, making it a possible candidate for further investigation.

However, the researchers highlight that the findings are very early stage, and the drug is yet to be trialled in people.

Dr Mehta added: 'Work is already underway to identify existing licensed drugs that can boost the mitochondria and repair the motor neurons.

'This will then pave the way to test them in clinical trials.'

While the study focused on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common form of motor neurone disease, the team is hopeful that the findings will apply to other forms of the disease.

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