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14 Янв 2021, 10:05
Тренер «Баварии» Флик шокирован вылетом клуба из Кубка Германии

Главный тренер мюнхенской «Баварии» Ханс-Дитер Флик высказался о вылете команды из Кубка Германии на стадии 1/16 финала.

Встреча против клуба второй Бундеслиги «Хольштайн Киль» завершилась поражением действующего обладателя трофея — 2:3 (2:2 — основное и дополнительное время, 5:6 — в серии пенальти).

«Конечно, это шок. Мы очень разочарованы, мы хотели защитить требл. Все решили мелочи, в конечном итоге команда показала отличный моральный дух. Тем более досадно, что мы пропустили на последних секундах основного времен», — приводит слова Флика официальный сайт клуба.

Наставник «Баварии» поздравил соперников с победой и отметил, что футболисты «Хольштайн Киль» играли самоотверженно.

Ранее сообщалось, что «Бавария» впервые за десять лет проиграла в Бундеслиге, ведя в счете в два мяча.

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15 Янв 2021, 17:16

After yet another dominant day at Galle for England, which saw captain Joe Root rack up a brilliant century and debutant Dan Lawrence announced himself in style, LAWRENCE BOOTH looks at the main takeaways from the action...

Joe Root became the first England batsman to score two Test centuries in Sri Lanka, having made 124 at Pallekele in 2018-19.

It followed a calendar year without a Test hundred – the first such drought in Root’s career.

His unbeaten 168 was also England’s highest score in Sri Lanka, beating Kevin Pietersen’s 151 at Colombo’s P. Sara Oval in April 2012.

It was Root’s eighth Test score of 150 or more, leaving him joint-fifth on England’s list, behind Alastair Cook (11), Wally Hammond, Len Hutton and Kevin Pietersen (10 each).

Dennis Amiss, Graham Gooch and David Gower also made eight.

And it ended a run of 15 innings without a Test hundred stretching back to his 226 against New Zealand at Hamilton in November 2019.

But that was not his longest barren spell: between August 2017 and September 2018, Root went 27 Test knocks without reaching three figures.

Dan Lawrence’s 73 was the highest debut innings for England since Ben Foakes’s 107, also at Galle, in November 2018.

It was also the score Root made in his first Test innings, against India at Nagpur in December 2012.

18 Янв 2021, 09:05

Каталонская «Барселона» уступила баскскому «Атлетику» в финальном матче за Суперкубок Испании.

Встреча прошла на стадионе «Де ла Картуха» в Севилье и завершилась в дополнительное время со счетом 3:2.

Главный тренер «Барселоны» Рональд Куман прокомментировал результат игры.

«Мы расстроены и разочарованы финальным результатом. Мы играли на победу. Есть вещи, которые нам нужно улучшить в защите. Мы должны лучше защищаться», — цитирует Кумана MarcaMarca. Ранее Месси получил красную карточку в финальном матче за Суперкубок Испании.

20 Янв 2021, 03:17

She is currently preparing for the imminent arrival of her first child with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

And Dani Dyer has confessed that she's 'starting to lose sleep with anxiety' as she excitedly – and nervously – counts down the days until her baby's arrival.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night to share video of the baby's nursery, which she branded 'the best room in the house' the Love Island star, 24, got candid about her feelings as she awaits impending motherhood.

She wrote: 'Starting to lose sleep with anxiety as baby’s coming so so soon now, (watching the night stalker also didn’t help me at all!) anyone else feel like this?

'I’m so excited but so nervous at the same time, keep thinking am I organised, am I missing something, is there anything else I can do all these emotions going round in circles haha. Counting down the days✨.'

When responding to a follower who asked if she would do more maternity ranges in the future, the reality star joked she would do for 'baby No2' should the fashion brand allow it.

In one snap, she looked radiant in a cream smock jumper and leather look leggings as she hinted at a second child.

The star, who is 38 weeks pregnant, wrote: 'Yes for sure. If In The Style want to keep doing them with me then I'm sure with Baby No2 I will do more maternity haha x.'

Dani also told fans that she had moved up from a size 8 to a size 10 to give her more 'comfort' as her body changed during pregnancy.

While she also revealed that she has packed one of her stylish loungewear sets to wear home after welcoming her baby.

Earlier this month, Dani shared details of her preparations for giving birth, including showing all of what will be packed into her bag for the hospital.

She also recently revealed that she experienced her first Braxton Hicks contractions.

Dani admitted she was in pain after the uterine contractions, which can start six weeks into any pregnancy but are more prevalent in the second or third trimester.

Addressing her Instagram followers last week, she said: 'So last night I properly experienced them Braxton Hicks contraction things...

'Honestly there's so much that goes into being pregnant. They were really painful. I was like what's this, what's that. Wow, they're not very nice.'

Responding to a fan who suffered with Braxton Hicks, 26 weeks into her pregnancy, Dani admitted she was at an advantage as she had researched the symptom before experiencing it.

She said: 'Always best to get checked if you're scared. I read about them in a book weirdly enough yesterday so I felt like I knew exactly what they was when it was happening.' (sic)

The Love Islander told her Instagram followers on Christmas Eve that she is 'so scared to give birth' as her due date quickly approaches.

She begged her followers to give her 'tips' as she admitted that she was finding it hard to remain laid back about going into labour.

The expectant mother said that she was terrified as it hit her that she is going to be welcoming a baby very early in the New Year.

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