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14 Янв 2021, 02:05
Руководство ЦСКА попробует убедить Алексея Березуцкого остаться в клубе

Руководство ЦСКА попробует убедить Алексея Березуцкого остаться в московском клубе. Об этом сообщает Sport24.

Напомним, что в СМИ сообщалось о возможном уходе Алексея Березуцкого с поста заместителя генерального директора ЦСКА Романа Бабаева из-за оазногласий с руководством клуба.

Ранее ЦСКА покинули Сергей Овчинников и Виктор Онопко

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14 Янв 2021, 03:15

She has been been sharing sensational snaps as she documents her stay in Ibiza.

And Demi Rose was sure to set pulses soaring as she went braless in a bright pink ski jacket from PrettyLittleThing in sultry snaps she shared via Instagram on Wednesday.

The model, 25, put on a very busty display in the ensemble as she wore the coat unzipped to show a generous glimpse of her cleavage.

Demi added a chic flair to her ensemble by wearing a fluffy white headband to perfectly complement the winter season attire.

Her brunette locks were pulled into half-up twin pigtails, while she wore a light palette of make-up to accentuate her pretty features.

The model is currently spending lockdown in Es Vedra in Ibiza and has been posting positive mantras amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Demi recently shared: 'I woke up. I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I am thankful.'

The brunette recently opened up to MailOnline about how she shot to stardom at the age of 14 after being bullied in school.

The lingerie model recalled: 'I was bullied in school, I wanted to make friends outside of it so I ended up spending a lot of time online.

'I was even interested in virtual reality as a kid, I was always on the computer and then MySpace came around and I found my calling.'

The Instagram star experienced her first taste of fame when pictures of her on the beach as a young teenager went viral on the social media platform.

Demi added: 'I only ever got Instagram because someone made a fake profile of me on there with 3,000 followers and I was really envious.

'I was like, "wow, how can someone using my pictures get that much?" And then I started an account and it went from there.'

From the age of 18, the bombshell - who currently boasts more than 15.6m followers - signed with a modelling agency and her career went from strength to strength.

15 Янв 2021, 21:14

She was criticised this week for encouraging her fans to 'stay at home' during the first lockdown and then jetting around the world.

But Dua Lipa appeared to brush off the drama on Friday as she showcased her slender pins in a revealing sequin skirt.

The singer, 25, posed up a storm on her Instagram alongside her pal, Savannah Hudson, after recently landing in Mexico for a vacation with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, 21.

Dua teamed her tiny skirt with a cropped shirt that tied at her midriff to reveal her toned stomach.

The Don't Start Now songstress injected a pop of colour with satin blue stilettos.

She styled her chocolate tresses in a natural hairdo and enhanced her visage with a slick of make-up.

Her pal Savannah looked stylish in a floral patterned co-ord and an asymmetric top.

It comes after Dua wrote on social media last year: 'PSA - STAY AT HOME,' alongside a broken heart emoji.

Nine months later. she flew to Mexico with Anwar despite the death toll continuing to rise in both the US and the UK.

Dua, who has also sent the rumour mill wild that she could be expecting, was also slammed for travelling with her 'anti-vax' boyfriend Anwar.

He recently said he 'absolutely would not' have the Covid jab, saying 'our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think'.

He later clarified his comments: 'I'm not 'anti-vax'. I think everyone has to be careful with each vaccine individually looking at positive and possible negative effects.'

Sharing Dua's stay at home clip from lockdown, one follower wrote: 'The way she tweeted this then jetted around the world, during a global pandemic, with her 'Anti-Vax' boyfriend.'

A second wrote: 'Traveling? During a pandemic?'

Another criticised the singer: 'Needless travel, weather within guidelines or not, puts us all at risk of infection. Use a little common sense ffs.'

And fourth social media user said: 'Your bf is literally anti vax that's so embarrassing.'

19 Янв 2021, 19:46

Ведомство разместило на сайте госзакупок заказ на создание экспозиции в отреставрированном павильоне «Атомная энергия» на ВДНХ в Москве. Согласно сценарию экспозиции, там будет установлена фигура Лаврентия Берии, курировавшего создание ядерного оружия в СССР и одного из «главных героев» сталинских репрессий.

По замыслу авторов техзадания, фигуру Берии разместят в инсталляции, имитирующей семипалатинский бункер, из которого велось наблюдение за испытаниями первых ядерных бомб. Кроме главы НКВД, который курировал «атомный проект», заказчики предполагают установить фигуры еще нескольких человек.

В частности, техзадание предусматривает установку фигур академиков Игоря Курчатова и Юлия Харитона, генерала Авраамия Завенягина и конструкторов Николая Духова и Кирилла Щелкина, — ключевых фигур «атомного проекта».

В интервью ТАСС глава департамента коммуникаций госкорпорации «Росатом» Андрей Черемисинов заявил, что всего планируется создать 20 подобных фигур. Они будут выполнены из силикона. По словам Черемисинова, «делать рассказ о советском атомном проекте без фигуры Берии — это странно», поскольку нарком руководил им.

В начале января, в Москве разгорелся скандал вокруг закусочной под названием Stalin Doner с портретом Сталина на вывеске, где посетителей обслуживали официанты в форме НКВД. 13 января в заведение пришли сотрудники полиции, которые закрыли торговую точку. В МВД тогда заявили об отсутствии необходимой документации у заведения общепита. Открытие этого заведения вызвало широкий резонанс и возмущение общественности

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