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22 Ноя 2020, 19:06
Несколько японских изданий посвятили восторженные статьи Туктамышевой

21 ноября российская фигуристка Елизавета Туктамышева выиграла российский этап Гран-при.

Стоит отметить, что японские издания The Digest и Shukan Gendai посвятили восторженные статьи Туктамышевой.

В материалах отмечается, что в российском фигурном катании существует большая конкуренция, которая подстегивает спортсменок на борьбу друг с другом.

Также в статьях говорится о наставнике Елизаветы Алексее Мишине, чья подопечная сотворила настоящую сенсацию на соревнованиях. Ранее Туктамышева осталась в восторге от атмосферы на Гран-при России.

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24 Ноя 2020, 03:14

She's perfected the subtle art of taking a selfie.

And Kylie Jenner made the most of her time in front of the mirror as she bared her trim waistline with a set of photos shared to Instagram on Monday.

The 23-year-old makeup mogul flashed her physique before bragging about her 'big girl' Stormi to her 200 million followers.

Kylie's killer curves were on display in a strappy black sports bra with a cut out along her chest.

She teamed her athletic top with a pair of matching leggings and moved her body into various poses for the camera.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner brood rocked a pair of white trainers while Her by Majid Jordan played in the background.

She let her blonde highlighted hair cascade down her shoulders and wore minimal makeup for the quick clip.

Back at home in Hidden Hills, Kylie showed just how much her little girl has grown up through the years.

Stormi, two, perched up on a kitchen counter while holding a bright pink butterfly iPad case.

Her daughter looked simply adorable in a teal colored sweatsuit as she rested up against a jack-o-lantern centerpiece.

Kylie launched her cosmetics line in 2015 and, at one point, the company's worth was valued at more than $900million

While she's starred on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for more than a decade, she'll say goodbye to her family's famous reality show next year with the 20th and final season airing in early 2021.

24 Ноя 2020, 15:05

Российский боец Bellator Сергей Харитонов высказался об извинениях избившего его экс-бойца Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) Адама Яндиева.

Спортсмен заметил, что все люди имеют право на ошибку — стороны конфликта уже помирились и закрыли все вопросы.

«Не хочу никаких уголовных дел, преследований... Я воспитываю шестерых детей, Адам — четырех. А у детей должен быть отец.

Считаю, что человек имеет право на ошибку. Однако повторять ошибки человек не должен. От этого я тоже не застрахован. В школе мог где-то повздорить. Это было и в моей практике, я не святой человек. Сейчас мы повзрослели, взвесили и исправили эти ошибки», — цитирует Харитонова «Чемпионат».

Ранее Дацик ответил на вызов Кокляева.

23 Ноя 2020, 03:14

Edwina Bartholomew's unusual-sounding sneeze was exposed on live television on Monday.

The Sunrise newsreader, 37, was caught out while co-host Mark Beretta was halfway through his daily sports update.

Co-anchor David 'Kochie' Koch replayed the moment several times for the benefit of viewers, and revealed he had 'been waiting years' for the opportunity to make fun of Edwina's sneeze.

'Just for people who were thinking, "What the hell was that?", for the first time ever, Eddy's sneeze has been heard live on camera!' the 64-year-old announced.

'I've been waiting for years for this, because no one believes me.'

While Kochie thought Edwina's sneeze sounded like somebody with a high-pitched voice saying the word 'knee', Mark said it was more like 'hearing a snow leopard cough or growl'.

Edwina, on the other hand, said her husband insists it sounds like 'a strangled smurf'.

'When I sneeze on level four, they actually send me a bless you from level three via email, so yeah it's unusual,' she joked to her colleagues.

'It took me a year to actually sneeze in front of Neil [Varcoe, her husband], that's how embarrassing it is... You're welcome, Australia.'

It comes after Edwina enjoyed some bonding time with her daughter, Molly, ahead of her first birthday last week.

The mother-daughter duo spent the day at a public pool in Sydney, where Edwina wore a low-cut navy swimsuit as she enjoyed a dip with her little girl.

Meanwhile, Molly looked cute as a button in a red-and-pink striped swimsuit, which was teamed with a pink sun hat.

The breakfast TV host celebrated Molly turning 11 months with a heartfelt post on Instagram on Wednesday.

She shared a blurry photo of herself and her daughter, revealing it was impossible to get her to keep still.

'Eleven months today with my tiny companion. You are moving so fast, it's getting harder to take a photo in focus,' she wrote.

'What a wonderful whirlwind you are, Molly. Never stop. Okay, stop at 6pm for bed but otherwise just keep going and going. The whole world is out there.'

Sunrise airs weekdays from 5:30am on Channel Seven

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