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22 Ноя 2020, 10:05
Надаль после поражения от Медведева поделился планами на 2021 год

Испанский теннисист Рафаэль Надаль поделился планами на 2021 год после поражения в полуфинале Итогового турнира АТР в Лондоне. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба соревнования.

По его словам, он продолжит стараться добиваться успеха на различных турнирах и будет выходить на победу в каждой игре.

«Все будет так же, как и всегда. Не легче и не сложнее. Мотивация у меня всегда одинаковая.

Следующий сезон будет важным. Я надеюсь, что буду готов побороться за то, что хочу бороться. В межсезонье я планирую усердно потрудиться», — сказал Надаль.

Ранее сообщалось, что Даниил Медведев рассказал об ощущениях после отыгранного матчбола во втором сете игры с испанцем Рафаэлем Надалем.

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26 Ноя 2020, 01:16

Piers Morgan has revealed Good Morning Britain achieved its highest ever viewer ratings on Tuesday.

The TV host, 55, took to Twitter to share the news that the programme peaked at 33 per cent audience share during the episode.

Piers also revealed that the average share for the programme was 27 per cent, as he noted it was a 'great' way to celebrate his fifth anniversary on the show.

Writing on his Twitter account, he penned: 'BREAKING: Good Morning Britain had its highest ever ratings yesterday - 27% audience share, peaking at 33%. Great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Thanks for watching!'

Piers' ratings war with BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker is documented on the broadcasters social media platform.

In June he reignited his playful feud with Dan as the BBC presenter celebrated a 'small' ratings victory.

He took to Twitter to reveal his programme was ranked the 'number 1 breakfast show on TV' 'by some distance', beating out his opponent's ITV broadcast.

Taunting Dan's win, Piers joked: 'Factcheck: a much smaller distance than when Dan joined... In fact, this week we closed the gap to the smallest distance ever. Please don't get fired mate!'

Match of the Day star Dan had marked his triumph by uploading an image of himself alongside his co-stars, which he captioned: 'Thanks for all your comments about #BBCBreakfast so far this week.

After Piers commented on Dan's tweet, a social media user questioned both of their comments as they asked: 'Somebody is telling fibs. Who?'

The Final Score host displayed good sportsmanship as he responded: 'They do a great job on GMB but it’s worth looking at the comparison figures.' (sic)

Another praised BBC Breakfast as they wrote: 'I’ve been converted...@gmb no longer on the TV in my house and, my days start a lot better mentally ready for the day!'

A third said despite the figures, they prefer Good Morning Britain: 'That'll be me. It's great telly. You and @susannareid100 are killing it.' (sic)

Earlier in the week, Piers claimed his TV show had 'highest ever ratings', with 27 PER per cent audience share, peaking at 32 per cent.

22 Ноя 2020, 05:15

Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski has seemingly not gone a day without flaunting her bump on social media.

And on Saturday the 29-year-old model was at it again, sharing herself on Instagram as she spent Saturday in bed while trying to get some work done.

With her bump obstructing her laptop view, Emily could not help but post another glimpse of her growing belly.

Sitting on her bed in a pair of yellow socks and a form fitting black dress she filmed her stomach from the side, zooming in on her body.

With a computer on her lap and a stack of books at her feet the Inamorata designer took a brief interlude from writing.

Shooting herself in the mirror she zoomed in on her pursed lips and stomach as she said, 'tryna write.'

Earlier in the day she shared more snippets of her relaxing weekend which included time with her dog Colombo and a new Prada purse.

Looking to be slow to rise from sleep a slumberous looking Ratajkowski laid very comfortably in an expansive bed.

The model seemed to be working on her upcoming book of essays called My Body which will be coming in published months.

The book is a year in the making recently publishing a lengthy essay from the book about her brush with sexual assault while on set with a photographer.

Working to reclaim her image which was originally founded in hypersexualization, the self-proclaimed feminist and activist has made an effort to 'buy herself back.'

After announcing her baby news through Vogue in late October, Emily and her producer husband Sebastian Bear McClard have been spending time in Los Angeles.

The duo recently went on a 'babymoon' at luxury Utah resort Amangiri where she continued to post up a storm.

30 Ноя 2020, 01:14

Victoria Derbyshire emerged victorious during Sunday's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, as she won nine stars for the camp in her first solo Trial.

The broadcaster, 52, was seen facing off against a host of creatures – including lizards, a python and wolf – as she collected stars in the Critter Clink Trial.

Victoria arrived at the Trials area and told hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly that she felt 'apprehensive, nervous, a bit scared also weirdly calm, perhaps on the verge of hysteria'.

She said that the mood in camp was sad, explaining: 'Hollie's gone so I'm going to do this for Hollie hopefully. It doesn't feel right there not being 12.'

The star continued: 'I haven't done a Trial on my own, I want to contribute, hopefully get some Trials for food, I want to challenge myself, I want to see how I get on versus the Trial.'

Ant described what she had to do, saying: 'Hidden in the prison are 11 stars. Each star is protected by a castle critter. You must collect the star from the large animal protecting the prison.

'Then you can retrieve the keys from the warden's office. Once you have these keys, you use them to open the locks in whatever order you want, then you'll be able to retrieve the remaining stars.'

Victoria entered the first room of the prison where she was met by the warden holding a wolf. 'Hello my darling, hello gorgeous,' she said as she approached the wolf, gently retrieving a star from its collar.

This entitled her to enter the warden's office where she would find a set of keys. She methodically moved around various doors until she found the warden's office, a cage with pigeons inside.

She rummaged through jackets in an attempt to find a bunch of keys, then saw them attached to a wire. She slowly manoeuvred them around the wire, which meant she could continue and move on to the next stage of the Trial.

Each key was numbered, which corresponded with a number on various doors, trapdoors and barrels.

She went to the first barrel, unlocked it and unscrewed a star which was protected by millipedes.

Mother-of-two Victoria discovered toads as she unlocked the second barrel and unscrewed another star.

She then unlocked a trap door to climb into a chamber to retrieve another star, this time guarded by frilled lizards. She unscrewed the star and placed it in her bag.

The next trapdoor revealed a cage which Victoria had to crawl into. It contained a Burmese python. Again she retrieved the star.

There was one barrel left for Victoria to unlock but she chose to go into another room which contained three cages all of which were full of offal.

She slowly and methodically went through the offal, but couldn't find a star so unlocked another trapdoor and climbed in to find the chamber contained snakes. She carefully unscrewed the star.

The star unlocked another door which covered a chamber containing scorpions. She crawled in and unscrewed a star.

And then returned back to the barrels, unlocked the lid of one and plunged her hand into the water which contained eels - and a star.

The next room contacted a crow, and she retrieved another star before returning to the offal as the time ran out.

On achieving a nine-star total, Victoria said: 'I would have liked to have got 11 obviously or 10, so 9's going to have to do. I'm going to be a little bit proud of myself.'

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV.

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