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22 Ноя 2020, 14:05
Мостовой считает, что «Спартак» должен быть рад ничьей с «Динамо»

Бывший полузащитник испанской «Сельты» и сборной России Александр Мостовой прокомментировал игру 15-го тура Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ) между «Спартаком» и «Динамо». Об этом сообщает «-Спорт».

По его словам, подопечные Доменико Тедеско должны быть ради ничейному результату, так как их оппоненты были немного ближе к победе.

Также эксперт отметил, что никакого кризиса в игре красно-белых нет.

«Кризис — это когда команда не может выиграть десять матчей. Просто спад. А, может быть, так и должно быть. Были игры, когда «Спартак» побеждал, но не должен был этого делать по игре», — сказал Мостовой.

Ранее сообщалось, что полузащитник московского «Динамо» Даниил Фомин выразил разочарование результатом игры со «Спартаком».

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25 Ноя 2020, 13:14

Mario Falcone has spoken about his determination to teach his son Parker, two, about mental health and being open with his feelings.

The former TOWIE star, 32, has been candid in the past about his own struggles with mental health and recently revealed that he tried to take his own life at the height of his fame on the ITVBe show, and he has now discussed his hopes for the future.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said: 'I would never want Parker to go through the same emotions that I went through, a lot of the problems back when I went through them was that I didn’t feel like I could talk and it all felt a bit alien'.

Mario, whose sister Giovanna Fletcher is currently starring on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, recently revealed he tried to take his own life in a hotel room seven years ago, when he was faced with a barrage of hate and going through a split.

After making the attempt in a hotel, he said: 'People might not know but Giovanna quite literally saved my life when I was at my lowest ebb. I was going through a break up and getting hate on social media and felt this was the only way out.'

As he moves on from his heartbreaking battle, he has detailed how important it is for him to emphasise to Parker that he must discuss his mental health without stigma.

Mario spoke to MailOnline after Parker was named ambassador for Mood Bears - a collection of colourful teddies built to help young people deal with their feelings and emotions, with each teddy representing different emotions.

The star shares Parker with his fiancée Becky Miesner, a make-up artist and salon owner from Essex, and they welcomed their son in November 2018.

Following his own struggles, Mario is naturally keen to show his son that he is not alone, and help 'change the stigma' around mental health.

He said: 'I never want Parker to feel [the way I did]. I want him to always know he can talk to myself and Becky and want him to know that it’s perfectly normal to always have these emotions and that they are best solved when they are shared.'

After speaking about his battle with trolls in the past, Mario insisted that something had to give with keyboard warriors and Internet bullies.

On being concerned about Parker growing up in the social media world, he said: 'Of course, every parent at the moment is worried about social media with their kids...

'I think it is something that is getting worse, but hopefully these big tech companies, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, along with our government will hopefully put in a system where trolling will be stopped...

'I think the only way you can really do that is by, maybe people have to put in their passport numbers or something like that when they set up one of these accounts, because then they have to be accountable for whatever they put on their pages.'

Speaking about how Mood Bears help with educating Parker, he said: 'It is a very fun and interactive way to teach Parker about emotions, he loves the bears...

'If you teach kids anything, counting, the alphabet, it has to be done in a way that has their attention and it’s fun, and I think kids look to things like teddy bears and toys for a sense of security, so it’s a way they feel safe and it’s fun...

'So if you do it in that way where it’s not pressured and it is fun and interactive and friendly, it will make it a much easier process.'

Mario has spoken in the past about his experiences with reality TV, and discussed how he would address the phenomenon with Parker.

He said: 'Look, I think it’s one of them things, I would never tell him what he can and can’t do, that’s not my job as a parent, but I can give him advice...

'That’s the important thing, I can always give him advice from my experience, and hope that he would take it on board, but if it is something he wants to do I would never stop him doing it, I would just advise him the best I can.'

24 Ноя 2020, 08:05

16-летний нападающий дортмундской «Боруссии» Юссуфа Мукоко поделился впечатлениями от дебюта, передает Goal.com.

Напомним, что Юссуфа Мукоко стал самым молодым дебютантом в истории немецкой Бундеслиги.

По словам нападающего, он ничего не может поделать с тем, что хорошо играет в футбол. Мукоко отмечает, что тот, кто усерднее работает, в конце концов получает вознаграждение.

«Я всегда мечтал стать профессиональным футболистом. Если у вас есть мечта, вы должны преследовать ее, как лев», — добавил он.

Отметим, что в августе Мукоко приступил к тренировкам с основной командой «Боруссии». Нападающий забил 128 мячей в 86 матчах за команды дортмундского клуба U17 и U19.

Ранее сообщалось, что «Бавария» приготовила подарок теннисисту Даниилу Медведеву.

25 Ноя 2020, 03:15

Female footballers could be at a higher risk of dementia than their male counterparts, say university experts.

Neuroscientist Dr Michael Grey is leading a project which is monitoring retired players for early signs of the disease. So far, 35 male ex-professionals have signed up, including former Norwich City pair Iwan Roberts and Jeremy Goss and former Crystal Palace striker Mark Bright.

Dr Grey, from the University of East Anglia, is now seeking former amateur and professional women players — and believes that they may be at a greater risk.

‘We know that there is greater risk of dementia in former professional footballers, and we think this is related to repetitive heading of the ball,’ he said.

‘We know very little about how this affects female players, but we think female players are at even greater risk of developing sport-related dementia than male players.

‘We know there are physical and physiological differences between male and female players and this could be important when it comes to the impact of repeatedly heading the ball.’

Dr Grey pointed to other factors which cause concern regarding women footballers. ‘We know that female players experience concussion to a wider extent,’ he explained. ‘And although women live longer, 61 per cent of people who have dementia in the country right now are women. One of the issues is neck strength. Men with bigger, thicker necks are less likely to have that brain-wobbling inside the cranium.’

Research carried out by Dr Willie Stewart at the University of Glasgow found that footballers were three-and-a-half times more likely to die from a neuro-degenerative disease than the wider population.

Now Dr Grey, the lead researcher, who continues to seek funding for his study, says his team will use cutting-edge technology to test for early signs of cognitive decline in men and women, that are identifiable long before any memory problems or other noticeable symptoms become apparent.

He added: ‘We have already signed up more than 35 professional male players but we have very few women footballers in the study so far.

‘We are looking for women and men over 40, who live in the UK and do not have a diagnosis of dementia.

‘Testing is conducted on a computer or tablet from the comfort of their own homes and takes around 30 minutes, four times a year. We are tracking their brain health over time. And we hope to follow these footballers for many years to come.’

To take part, please visit www.scoresproject.org

To contact the team about the project, please email: scoresproject@uea.ac.uk

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