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27 Ноя 2020, 00:06
Игроки «Наполи» вышли на матч в футболках с фамилией Марадоны

Футболисты «Наполи» вышли на матч четвертого тура группового этапа Лиги Европы с «Риекой» в футболках с фамилией и номером бывшего игрока команды Диего Марадоны, который скончался 25 ноября в возрасте 60 лет.

Также во время предматчевой разминки на стадионе играла композиция Opus — Live is Life. В 1989 году перед полуфинальной встречей Кубка УЕФА против мюнхенской «Баварией» Марадона в такт песне танцевал и чеканил мяч. После видео с его разминкой стало популярным.

Аргентинец выступал за «Наполи» с 1984 по 1991 год. Вместе с командой он стал двукратным чемпионом Италии, завоевал Кубок и Суперкубок страны, а также стал победителем Кубка УЕФА.

Ранее фанаты «Наполи» красочно почтили память Марадоны.

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08 Дек 2020, 16:36

Соответствующий указ № 555/2020 от 7 декабря обнародован на сайте главы государства.

Зеленский в помещении Офиса президента вручил ему служебное удостоверение председателя ОГА и «пожелал результативной работы на благо региона».

Анатолий Полосков с 1990 года живет и работает на Закарпатье. С 2011 года занимал должность директора винодельческой компании Шато Чизай. Это самый известный производитель вин Закарпатья.

25 ноября правительство согласовало увольнение председателя Закарпатской ОГА Алексея Петрова. На должность закарпатского губернатора была согласована кандидатура Анатолия Полоскова.

Алексея Петрова назначили председателем Закарпатской ОГА в апреле 2020 года. До этого он занимал должность начальника Управления Службы безопасности Украины в Кировоградской области.

14 Янв 2021, 05:15

Tara Moss slammed Covid-19 deniers and conspiracy theorists like Pete Evans in a powerful Instagram post on Thursday.

Although the model and crime author did not mention the disgraced celebrity chef by name, she urged her fans not to pay attention to people like him who spread false and 'disrespectful' claims about the pandemic on social media.

'I have zero tolerance for pandemic deniers here. We are in the middle of a horrendous, deadly pandemic,' Tara, 46, wrote on Instagram.

'It is not the first pandemic humans have seen and it won't be the last, sadly. If you want to spread conspiracy theories about Covid being a hoax, you are not welcome here. You will be blocked,' she added.

'1.97 million people have died of Covid so far. Denying this is insulting and disrespectful to those people and their grieving loved ones, and makes you part of the problem. That goes for politicians, too. Shame on you.'

Tara accompanied her post with a photo of herself wearing a face mask while pointing at graffiti on a railing that read 'Covid hoax'.

'Don't be a Covid denier. Do the right thing by your loved ones and community and be safe, wear a mask and follow health mandates to help save lives,' she concluded.

Evans, 47, is just one of a growing number of fading celebrities peddling dangerous and baseless Covid-19 conspiracy theories online.

The former My Kitchen Rules judge was fined $25,200 in April last year after he falsely claimed his $15,000 BioCharger lamp could cure coronavirus.

He's since made several other baseless claims about the pandemic, which has so far led to more than 1.9 million deaths globally.

In July, he claimed that Covid-19 was a 'f**king hoax' and that the pandemic 'doesn't compare to what is happening in the world on a large scale'.

He has also encouraged people to ignore government safety measures, such as the order to wear masks in public in Victoria, and to challenge fines through the courts.

Evans has been banned from Facebook and Spotify for his extreme views.

31 Дек 2020, 11:14

Inamorata CEO Emily Ratajkowski bid farewell to 2020 by Instastorying two scantily-clad baby bump snaps on Wednesday.

And as the expecting 29-year-old reflected on the dreaded year of COVID-19 and racial unrest, she also decided look back at her handwritten list of things she 'learned in 2019.'

'True satisfaction comes after [quiet] and patient hard work. You can't control other people's perceptions so do not let their perceptions dictate your life or who you are,' Emily - who boasts 35.5M social media followers - listed.

'Your feelings are always justified and should be honored. That doesn't mean they are real. The things that are other people see as successes will not always be the same as the things that actually make you happy.

'Be curious about yourself and other people rather than judgmental. Loving means giving up control. This is how you can [receive] love, this is how you can give it. The world is completely unfair, but that is no excuse.'

Ratajkowski - who's penning a nonfiction book of essays titled My Body - continued: 'Telling your story is liberating. Never be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as dumb vs. smart people, just those who are willing to be vulnerable and curious and those who are not.

'No matter how much you love someone who has hurt you, protecting them will always be at [a] great cost to yourself. Patience is a beautiful meditation. Being truly present takes diligence and care. The people in your life who love you are a wonderful gift, treat them as such. Life goes too quickly to be afraid of making mistakes.'

On Tuesday, the London-born SoCal native took part in the popular 'Post a Pic of' challenge where she confirmed she was in her third trimester - or about 29 weeks along.

Emily has already started decorating her baby's nursery with a painting of dinosaurs in space by her art teacher father, John David.

Ratajkowski and her husband, Uncut Gems co-producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, are very excited to welcome their first child after adopting German Shepherd Columbo last year.

Aside from running her three-year swimwear brand, the UCLA drop-out's last modeling gig was a paid partnership with French luxury haircare line, Kérastase.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old Independent Spirit Award nominee's next producing effort is former child star Owen Kline's long-delayed feature directorial debut - a 2021 comedy called Two Against Nature - with the Safdie Brothers and Scott Rudin.

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