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14 Янв 2021, 11:06
Хореограф Тутберидзе заявил о желании «заткнуть рот» Плющенко

Хореограф группы Этери Тутберидзе Алексей Железняков подтвердил намерение выяснить отношения с двукратным олимпийским чемпионом Евгением Плющенко.

Сам бывший фигурист принял вызов специалиста.

«Он хотел подогреть интерес к фигурному катанию, ну так подогреем. Надоело смотреть на эти выпады, чушь и гадкие высказывания. Раньше мужчины выясняли отношения на дуэлях, вот и мы выясним. Очень хочется заткнуть этот рот, пусть отвечает за свои слова», — цитирует Железнякова «Спорт-Экспресс».

Ранее музыкальный продюсер Яна Рудковская назвала хореографа группы Тутберидзе «безумной марионеткой».

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19 Янв 2021, 01:39

An impeachment trial is looming, and the Senate majority is set to change hands in the next couple days. But when the dust settles after Joe Biden’s inauguration as president, Democrats are hoping he won’t have a totally bare Cabinet.

Senior Democrats are optimistic that Biden will see at least two of his top national security officials confirmed either on Inauguration Day or shortly thereafter, particularly after the pro-Trump siege of the Capitol last week by rioters and extremists. That would allow Biden to at least claim equal treatment to President Donald Trump, who had his Homeland Security and Defense secretaries confirmed on Inauguration Day, followed days later by his CIA director.

Democrats also hope to make Janet Yellen the new Treasury secretary and Tony Blinken the new secretary of State in the coming days. But they say the minimum bar should be confirming Alejandro Mayorkas to the Department of Homeland Security and retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to the Defense Department to beef up national security.

“Obviously we need a Department of the Treasury and other key positions, certainly. But in terms of the security of the country, there’s a great sense of urgency,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), the No. 4 Democratic leader, in an interview on Monday afternoon. Republicans “should absolutely be working with us to do at minimum, the confirmations that we supported for President Trump.”

Mayorkas, Austin, Blinken, Yellen and Director of National Intelligence nominee Avril Haines all have hearings on Tuesday. Haines is another prospect for quick confirmation given the politics and mood in Congress about the security breach in the Capitol.

“I would hope that our Republican colleagues would join us in putting the secretary of Defense, secretary of Homeland Security, secretary of State, attorney general and others in office ASAP,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday. “When President Trump was president on the first day, both Defense and Homeland Security were put into office. We Democrats supported that happening, we need cooperation.”

In the Senate, any one senator can object to quick votes. When Schumer becomes majority leader, he can force votes himself on Cabinet nominees, but each would take several days. Democrats can confirm nominees in the Senate unilaterally once they have the majority.

While Austin is popular in both parties, his confirmation is more difficult because he needs a waiver to serve as Defense secretary since he has not been out of the military for the minimum of seven years. The House must pass that waiver before he can be confirmed, and Democratic leaders there say it’s a top priority.

“The internal security threat the U.S. faces right now is serious. We need a Secretary of Defense on the job immediately,” tweeted Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who explained he voted against Mattis’ waiver but supports Austin’s because there’s “simply much less reason to be fearful of a recently retired general running DoD under Biden.”

Confirmation of any Cabinet officials could be tough on Inauguration Day for a variety of factors. Three new Democratic senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock of Georgia plus Alex Padilla of California, must be sworn in. And Kamala Harris must be the vice president to give Democrats a 50-seat majority with Harris breaking ties. All those events should be official by late Wednesday or Thursday.

Moreover, the committees and the overall Senate must be organized by Schumer and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Those negotiations are ongoing, though they will likely follow much of the precedent from the last 50-50 majority 20 years ago. And heightening the intrigue: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to send Trump’s impeachment articles over to the Senate.

An impeachment trial could preempt other business unless McConnell and Schumer strike an agreement on a schedule for Biden’s confirmations and the trial. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said on MSNBC on Monday that he believed the impeachment trial would not start on Inauguration Day.

McConnell and Schumer have been in discussions for several days and remain in contact, said a source familiar with the matter. McConnell has said he would treat Biden's nominees much better than Schumer treated Trump’s, though Democrats remember McConnell not being especially kind to President Barack Obama's picks.

“So much of how we proceed is about whether or not Mitch McConnell is gonna want to help get the personnel in place for the security of the country and want to work with Chuck Schumer to move forward. Or will he take a position he has before with President Obama?" Stabenow said. “We don't know. And that makes a difference.”

Andrew Desiderio contributed to this report.

20 Янв 2021, 07:15

Former rugby player Nick Cummins became public enemy number one in 2018 when he refused to pick any of the women on The Bachelor.

So it wasn't surprising to see him getting trolled on Tuesday when he debuted his new girlfriend, jewellery designer Alexandra George.

Nick's announcement sent his Instagram followers into a frenzy, with many cracking jokes about how he'd finally found someone he could commit to.

'Good to see you finally made a choice Badge!' wrote rugby star Drew Mitchell, adding a series of laughing-face emojis.

Drew's comment has since attracted more than 1,200 likes and opened up a lively discussion about Nick's ill-fated journey on The Bachelor.

'Absolute gold,' one fan responded, while another chimed: 'He finally decided.'

Nick went Instagram official with his new squeeze on Tuesday, sharing a photo of the pair cosying up on a boat as they watched the sunset.

His post has since been liked more than 17,800 times.

In June last year, The Daily Telegraph reported that Nick had found love with Alexandra and that they had holidayed together in Seal Rocks, New South Wales.

Nick denied rumours they were in a relationship at the time, telling Daily Mail Australia: 'It's not true... It's another gee-up.'

The former Wallaby insisted he was still single, and said that if reporters had checked with him first 'there would be absolutely no gossip'.

During The Bachelor finale in 2018, Nick infamously dumped both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman because he hadn't fallen in love.

15 Янв 2021, 23:15

He left fans in hysterics earlier this week after admitting that he broke wind during a PE With Joe workout as he didn't realise he was live on-air.

And Joe Wicks has experienced another PE With Joe drama as he hurt his hamstring while trying to do the full splits during Friday's episode.

The Body Coach star, 34, took to Instagram to admit that he injured himself while trying to nail the bold move during his popular Covid-19 lockdown PE classes.

He shared the clip of when he injured himself during his 'fancy dress Friday' session, which saw him hilariously dressed up as Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear.

In the video, Joe could be seen running around his room and jumping into the air before skilfully leaping into both a forwards and backwards roly-poly.

But the fitness sensation seemed to have overestimated his flexibility as he attempted to jump straight down into the forwards splits and sideways splits.

While attempting the side splits, he could be heard squealing in alarm and rolling across the floor clutching his upper leg in agony.

But the show had to go on for Joe because he was live-on-air hosting his latest batch of PE lessons during the painful accident.

Admitting his injury on Instagram afterwards, he penned: 'Heee heeee! Shamone. Legit pulled my hammy doing PE with Joe this morning.

'Fancy dress Friday NOTE TO SELF: You can't actually do the full splits Joe'

The YouTube star also took to his Instagram stories to solemnly speak about his hamstring injury, while still dressed in his fancy dress outfit.

Joe revealed that he 'believed' he could do the full splits because dressing as Buzz Lightyear made him believe he could achieve it.

Appearing downtrodden, he explained: 'Twanged my hammy didn't I. I believe in my head that I can do things I can't, I believed in my head I could do the full splits.'

His latest fiasco comes after he accidentally broke wind during a PE With Joe class on Wednesday, not realising that he was live on air.

Taking to his stories on Friday, he admitted that his 'fart-gate' video has become his most popular video since he joined Instagram back in May 2013.

Joe said that despite sharing more than 10,000 posts and racking up four million followers, it is the video of him farting that has become the most engaged with post.

He quipped that he has learnt that all he needs to do is 'fart more' during his fitness videos, rather than tirelessly filming and 'putting so much content up'.

The fitness coach explained: 'The fart-gate yesterday has now become my most ever engaged post.

'So it's taken me an accidental fart on a YouTube live to have that many comments on a post. I've shared 10,000 posts and I've just hit four million followers.

'All that work - the recipes in my kitchen, all the holidays when I was filming, when I was injured and just putting so much content up - and it took a fart to become the most engaged post ever.

'So what I've learnt is fart more, let it out, open up to it and just be honest.'

Joe also revealed that his Instagram stories video, where he discussed accidentally breaking wind on YouTube, has racked up his highest ever stories view in one day.

His hilarious mishap did not go unnoticed as the video where he candidly discussed the 'embarrassing' moment managed to secure 841,205 views in just 24 hours.

The Body Coach star previously admitted that he had accidentally 'let rip' on Tuesday's episode of Mark Wright's Evening Show on Heart.

He hilariously admitted he was 'so embarrassed' as he had let out the 'longest ripper' he has ever done in his life during PE With Joe.

Joe revealed that he has now even asked his friend to edit the video as he can't 'have that living on there forever'.

He admitted: 'I'm so embarrassed by what's happened today. Basically, I filmed my first P.E with Joe yesterday, live at 9am, right.

'I pressed the live button just on my YouTube stream, and just before, I'm talking 20 seconds before, something slipped out Mark… and you can guess what it will be Mark…'

To which Mark quipped: 'How did it happen Joe? Because I'm looking at it, you're so professional with your [YouTube] lives and stuff, you're incredible with what you do, but how did you make the mistake?

'Did you already press "live" and you didn't know you were live? What went wrong?'

With Joe explaining: 'No, listen 800,000 people have seen that video. I didn't know. When you go live, you press live and there's about a 20 seconds delay but for some reason the link had opened and it was buffering and it basically got the sound.

'So I've let out this giant – honestly, the longest ripper I've ever let out in my life. I didn't realise it was live so I've done the ripper, "Ooo, 5,4,3,2,1", I jumped in and I only found out today.'

Mark was quick to reassure the fitness star as he added: 'Oh incredible, but listen you're so good with the kids and kids love a trump. I mean my little cousins, I'm always trumping in front of them.

'They go "Mark, Mark, Mark, trump!" because it is the best noise, and it makes us laugh. As my Nana always says, "Wherever you may be, let your wind run free. Church or chapel, let your old... rattle."'

Yet despite being left embarrassed, Joe admitted he has seen the funny side and noted how hilarious the comments are.

He said: 'Well that's what happened! And I tell you what, some of the comments are hilarious!

'I've got to be honest, I've gone back to the video and got my mate to edit it out because I can't have that living on there forever.'

PE With Joe viewers were left in hysterics on Monday after Joe appeared to break wind at the start of his live workout.

As the Body Coach star let the video play out at the beginning before starting the workout, some eagle-eared fans heard a noise resembling the passing of gas.

While Joe, who was off camera, could be heard saying: '3, 2, 1, live now... go, go, go!'

Fans were left in hysterics over the start of the video as they questioned whether Joe had accidentally broke wind without realising he was on camera.

One person said: 'That wasn't what it sounded like at the start surely..!? Joe, Joe Joe...'

A different fan put: 'Can someone please tell me if that was real at the start,' they added: 'Happens to us all.'

Another account claimed: 'Listen to the massive fart at the beginning ........ #PEwithjoe.'

While another follower commented: 'Anyone heard that thing at the start?'

Although one viewer had a logical explanation for the noise and said that it was likely due to Joe's workout shorts, responding to the furore, they noted: 'Probably his shorts.'

It comes after Joe announced that he will recommence his PE With Joe YouTube series from Monday January 11.

The fitness star, who launched the initiative when the UK was plunged into its first lockdown in March 2020, made the announcement on Twitter, after a third lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last Monday.

He also shared a video of himself explaining why he is reinstating the online classes, aimed to keep children and fit when schools are closed.

'Hello to all the parents and teachers out there. I'm bringing PE With Joe back.

'I'm sorry I can't commit to all five days. I'm hoping three days is going to help young children and family get through this difficult time when schools are closed, to bring some energy, change their mood, lift their spirits and their mental health. Just kick their day off with something positive.

'Share this message, let your schools and your friends and family, and anyone with young children [know].

'I'm really looking forward to it. They're going to be 20 minutes long, so nice and short. Focused on exercise for young children. Suitable for all ages. Similar to what I did during the first lockdown, but much shorter. I hope to see you there on Monday with the kids.'

Last Monday, the PM announced that schools across England will remain shut as part of a new national coronavirus lockdown.

He set out the 'next steps' in the Government's Covid-19 response in an address to the nation.

England is facing blanket restrictions similar to those imposed during the first lockdown last spring, until the most vulnerable are vaccinated. The PM said that it will be reviewed in mid-February

Schools will remain shut to all but vulnerable children and the children of key workers in the coming weeks.

Father-of-two Joe kept families in shape across the first 2020 lockdown, when schools were closed across the country. His online workouts went viral and he racked up a huge global following from it.

He has just launched his new app, which has reportedly made him more than £9million in a week.

The Body Coach app was launched on iPhone and iPad platforms at the start of December at a discounted price of £69.99, down from the usual cost of £89.99.

It has now been claimed the product has been 'raking' in around £46,000 an hour after 130,000 people signed up between Christmas and the New Year.

An insider told The Sun: 'Joe's Body Coach programme has always been hugely popular but the app version is a runaway hit.

'It was on a discount, meaning it was even more appealing, especially as Brits started looking to get into shape after Christmas. The app was taking around £46,000 an hour....he's absolutely raking it in.'

Join Mark Wright on Heart, Monday to Thursday evenings from 7pm-10pm and on Sundays from 12pm-4pm.

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