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22 Ноя 2020, 20:05
Четыре футболиста ЦСКА сдали сомнительные тесты на коронавирус

Четыре футболиста московского ЦСКА сдали сомнительные тесты на коронавирус перед матчем Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ) против «Сочи», сообщает Metaratings.ru.

Напомним, встреча завершилась со счетом 1:1.

Сомнительные тесты сдали Константин Кучаев, Вадим Карпов, Виктор Васин и Алан Дзагоев.

Отмечается, что все четверо изолированы от партнеров по команде. Их участие в следующих матчах ЦСКА находится под вопросом. Ранее ЦСКА сыграл вничью с «Сочи» в матче 15-го тура РПЛ.

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27 Ноя 2020, 08:05

Двукратная олимпийская чемпионка в прыжках с шестом Елена Исинбаева на своей странице в Instagram почтила память легендарного аргентинского футболиста Диего Марадоны.

По словам Исинбаевой, она гордится тем, что знала Марадону и была его другом.

«Покойся с миром, мой дорогой друг, величайший Диего! ⠀ Искренние соболезнования родным и близким», — написала она.

Напомним, что Марадона скончался 25-го ноября в результате сердечного приступа в возрасте 60 лет.

Ранее сообщалось, что матчи 16-го тура РПЛ начнутся с минуты молчания в память о Марадоне.

22 Ноя 2020, 05:15

She lives in sunny Los Angeles these days.

But Alessandra Ambrosio took her supermodel talents up to the snows of a Montana autumn for a steamy new photo-shoot this week.

The 39-year-old former Victoria's Secret was busy sizzling on her Insta Stories as she posted constant updates of her escapades.

'Ale,' as she is affectionately known to her fans, flaunted her endless legs in a sleek white mini-skirt whilst posing up in a log cabin.

A blazing fireplace added a touch of coziness to her surroundings as she struck a statuesque pose that emphasized her enviably trim figure.

Her outfit included a couple of classic Wild West touches including fringe around her hemline and a pair of oversize leather boots.

Alessandra also made sure to imbue her leggy ensemble with a wintry feel, throwing a knit off-white cardigan over her dress.

She could be seen on her Insta Stories goofing around in the log cabin with her dashing old pal Milan Blagojevic.

Behind-the-scenes footage showed her having her makeup done by Carolina Gonzalez and her hair by the hunky Dominick Pucciarello.

She was being snapped by the silver fox Scots photographer David Yarrow who is the son of a baronet and the scion of a shipbuilding dynasty.

David is the youngest of his father's four sons and the Yarrow baronetcy is currently held by his 35-year-old nephew Ross.

He is so fond of the town of Virginia, Montana, which has a population of less than 300, that according to his website he has been bequeathed a key to the city.

Alessandra is not the first supermodel sensation David has photographed in Montana as Cindy Crawford and Olivia Culpo have also worked with him there.

David's new photo-shoot with Alessandra was not all cozy log cabins, as she also had to venture out into the cold weather.

In one post she looked straight out of a western, wearing a throwback white dress with a corset and holding a gun as she headed into a door marked 'SALOON.'

During one 'outtake' she captured on her Insta Stories, Alessandra sat in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet convertible as David snapped her from the front.

As Alessandra kept her hands on the steering wheel, a dog in the passenger seat beside her stood up and rested his front paws on top of the windshield.

Her canine company was not the only animal involved with the shoot as a beautiful black-spotted white horse could also be glimpsed in Ale's Insta Stories.

She made sure to include a handful of black and white shots from her adventures, including one evocative photo of the clouds swirling over the log buildings.

Alessandra also took the show over to her main Instagram page, posting a selfie of herself in a wide-brimmed hat and turquoise jewelry to stick to the theme.

Although she has been hunkering down in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic she has managed to travel for work.

Recently the Brazilian bombshell dashed down to Los Cabos to do a photo-shoot and while in Mexico she rang in Dia De Los Muertos with her children.

Ale shares her 12-year-old daughter Anja and her eight-year-old son Noah with her ex-fiance, RE/DONE founder Jamie Mazur.

She and Jamie broke their engagement in 2018 and she is now dating Italian stallion Nicolo Oddi who founded the fashion brand Alanui with his sister Carlotta.

In September Alessandra, who hails from the Brazilian town of Erechim, was spotted emerging from an immigration office in Los Angeles.

She spent 15 minutes in the federal building and then left carrying an envelope, reportedly after becoming a United States citizen.

30 Ноя 2020, 21:14

He lost an astounding 3.5st for his role as HIV patient Ron Woodroof in the Academy Award-winning Dallas Buyers Club.

And Matthew McCounaughey has now spoken of the discipline required to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to reach and maintain such a low weight for the film.

The actor, 51, admitted his main motivation was fearing that viewers wouldn't buy into his character and the feeling of 'embarrassment' that would bring.

The Texas-born actor survived on an eating plan of Diet Coke, egg whites and a piece of chicken a day to slim down to a 9.5st.

Speaking on The High Performance Podcast, Matthew recalled: 'First off, I look like this [referring to his body type now] in that role, you have checked out of the movie two frames in. "Oh bullshit. He doesn't have HIV stage four." So I didn't do my job, therefore I am embarrassed.

'So the fear and dislike of being embarrassed is up there at pretty much the top for reasons to stay disciplined for me.

'Again, we're going to bring up delayed gratification. There's something to actually, this, that sacrifice is nice, right, "This is supposed to be hard."

However the longer Matthew trained, the easier it became, he said: 'But you start, if you stick with it, the longer you stick with it, you start to get kind of a sort of honor and pride with it, and it becomes easier because you're like, and I even illusion, when I lost all that weight for Dallas Buyers Club, I became kind of arrogant to the family.

Revealing the regime game him a certain level of smugness over his family, he said: 'I'd be like, Oh, y'all going out to eat pizza. Huh, shit. You know what I mean? I would laugh at myself and I was like, almost like my king on my own island. Like, look at me, I'm being so disciplined. My wife would give me hell about it, but we had fun with it.

'And I'll say this man, it's really, you got to commit to the original choice. Hardest part about working out is what? Putting on your damn shoes and getting out the door. Hardest part is making the decision and when to make it.

'And if you initially set out and go, this is not negotiable. And I know I'm going to go down the line and it's going to get a little wobbly and I'm going to try and argue myself out of this. Don't listen to that voice.

'It's very clear this is what we're doing. Lock in on that initials and the rest is pretty damn easy because you're not negotiating. It's the negotiating with ourselves, that's the fatigue. That's the stress. That's the well. I can't stand it.

'No, you can stand it. If you go, "I don't have another choice. I'm not giving myself another option, period." Then it's like, okay, survival mechanism kicks in and let's go, what do you know?'

Matthew also spoke of how he takes 10 days to weigh up whether or not he wants to do a new project, before confirming that he will take part.

He said: 'So what I'll do is say, I'll get a script and character. I really want to do it. I'll start out with my yeses and my nos. Right.'

'And then I'll go to my wife, doing it. Starts in January. Doing it, get ready. So we're going to be over in Mauritius for four months and we're going and there we go. And I got to do it. And I sit in that, in that state of mind, fully convinced yes for 10 days.

'And I been measuring myself for that 10 days. Well, how many times did you start seeing the world through the eyes of this character, jotting down notes, you're already getting creatively turned on.'

'Two other opportunities come up in January that you already immediately said, nope, not doing it because I'm doing this other thing. That's a good reason to usually say yes, let's do it.'

In an interview at the time with Radio Times, he said that losing the weight forced him to find new ways to entertain himself - rather than just going out for dinner.

Matthew said: 'I had to relearn how to entertain myself, because I wasn’t going outside, I wasn’t going to dinner, I wasn’t going to social places.

'I was writing so much more, reading so much more. It ended up being this really fun adventure, internally.'

But his dramatic weight didn't come without side effects, as Matthew admitted: 'As soon as I hit 143lb [10 stone 3lb], I started losing my eyesight.'

The 6ft tall actor then looked into the condition and found the same had happened to the IRA hunger strikers in Northern Ireland 20 years ago.

He insists that losing weight was 'honestly not that difficult' but learning to re-progamme his life was the toughest challenge.

He added: 'You have to reprogramme all of your habits, and the days get so long. You think it must be lunchtime already, and it’s only 9.30 in the morning,' he says.

'I kept a diary of my nutrition the whole way through, and it is something I will probably share at some point because it was quite the adventure.'

Revealing he locked himself away in his Texas mansion to avoid the sun and maintain his pale complexion, he put himself through a virtual winter.

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