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22 Ноя 2020, 01:51
Английская Премьер-лига. Тоттенхэм уверенно победил Манчестер Сити, Манчестер Юнайтед поднялся в топ-10

Тоттенхэм в центральном матче тура обыграл Манчестер Сити со счетом 2:0 и остается лидером чемпионата. На втором месте разместился Челси, который победил Ньюкасл 2:0.

Манчестер Юнайтед обыграл Вест Бромвич 1:0 и поднялся на 9-е место турнирной таблицы.

Результаты матчей:

Ньюкасл – Челси – 0:2Голы: Фернандес, 10 (авт), Абрахам, 65

Астон Вилла – Брайтон – 1:2Голы: Нгойо, 47 – Уэлбек, 12, Марч, 56Удаление: Лемпти, 90+1 (Брайтон)

Тоттенхэм – Манчестер Сити 2:0Голы: Сон, 5, Ло Чельсо, 65

Манчестер Юнайтед – Вест Бромвич 1:0Гол: Фернандеш, 56 (пен)

В предыдущем туре АПЛ Тоттенхэм победил Вест Бромвич 1:0.

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30 Ноя 2020, 05:16

The Professional Footballers’ Association has been told that it should immediately make funds available to those caring for former players suffering from dementia.

A frank open letter, signed by John Stiles, Chris Sutton and Dawn Astle, says that the trade union cannot delay providing help to ‘urgent cases’.

It reads: ‘We urge and implore the (PFA Charity) Trustees to act now, with urgency, in making immediately available some of the Charity’s extensive funding such that today’s urgent cases are addressed with real help, not token gestures, and that you, as Trustees, can be seen to have discharged your fiduciary duties.’

Earlier this month, Sportsmail launched its campaign calling on football to finally tackle its dementia scandal. And the letter will ramp up already increasing pressure for action.

Stiles, son of World Cup hero Nobby, Astle, daughter of former England striker Jeff both back the drive, which has been spearheaded by Sportsmail columnist Sutton.

Since the campaign started, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has announced he will step down before the end of the season with a new leadership structure in place.

But the letter, which features an emotive video, says families ‘cannot afford to wait’ for Taylor’s replacement before receiving help.

‘The needs of these people are acute and immediate,’ it adds. ‘Ex-players and their families cannot wait.’

26 Ноя 2020, 19:21

На сайте политсилы опубликовано заявление, в котором Зеленского призывают внести в Верховную Раду представление на увольнение Тарана. Голос считает, что он «не справился с обязанностями министра обороны», в частности, ответственен за срыв ряда оборонных контрактов и «вероятный срыв» государственного оборонного заказа 2021 года.

«К фактическому срыву государственного оборонного заказа привели действия и бездействие многих государственных органов, но ключевые виновники того, что система безопасности и обороны Украины не является эффективной — это Министерство обороны и его руководитель», — заявил глава фракции Голос Сергей Рахманин.

Он подчеркнул, что Минобороны до сих пор не решило проблемы надлежащей поставки продовольствия, вещевого обеспечения и горюче-смазочных материалов, а сам Таран «является автором очень странного приказа о депремировании военнослужащих за огонь в ответ зоне проведения операции Объединенных сил».

«Страна в состоянии войны, — которая, к сожалению, будет продолжаться еще не один день, — не может иметь такого министра обороны», — утверждает Рахманин.

Ранее зампредседателя парламентского комитета по вопросам нацбезопасности Марьяна Безуглая заявила, что комитет может инициировать смену министра обороны.

«На протяжении года мы не получили де-факто ни одного законопроекта от Министерства обороны. Были лишь некоторые технические изменения», — сказала она.

27 Ноя 2020, 19:16

Piers Morgan filmed an entertaining skit in which he interviewed himself while accepting the TV Personality gong at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards on Thursday night.

In a pre-recorded segment, the Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, decided to quiz himself in a scenario lay out like his Life Stories show.

Piers won the accolade for holding government ministers to account during the COVID-19 pandemic, and during the interview spoke about his sour relations with Donald Trump.

Introducing the sketch, Piers said: 'Tonight I'm going to be interviewing someone who divides opinion like few others.

'Whether he is talking about transgender athletes or vegan sausage rolls or papooses or President Trump, he has opinions and attitudes which inflame Twitter on an hourly basis.

'But tonight he is getting an award for something different, and it's very specific and it's his skewering of British Government ministers during this global pandemic.

'Holding them to account on behalf of the British people, trying to get answers when they really don't want to give them.

'He's Piers Morgan, GQ's TV Personality Of The Year and tonight he's going to be interviewed by me,' to which another Piers appeared on screen.

He asked himself: 'Who would you vote for in the next General Election? Boris Johnson or Sir Keir Starmer?'

Piers said: 'I would definitely not vote for Boris Johnson, he has been a total disaster as a leader. I voted for him on one issue... I would rather shoot myself then vote for Boris and I don't like guns.'

The presenter then asked: 'Do you still consider Trump a friend?

Piers replied: 'Well I think with Trump if I saw him, he'd probably be fine. You know I criticised him because he came out with this ridiculous notion we should be injecting ourselves with bleach.

'I wrote a column for the Mail and the headline was: 'Shut the f**k up, Mr President. You're bats**t crazy ideas will get people killed', and he unfollowed me.

'With someone who divides opinion like a few I always try to be fair-minded with Trump, I think my job as a journalist is to be impartisan, with Trump I always try to be fair minded.'

Elsewhere at the ceremony, Lashanna Lynch, who will play the first ever female 007 in the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die, received the Hugo Boss Breakthrough Actress prize.

Paul Hutchinson received the Humanitarian Award after gained worldwide attention when he was pictured carrying a man to safety in the midst of a violent clash between a Black Lives Matters march and EDL counter-protesters.

Paul Mescal cringed as he re-watched his Normal People sex scenes while accepting the Breakthrough Actor gong.

While Daniel W Fletcher received the award for Peroni Breakthrough Designer, Charlie Mackesy was honoured with award for Maddox Gallery Artist.

Captain Sir Tom Moore was awarded the Inspiration of the Year, after becoming GQ's oldest ever cover star at the age of 100.

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton was awarded with Game Changer Of The Year following his work to combat racism in his industry.

Star Wars' John Boyega received the award for Icon of the Year, and detailed some of the people he still views as icons, including actor Daniel Kaluuya and his beloved mum Abigail.

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