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22 Ноя 2020, 20:51
Боевики дважды обстреляли украинские позиции — ООС

Об этом информирует штаб операции Объединенных сил.

Так, утром боевики открыли огонь из стрелкового оружия возле Шумов.

“Неприцельные выстрелы не представляли угрозы жизни и здоровью украинских военнослужащих, поэтому огонь они не открывали”, — говорится в сообщении.

Также со стороны временно оккупированной Ужовки в направлении Водяного оккупанты провели дистанционное минирование позиций украинских войск, используя запрещенные мины ПОМ-2.

Боевых потерь и ранений среди личного состава Объединенных сил нет.

Напомним, на Донбассе с систематическими нарушениями со стороны российских боевиков действует режим прекращения огня, введенный 27 июля. О продлении режима тишины договорились на нормандских переговорах на уровне советников 11 сентября в Берлине.

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25 Ноя 2020, 23:15

Iggy Azalea had an extra precious travel companion with her as she jetted out of Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The rapper, 30, was joined by her bouncing baby boy Onyx.

The five-month-old was adorably wrapped up in a white blanket whilst carried through the airport in the arms of an assistant.

Onyx wore grey sweats, sneakers, a bib, and even a little white hat atop his head.

Iggy followed close behind, wearing a black face mask over her mouth and nose.

The rapper dressed down for her flight out of the big city.

Iggy wore a slightly tinted pair of shades as she pulled up to her terminal, with her long blonde hair styled straight.

She worked a grey sweatshirt and matching pair of sweats adorned with the word 'BODY' in varsity font on the behind.

Iggy welcomed Onyx into the world just five months ago with her now ex-boyfriend, Playboi Carti.

The Fancy hit-maker announced she had split from her child's father via her Instagram stories last month.

The couple were dating for around two years before she gave birth to Onyx.

On Monday, Iggy blasted her ex after he shared a questionable post that appeared to be disrespectful towards her and their son.

'I told da bit shut up! My son crying,' Playboi tweeted, sparking a storm of Twitter drama.

However, Iggy later revealed she spoke to her ex for clarification about the post, which was 'apparently' not about her.

'I just spoke to my son's father and apparently that [tweet] isn't meant to be about me. Apparently,' she tweeted.

23 Ноя 2020, 15:14

She has been coping in Lockdown 2.0 by flooding social media.

And Daisy Lowe was again taking to Instagram to share a sizzling snap on Monday, as she flaunted her eye-popping cleavage while sporting a plunging sports bra.

The model, 31, left little to the imagination as she craned her back to boost her cleavage and also give a glimpse of her taut abs and tiny waist.

Daisy looked incredible in the snap as she pulled her very best pout for the camera and made sure that her cleavage took centre stage.

Her latest snap comes after she took to Instagram to post a picture of her washboard abs in a black crop top after taking part in a virtual personal training session.

Writing a candid caption, the model admitted that she was feeling a 'bit moody' and had spent the weekend binge-watching Netflix. She penned: 'It's Monday. Ive got to be honest, I'm a bit moody. Pouty with wet hair, time to get back into the groove.

'This grey weather kept me indoors most of the weekend binge watching the epic netflix show The Queens Gambit (which I highly highly recommend) I didn't do soooo well with my healthy diet.

'So today, is a new dawn, it's a new day it's a new life for me yeah? Arm day thanks to @roarfitnessgirl - thank you for keeping my spirits up in lockdown 2.0!'

It comes after Daisy shared a candid post about her wellbeing in October as she marked World Mental Health day.

The model admitted that she had felt 'overwhelmed' and both 'mentally and physically exhausted' over the weekend.

Daisy said that she gave herself a 'mental health day' where she ditched her phone, spoke to her best friends, went for a walk and didn't 'get dressed properly'.

The model, who bravely shared she had a secret breakdown in 2016 earlier this year, admitted that sometimes she just needs a 'good cry' and that managing her mental health is a 'constant battle'.

Daisy added that she is 'so thankful' she has a 'better grip' on her wellbeing and also celebrated that the 'stigma around illnesses we can't see with our eyes is dissolving'.

23 Ноя 2020, 13:15

Further proving SAS Australia isn't for the fainthearted, Erin McNaught showed off her injured hands during Monday's episode.

After quitting the punishing reality series, the 38-year-old model made an emotional video call to her husband of seven years, Example.

'I am so broken, my God,' she told the 38-year-old English rapper, before adding, 'Look at my hands!'

Erin then held up her badly bruised hands for her husband to see, with bandages and painful looking green bruises covering both of them.

'Oh no! You look like an Egyptian mummy,' Example told his exhausted wife.

'I feel like one. I think I've aged a thousand years,' she laughed, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

It wasn't the only injury Erin sustained on the show, after she told Nick Cummins earlier in the episode that something in her left shoulder had 'jammed', restricting her movements in her left arm.

Her two young sons, Evander, five, and Ennio, three, then appeared on the video call, prompting Erin to cry even harder.

'Oh, my babies! Oh, baby, I miss you so much,' she sobbed.

After hanging up, Erin took a moment to compose herself before walking outside and leaving base camp one last time.

'I've learnt that the human body can do just about anything,' she later reflected.

'I have learnt what my limits are, both physically and mentally. But, ultimately, I feel I've really grown as a person in confidence, in pride. I feel like I finally am in control of me.'

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