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13 Янв 2021, 16:51
В Минске началось прощание с митрополитом Филаретом

12 января умер митрополит Филарет. Ему было 85 лет. На протяжении более 20 лет — с 1990-го по 2013-й год — он возглавлял Белорусскую православную церковь. Прощание с владыкой проходит в Свято-духовом кафедральном соборе — главном храме Минска.

Гроб с телом митрополита привезли в 15.40. Его встретили несколько десятков человек.

Прощание с митрополитом Филаретом в Минске продлится до вечера 14 января. После этого гроб с телом будет перевезен в Успенский собор Жировичского мужского монастыря.

В пятницу, 15 января, в 10.00 в Успенском Жировичском монастыре начнется соборная архиерейская Божественная литургия, по окончании которой состоится панихида. После нее митрополита Филарета похоронят за Крестовоздвиженским храмом Успенского Жировичского монастыря, сообщает официальный портал Белорусской православной церкви.

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20 Янв 2021, 03:16

Shelby Tribble has spoken about her battle with self confidence and how social media has left her feeling like 'I hate myself'.

The former TOWIE star, 28, who welcomed her first son Abel with Sam Mucklow, 28 in November, took to Instagram on Tuesday to talk about how she finds it impossible to live up to the picture perfect life online.

Appearing make-up free, Shelby thanked her son for helping her through the days where she feels low and like she wants to get a 'face and body full of surgery'

Shelby wrote: 'I barely spend time or post on my social media because every time I go on it, it makes me feel so s**t about myself and the way I look.

'To try and keep up with a certain standard is hard work. I already suffer with low confidence and self esteem. It honestly makes me want to get a face and body full of surgery.

'Lockdown is really getting to me now also, I feel like I don' have conversation in me at the best of times, now it's non existent. I hate myself. I wish I was super confident.'

She later uploaded a snap holding her son's hand and wrote: 'Thank god for my beautiful baby boy'.

Last month Shelby slammed a vile troll who branded her newborn son 'ugly' in a Instagram comment.

The star hit back at the 'disgusting' person who commented 'ugliest effin thing I've seen' on a sweet snap of Abel in his cot.

Reposting the comment on her Instagram stories, Shelby wrote: 'I am so angry. How dare some vile human write that about my innocent gorgeous boy

'I hope whoever you are you go back to your sad miserable little hole and disappear!'

The devastated star then posted a video in which she again called out the troll, saying: 'Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to report that account and sent lovely messages.

'I wouldn't let trolling bother me usually, it does, but I've learned to deal with it. I just block and ignore.

'But what I will not ignore is the fact that someone has written that about my innocent baby boy and I think it's disgusting.

'Whoever is behind that account, I probably know who it is, regardless if it isn't, you are a disgusting human being.'

Shelby and Sam, who have had quite the turbulent relationship as documented on TOWIE, announced they were expecting a baby last year.

She shared her first pictures of her baby boy on November 19, revealing she and her former TOWIE co-star had called their son Abel Ashley.

Sharing the two pictures of the tot to Instagram, Shelby penned: 'Abel Ashley Mucklow. Born 15.11.20 Weighing 7.3lb. Our perfect baby boy.'

But giving birth to her son was not easy, as Shelby had to be readmitted to hospital with pre-eclampsia soon after welcoming Abel.

In a lengthy statement to her fans, she revealed that she was 'not having an easy ride' and was 'taking so many different medications and vitamins'.

But sounding upbeat, Shelby continued: 'I've got all the best family and professionals around me to look after me and get me back to full health.

'Baby boy is doing really well, we will reveal him to you soon (he doesn't even realise how in demand is is haha… can't wait to tell him when he is older)

'Me and Sam can't thank you all enough for being so kind towards us and showing so much love to our little family unit.'

23 Янв 2021, 09:15

She’s part of one of the most star-studded and high profile projects of this year.

And Cate Blanchett looked like she was fully in character on Friday, when she was seen heading to the set of Netflix’s Don’t Look Up in Boston, Massachusetts.

The two-time Oscar winner, 51, looked fabulous in a black outfit, rocking 1970s-style feathered blonde hair.

Blanchett was in a black blazer cinched at the waist with a thick belt.

Underneath, she wore a matching low-cut lace top.

On the bottom, the Notes On A Scandal actress donned a knee-length black skirt.

Cate stayed comfy in a pair of brown Ugg boots as she strode on the sidewalk.

She sported small gold hoop earrings, and looked to be in full make up ready for the shoot.

The Blue Jasmine star carried a heavy black puffer coat and some papers in one hand, and an RX bar in the other.

She also had a face shield secured around her neck, as a measure of protection against the still-prevalent coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t Look Up is an upcoming sci-fi comedy set for release on Netflix from Oscar winning writer-director Adam McKay of The Big Short fame.

In addition to Blanchett, the stellar cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Matthew Perry and Ariana Grande, to name but a few.

The film follows two astronomers who must convince Earth’s population that an approaching comet will soon cause the end of the world.

20 Янв 2021, 01:05

В очередном матче 17-го тура немецкой Бундеслиги «Вольфсбург» переиграл «Майнц».

Встреча прошла Майнце на стадионе «Опель-Арена» при пустых трибунах и завершилась победой гостей со счетом 2:0.

В составе победителей забитыми мячами отметились Бартош Бялек и Ваут Вегхорст.

После этого успеха «автозаводцы» набрали 29 очков и поднялись на пятую строчку в турнирной таблице чемпионата Германии.

Ранее сообщалось, что грозненский «Ахмат» усилился словацким нападающим Ладиславом Альмаши.

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