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14 Янв 2021, 08:21
Ректоры, директоры и активный военком. Кто поедет от Гомельщины на Всебелорусское народное собрание

Гомельщину на шестом Всебелорусском собрании будут представлять военком, директора крупных предприятий и идеологи. Изучили списки.

Всего из области на форум откомандируют 310 человек. 206 из них — депутаты. 54 человека выдвигают различные отраслевые профсоюзы, 16 — «Белая Русь». Два человека поедут от ветеранских организаций, 22 — от БРСМ, 10 — от Белорусского союза женщин.

Среди делегатов — те, кого можно было увидеть на провластных митингах и собраниях: профессор, ректор БелГУТа Юрий Кулаженко, начальник управления идеологической работы, культуры и по делам молодежи Гомельского горисполкома Николай Светогор, управделами Гомельского облисполкома Елена Кличковская, генеральный директор кондитерской фабрики «Спартак» Олег Жидков, директор Гомельского химзавода, председатель Областного союза нанимателей Дмитрий Черняков, директор хозяйства «Отор» Чечерского района Татьяна Струк, председатель молодежного совета при областном Совете депутатов Галина Друзь, старший преподаватель кафедры общей физики ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины Алексей Зайцев, генеральный директор «Гомельского ДСК» Александр Гончаров и другие. Есть делегаты и с должностями попроще, например, сельский библиотекарь Светлана Лазовская. Но таких в списке немного.

Среди делегатов, кстати, известный военный комиссар Андрей Кривоносов.

Кривоносов, например, на собрании намерен акцентировать внимание на тематике патриотического воспитания молодого поколения.

— Именно патриотизм является одной из базовых ценностей нашего народа и играет ключевую роль в обеспечении национальной безопасности. Считаю, что в рамках широкого общественного обсуждения необходимо выработать подходы, позволяющие совершенствовать систему гражданско-патриотического воспитания в нашей стране. Самое важное, определить, как наиболее результативно задействовать потенциал всех конструктивных сил государства и общества в деле воспитания молодого поколения, — цитирует военкома районная газета «Маяк».

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14 Янв 2021, 17:16

Conor McGregor has blasted Khabib Nurmagomedov for 'scurrying away' from a potential rematch by announcing his retirement.

McGregor and Khabib met in 2019 at UFC 229, where the Russian won in the fourth round by submission.

He has since retired from the sport, having defended his lightweight belt twice against Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje.

There was the chance that both McGregor and Khabib would both be on Fight Island this weekend, with The Notorious set to take on Poirier as he makes his first appearance in the octagon in a year.

However, with Khabib's cousin Umar having his fight moved forward, that is no longer the case - though that did not stop McGregor from having a pop at his old foe.

'He's looking like an elephant, he's looking like a little fat elephant,' he told The MacLife Youtube channel.

'How he can walk away at this stage is baffling to me but each to their own, there are so many amazing fights out there.

'Even the Tony [Ferguson] fight... I don't care about nothing, you're scheduled to fight a man and no matter what the fight must take place.

'You don't scurry away from fights but it's been a hallmark of his career; I was not surprised to see him scurry away.'

In taking on Poirier, McGregor is taking steps to reclaim his lightweight belt - which he lost to Khabib in 2018.

The Dagestani fighter is still named officially as the UFC belt holder, despite his retirement, and the Irishman admits he still has a path to tread before taking it back.

'I feel it should be but I don't think Dana is going to be bouncing in to throw me a belt straight away with the way the year has gone.

'I'm here to compete against good competition and the belts will come, maybe the next bout is fair.

'I would have liked to see it for this fight but there were circumstances around the man scurrying away; they've given him a bit of time.'

15 Янв 2021, 21:15

Kim Kardashian put her marriage woes aside to celebrate her youngest daughter's birthday on Friday.

The reality star shared an album of snaps which captured sweet moments with her now three-year-old daughter Chicago.

Among them were some stunning throwback photos of Kim in a metallic swimsuit as she cuddled up to the tot on a tropical vacation.

Kim wrote on Instagram: 'My Chi Chi princess, today you are three!!! You have the sweetest little high voice that I could listen to all day! You bring so much magic into all of our lives.

'My heart is so full that you chose me to be your mommy ✨ I can’t wait to celebrate you with slime and LOL Dolls today! Happy Birthday Chicago.'

Kim is mom to four kids with husband Kanye West; North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, one.

The sweet social media posts come as it's claimed that Kim is figuring out a settlement with her husband of six years, and that a divorce is 'imminent'.

A source told People that 'Kim and Kanye's marriage is beyond repair' and the KKW makeup mogul 'is over Kanye's chaos' .

The duo have been living separate lives in recent months.

'At this point she just wants to focus on the kids and her own life,' said the insider, adding that Kim's goal is to 'create the best life for the kids.'

'She and Kanye are just not on the same page when it comes to their future as a family.

'And Kim is okay with it. She will do everything she can for the kids to have a great relationship with Kanye - she just doesn't want to be married to him,' they concluded.

The couple had a tumultuous 2020 that included the rap star's failed run for the United States presidency amid a bipolar episode.

The couple embarked on a make or break trip with the kids in August. Since then they have only been seen together at Kim's 40th birthday celebrations in French Polynesia in October.

Kanye has been living in Wyoming while Kim is in Calabasas, California, with the kids.

Earlier this month it was reported by Page Six that Kim has enlisted the services of Laura Wasser, the lawyer who also represented Angelina Jolie when she first left Brad Pitt in 2016.

Laura also previously represented Kim in her divorce from her second husband Kris Humphries whom she was infamously married to for just 72 days.

And although divorce may be the best route for the couple, Kim is concerned about how a possible separation may affect her brood, emotionally and mentally.

'The children are very important to Kim. She is worried about what a permanent split will be like for all of them concerning their well being,' explained a source to People.

They continued: 'She is asking others for advice on how to do this. But for the past few months and even longer, trying to be a normal family has been challenging and frustrating. She wants to move on.'

Kim's concerns stem from personal experience, being that her own mother Kris Jenner divorced her late father Robert Kardashian in 1991.

The split came after Kris had an affair with the much younger soccer player Todd Waterman, but she and Robert managed to become friendly after the divorce.

A separate source told Us Weekly this week that their four kids 'don’t know anything about the problems their parents are having' as they are 'very used to their dad living in another state.'

21 Янв 2021, 03:15

Matters took a surreal turn on Wednesday amid the mass quarantining of players in Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open.

To add to the competitors' general unease, mice were spotted in hotel rooms.

State police minister Lisa Neville issued advice about the rodents after Kazakh player Yulia Putintseva posted a series of videos of her visitors.

Suggesting that players 'minimise interaction' with the mice, Neville added: 'There may have been some feeding going on.

'We will keep doing pest control if we need to, but hopefully the pest control work that was done will have fixed the problem.'

Putintseva said she had lost sleep because of the rodents scurrying around, and also expressed frustration about being unable to open a window in her room.

'We need fresh air to breathe,' she said.

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