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14 Янв 2021, 13:21
Ректор Полоцкого госуниверситета уходит с должности после 17 лет работы? Что известно

Ректор Полоцкого государственного университета, доктор технических наук, профессор Дмитрий Лазовский уходит со своей должности. Об этом сообщили читатели, а также источники в университете.

— Утром 13 января Дмитрий Николаевич ездил в Минск, а вечером освободил свой кабинет, — рассказали в университете. — Почему так произошло, неизвестно.

Преподаватели говорят, что Лазовский не уйдет из вуза совсем: в их среде обсуждают, что «для него готовят отдельный профессорский кабинет».

В университете ходят слухи, что новым ректором ПГУ может стать Олег Романов — первый проректор Гродненского государственного университета имени Янки Купалы.

В приемной и ректорате ПГУ сообщили:

— Дмитрий Николаевич Лазовский сегодня точно на работе, сейчас он поехал на завод «Нафтан».

обратился за комментарием в Минобразования. Мы опубликуем его, как только получим.

После событий 9 августа Полоцкий госуниверситет был самым протестным среди вузов в Витебской области. И преподаватели, и студенты ПГУ выступали с видеообращениями к власти, в которых осуждали насилие со стороны силовых структур. Четверых студентов вуза судили за акцию «Ноль промилле». Студентов, которые записали ролик против беззакония, вызывали на беседу к прокурору Новополоцка.

Преподаватели ПГУ говорят, что при ректоре Лазовском после выборов никого из сотрудников не уволили «по политическим причинам».

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15 Янв 2021, 13:15

Alessandra Ambrosio has been on a luxury vacation in her home country of Brazil for over a month.

And the 39-year-old swimsuit model has been filling her days with beachside excursions and lots of sunbathing.

On Thursday Alessandra showed off her figure in a bronze colored one piece swimsuit while lounging on her seaside deck.

Though she has accumulated quite the tan in recent weeks, Ambrosio admitted that opted for a little help to solidify her glow.

She was seen running a coat of tanning lotion on her legs to really lock in that island shade before she had a little fun with a boomerang on Instagram.

No need for makeup while on the beachy staycation, she proudly displayed her enviable face and lightly tousled brown hair.

Renting a luxury place for her and her two children Anja, 12, and Noah, eight, for the entirety of the stay, Alessandra rang in both Christmas and New Year's Eve surrounded by cousins and friends.

Having been away from Brazil in recent months due to the pandemic, Ambrosio met up with her family in Florianopolis to spend some quality time.

Despite the looks of her carefree vacation, fear is mounting in Brazil after a super strain of COVID-19 was found.

The new strain has understandably affected international travel restrictions, as the UK has now prevented South American flights from entering the country, putting pressure on the US to do the same.

It is unlikely that Ambrosio will be affected by such restrictions, as she recently secured her American citizenship.

The Gal Floripa designer seems in no rush to leave her picturesque vacation, as she savors quality time with her loved ones, with an array of eye-catching swimsuits to match.

She has referred to her trip as 'vacation therapy,' and is leaning into the laidback lifestyle with sunset dance parties, live music, and super-yacht trips.

The Victoria's Secret stunner has been in a relationship with Italian designer Nicolo Oddi for two years and he briefly joined her on vacation.

The Alanui designer appeared to head back to Los Angeles as he posted Thursday that he was gearing up for Fall/Winter 2021 of his collection.

14 Янв 2021, 03:16

Cardiff City aim to finally launch a £2million trust fund in Emiliano Sala's name by the end of the month, with hopes to build a sports stadium in the player's home village, Sportsmail understands.

It will be two years next week since the 28-year-old was killed, when a grossly inadequate plane carrying him from Nantes to Cardiff crashed in the English Channel, and his family are still waiting for the establishment of the fund, which they first discussed with the club 14 months ago.

The replacement of an obstructive firm of Argentinian lawyers, who demanded control of the trust, with a new family firm is thought to have helped the process.

Though the family will believe it when they see it, there are hopes that the Emiliano Sala Memorial Trust might be established within weeks.

Annual football matches staged in Sala's name are seen as a way of building the profile of the trust which would support the family and create a legacy.

The establishment of a support system for players alone in a foreign country after a transfer, as Sala was, would be particularly fitting.

There was an urgency after the plane crashed to ensure that the death of Sala — a pawn in football's sordid transfer game — would bring change. But two years on, his family are still waiting.

Cardiff have always refused to pay the £15m fee they agreed with Nantes for Sala even though they 'unveiled' him as their player. They have taken their case all the way to the Court for Arbitration in Sport. A decision is still awaited.

The apparent conclusion of governing bodies and player organisations that his death was just one of those things has barely been remarked upon.

But Cardiff were wealthy enough to splash out £15m to buy Sala and make several intermediaries substantially wealthier into the bargain. There was ample cash sloshing around to have ensured that Sala, a single man alone in Cardiff with next to no grasp of English, had someone on hand to help.

'It might sound strange but he'd left his dog in a kennel in Nantes and was fretting about how to get back to him,' said Christian Martin, an Argentinian broadcaster and journalist who came to know Sala well.

'He was desperate to get back. If someone could have just found a helper for him in Cardiff, someone who spoke his language, I think it would have helped.'

Desperate to be home, Sala took a charter flight back to Nantes instead of the scheduled services via Paris or Amsterdam that Cardiff proposed.

He also accepted the pilot's fateful request to put back the departure time and fly back to Cardiff through the dark.

Afterwards, his family seemed embarrassed to raise the question of money. Martin remembers Horacio Sala, the player's father, phoning him several times to see if there was any word about that.

He had separated from Sala's mother, Mercedes Taffarel, and she was receiving demands for legal costs. Four months after the air crash, Sala Snr was also dead. He suffered a heart attack.

The trust fund offered the prospect of something positive emerging from the tragedy. But it became bogged down in legal wrangling.

Tax clearance for the trust was granted before Christmas. A trustee has been identified and agreed to take on the role. There is now thought to be only one remaining commercial obstacle to clear.

'People in Argentina look at how little the game, with all its money, has done for this family who have been through so much,' said Martin.

'They are surprised by that. Shocked by that. They think it would have been different if Emiliano had been an English player.'

15 Янв 2021, 09:46

Глава Бурятии Алексей Цыденов 15 января подписал указ об отставке регионального правительства. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба республиканской администрации.

«Задач много, они непростые. Требуются структурные изменения. С каждым из вас отдельно хочу переговорить. В новом формате, в новой структуре правительства будем двигаться дальше», — заявил Цыденов на совещании утром в пятницу.

По словам главы Бурятии, действующий кабмин продолжит работать до утверждения нового состава, все министры будут исполняющими обязанности. Он также добавил, что в нынешних условиях работа правительства должна строиться с учетом цифровых методов.

Цыденов подчеркнул, что новому кабинету министров нужно будет сосредоточиться сразу на нескольких ключевых задачах. Среди них — создание новых рабочих мест, сохранение озера Байкал и лесов, модернизация здравоохранения на фоне эпидемии коронавирусной инфекции.

Ранее в январе Цыденов ввел в Бурятии обязательное ПЦР-тестирование на COVID-19 для всех граждан, прилетающих из Москвы, Новосибирска, Красноярска и Хабаровска.

Указанные регионы находятся в лидерах по росту заболеваемости в стране. Такая мера будет действовать до 20 января. Тестирование будет бесплатным, его делают сотрудники медицинских организаций по месту пребывания граждан.

По данным на 14 января, в Бурятии выявлено почти 28 тыс. заразившихся; 25,3 тыс. из них выздоровели, 630 человек умерли.

Ректор Полоцкого госуниверситета уходит с должности после 17 лет работы? Что известно читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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