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22 Ноя 2020, 13:50
После массового отравления в минской школе 8 детей остаются в больнице

В детской инфекционной больнице Минска остаются 8 детей, которые были госпитализированы в пятницу из средней школы № 61. Об этом сообщает 22 ноября пресс-служба Минздрава.

«Новых учащихся не поступало. Сегодня к выписке готовятся три ребенка», — говорится в сообщении.

Источник возможного заражения устанавливают (в ходе эпидемиологического расследования) врачи Минского городского центра гигиены. Создана специальная комиссия, которая выясняет причины произошедшего, отметили в Минздраве.

Напомним, родители учеников минской школы № 61 на протяжении пятницы сообщали, что у многих детей — симптомы отравления, рвота. В Мингорисполкоме рассказали, что в школе зафиксированы случаи отравления детей, у них наблюдалась рвота, диарея. В школу вызывали бригады скорой помощи. Пострадали в основном ребята 5−9-х классов. Всего 174 ученика обратились за медицинской помощью.

В следственном комитете заявили, что по факту отравления школьников в Минске возбуждено уголовное дело. Предварительно установлено, что все пострадавшие дети употребляли в пищу одно и то же блюдо.

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25 Ноя 2020, 13:06

Наработанные меры безопасности в условиях пандемии коронавируса позволяют президенту России Владимиру Путину возвращаться в активный график командировок, заявил пресс-секретарь главы государства Дмитрий Песков.

Кроме того, благодаря принимаемым защитным мерам Путин может более активно передвигаться по регионам, добавил Песков.

25 ноября глава государства совершит рабочую поездку в Нижегородскую область, где посетит Российский федеральный ядерный центр — Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт экспериментальной физики в городе Сарове.


— Попова: меры профилактики коронавируса потребуются до теплой весны

— В Кремле назвали причину, по которой Путин не привился от коронавируса

— Лавров объяснил, почему Путин провел очный прием послов в Кремле на фоне пандемии

22 Ноя 2020, 09:16

Chris Wilder says Sheffield United's struggle needs to be put in 'perspective' – but accepts he is under pressure.

The Blades boss has never been sacked in 19 years as a manager and led his boyhood club to ninth on their Premier League return last season.

This time around, however, United have failed to win any of their opening eight games and host West Ham on Sunday sitting bottom of the table.

'We are all under pressure, you can't get away from that,' said Wilder. 'I understand the pressures of the game, I understand the consequences of the game.

'But I think people have to take things into perspective and be realistic. It is after eight games, and the fixtures we have played, especially recently, have not been too kind.

'You put yourself under enormous pressure and I put my staff under pressure to deliver and my players. We have to get on with it and try and impact what we can.

'There's no getting away from it, it's not the start that we wanted.

'But we have to recognise it will be a different season to last season. It poses different challenges for us and ones that we are ready to tackle.'

24 Ноя 2020, 21:15

She is a social media influencer who is known for her empowering posts dedicated to body confidence.

And Malin Andersson showed off her fun side as she danced around in lingerie while eating a bag of crisps in a hilarious video on Tuesday.

The Love Island 2016 star, 28, revealed her ample cleavage and toned curves as she danced around to Mariah Carey's Fantasy in a video captioned: 'I’M SO INTO YOU. (Food edition)'

The star's bra featured an elegant black and white brocade detail, with Malin revealing her jaw-dropping legs and pert derriere as she shimmied.

Dancing around a Christmas tree, Malin pulled out a bag of crisps as she sang the lines 'I'm into you' and pulled face for the camera.

Her raven tresses were styled in soft waves while a radiant palette of make-up enhanced her pretty features.

On Friday, Malin shared another snap of herself wearing Christmas lingerie as she showed off a red thong which had 'kiss me under the mistletoe' along the waist.

Malin's hands could be seen in the picture as well as her c-section scar from the birth of her late daughter Consy.

Consy, who was born seven weeks premature in December 2018 and passed away when she was one-month old.

The star also radiated body confidence and highlighted her scar in a Halloween-themed snap of her donning a black lacy lingerie one-piece.

While staying at Clarence House in Berkshire, Malin flaunted her toned pins with a pair of strappy black heels as she continued on her body positivity crusade.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Obviously I'm dressed as an angel, but how cute is my c-section scar please. It travels everywhere with me.'

As well as promoting body confidence, Malin has often spoken candidly with her fans about how she's feeling.

As the second nationwide lockdown started, Malin revealed that it had made her feel 'the loneliness I felt before all over again'.

The reality star said she 'cried a little from pre lockdown emotions', as she said winter is particularly hard for her with the anniversary of her mother's death and her late daughter Consy's birth.

In a lengthy post, Malin wrote: 'So I've just got home from such a busy day. I love keeping busy, it keeps my mind busy which means I don't tend to think about trauma.

'But on the way home from shooting for my podcast today I was staring out the window, looking up into the night sky.. I saw the most beautiful stars. Almost like my family were saying 'hang tight'.

'It dawned on me that we are about to go into another lockdown. For me this means the loneliness I felt before, all over again.

'I know deep down I'm a strong girl, and I've come a long way.. but there's definitely something different this time about having to do lockdown during the winter near Christmas.

'This month marks my mums death anniversary, and December my daughters birth. It then marks Christmas.. where I would usually go to America to spend it with my brothers family.

'Then January comes and it's my girls death anniversary. It actually sounds like a joke when I write it out.. but it's not. It's my reality.'

Malin's daughter Consy was treated in intensive care at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital but sadly passed away at just four weeks old in January 2019.

She continued: 'I got in into my house, put my nightie on and I cried a little.. I felt the 'pre lockdown emotions' and I've buckled up my inner strength to focus on all the positives.

'See - even Me, Malin... can feel the lows of the low too whilst being totally 'woke' at the same time.'

Malin went on to say she will look at the positives and how it gives her strength to share her story with her followers.

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