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14 Янв 2021, 03:51
Погода в Витебске на 14 января

Сегодня, 14 января, в Витебске пасмурно, метель.

Утром в Витебске температура воздуха -12 °C. Ветер СВ — 6−8 м/с, порывами до 12 м/с. Влажность составит 90%, давление — 755 мм рт. ст.

Днем температура воздуха -13 °C. Ветер СВ — 5−7 м/с, порывами до 11 м/с. Влажность составит 85%, давление — 756 мм рт. ст.

Вечером температура воздуха -15 °C. Ветер СВ — 4−6 м/с. Влажность составит 85%, давление — 758 мм рт. ст.

Хорошего дня, друзья!

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18 Янв 2021, 05:06

Ущерб госбюджету от налоговых преступлений с 2011 по сентябрь 2020 года составил более 450 млрд рублей. Об этом пишет газета «Известия», ссылаясь на зампредседателя Следственного комитета Елену Леоненко.

«Удалось вернуть в бюджет 208 млрд рублей, наложить арест на имущество стоимостью 67 млрд. Благодаря принимаемым мерам в последние четыре года удается возмещать в среднем половину от причиненного налоговыми преступлениями ущерба», — говорится в сообщении.

Леоненко сообщила, что с 2011 года в 1,5 раза выросло число возбуждаемых уголовных дел о налоговых преступлениях.

По словам Елены Леоненко, с 2011 года количество ежегодно возбуждаемых уголовных дел о налоговых преступлениях выросло почти в полтора раза. Если в 2011 году следственными органами было возбуждено 1776 уголовных дел, то в 2019 году — уже 2560.

«Если в 2011 году значение составляло 17%, то за 2019 год — 56%. А по итогам девяти месяцев 2020-го — 66%. Это значит, что больше половины материалов, которые к нам поступают, составляют основу для уголовного преследования», — сообщила она.

14 Янв 2021, 19:16

She has been busy homeschooling her two daughters during the third lockdown.

And Jacqueline Jossa took some time for herself on Wednesday night as she got glammed up from her home for a collection of new snaps.

The former EastEnders actress, 28, looked incredible as she showed off her fake tan and shared her excitement for 'normal life' again amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For one snap, Jacqueline styled her glossy blonde highlighted locks into a sleek straightened hairdo as she added a slick of glamorous make-up.

The soap star wore a plunging leopard print dress, no doubt from her In The Style collection, for the photo.

In a different snap, the mother-of-two styled her glossy locks into a softly curled hairdo and finished the look with fluttery fake eyelashes.

Jacqueline looked sensational in a metallic knitted dress as she sultrily posed on her bed for the picture.

She captioned the photos with: 'OIOI I CANNOT WAIT FOR NORMAL LIFE. My tan can still be on point though ♥️ Walking on the tan tonight, sorting myself out.'

Jacqueline then promoted the brand of tan she had used and added: ' I promise it makes to feel [100 emoji] times better!!'

It comes after the actress revealed that her two daughters - Ella, five and Mia, two, who she shares with husband Dan Osborne have 'quite liked home schooling' during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The former EastEnders star said that she tries to make it as fun as possible as she resumes teaching from home, the result of England's third national lockdown.

Taking to Instagram, Jacqueline shared a snap of her daughter's workbook as they did a mathematics lesson, writing in coloured pencils.

The former I'm A Celeb queen captioned the image: 'We quite enjoy home school most of the time. We have big breaks in between and just get the job done.

'Try to make it as fun as possible and I think for Ella she enjoys it as it's a bit like playing schools with mummy, she finds it quite funny.'

Jacqueline later shared an adorable snap with her daughter Mia, as she rested her head in her lap while Mia cuddled her, saying: 'She cares for me.'

Jacqueline revealed her plans to 'eat healthy' and exercise more on Instagram on Sunday, after previously admitting her January diet goals had not gone to plan.

The actress told fans that she was going to attempt a 'tiny workout' on Monday, after confessing that she has been doing 'zero exercise' and eating her kids' leftover food, which includes 'chips and nuggets'.

Jacqueline said that although the UK's third national lockdown has been 'hard', she is aiming to 'be positive'.

She said: 'I was very negative yesterday, wasn't I? I know why, that time of the month.

'The first day and the last day is always the worst so, I'm just happy that I'm past another month of it, I just hate it.

'I'm just gonna try being positive again, you know what, lockdown is hard and you have to be honest. And if I'm not honest with you guys, you always know that something's up…

'Monday I'm going to come with some energy. I'm going to try and do a tiny workout of like 15 minutes. I'm not going to push myself.

'I'm going to do a walk. I'm going to smash homeschooling, and I'm going to eat healthy. Who's with me?'

Jacqueline had revealed on Saturday the fact she was not doing any exercise or healthy eating was 'getting to her'.

The former EastEnders star took to her story to share a video as she lay beside her daughters on the sofa, pulling faces as she looked somewhat upset with herself.

'I need to start working out and eating better,' she captioned the post.

'I know it's January and everyone starts January with a bang but I literally have done 0 and it's getting to me now. Tomorrow I have to sort it out, even if it's just something little.'

16 Янв 2021, 15:14

Holey Moley host Rob Riggle has slammed cancel culture as a threat to the livelihoods of comedians.

The American funnyman, who hosts the Australian and American versions of mini-golf game show Holey Moley, told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday that while once controversial comedians were seen as rebels, now they face being 'cancelled'.

'Now people try to cancel you - they try to make it so that you can't have a living anymore - and that's different. That's a different kind of ballgame.

'That's real oppression and real censorship and real fear. And that's unfortunate because that's not a place I know, a world I want to live in.'

Rob added that 'politically incorrect' comedy is needed because it is challenging.

'Throughout my lifetime, comedy has always pushed people's buttons, it always challenged people and always said the politically incorrect thing - that's what made it so taboo, and that's what made it so fun,' he said.

In addition to his work as a television host, Rob is also known as a comedian, appearing on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show.

He has also starred in a number of blockbuster films, including Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, 21 Jump Street and Dumb and Dumber To.

It comes after Channel Seven conformed the premiere date for their reality show, Holey Moley Australia.

The mini golf competition will begin airing at 7:30pm on February 1st, Mumbrella reported on Friday.

Holey Moley will see golfers Montana Strauss, James Carr, Colette Norton, Becky Kay and Henry Epstein appear, Mumbrella reports.

Channel Seven said in their announcement: 'The ultimate winner of each episode takes home the prestigious plaid jacket, the golden putter and books a spot in the Grand Final, where they will compete for the chance to win $100,000 on the daunting last hole, the Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee.'

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