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22 Ноя 2020, 11:50
Новые данные Минздрава по коронавирусу: 1564 новых случая за сутки

В Беларуси зарегистрированы 123 999 человек с положительным тестом на COVID-19, сообщает пресс-служба Минздрава страны. Прирост за сутки — 1564 новых случая. Вчера этот показатель был 1588.

По данным на 22 ноября, в стране выздоровели и выписаны 103 тыс. 848 пациентов (плюс 1735 человека за сутки), умерло 1 тысяча 96 пациентов (плюс семь человек за сутки) с рядом хронических заболеваний с выявленной коронавирусной инфекцией.

Сейчас ситуация с коронавирусом в Беларуси серьезнее, чем при первой волне, считает главный санитарный врач Александр Тарасенко. Медики фиксируют, что пневмонии во время этой волны COVID-19 стали более сложными, увеличилось количество кислородозависимых пневмоний. По всей стране введен масочный режим. Минздрав объявил о мобилизации лабораторий, в том числе частных: все будут делать ПЦР-тесты на COVID.

При этом перевод школ на дистанционную форму обучения в стране не планируется.

Многие отделения больниц уже перепрофилированы под прием пациентов с COVID-19. Из-за эпидемической ситуации в Минске приостанавливают плановую медпомощь для пациентов с хроническими кардиологическими заболеваниями. Также временно перестанут оказывать плановую хирургическую и гастроэнтерологическую помощь.

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25 Ноя 2020, 21:07

Об этом он написал в Facebook.

«Сегодня пообщался с Володей Балухом. У него все хорошо, реабилитируется. Проходит 6 км в день на пешем тренажере, а на вело — все 20. Играет в шахматы. Готовится к очередной операции», — написал Сенцов.

Бывшего узника Кремля Владимира Балуха избили в ночь на 8 сентября в Гидропарке в Киеве, когда он с друзьями праздновал годовщину освобождения из плена. Его госпитализировали в стабильно тяжелом состоянии.

Почти через месяц после нападения Балух пришел в себя, его отключили от аппарата ИВЛ. 22 октября его выписали из больницы.

Подозреваемого в нападении задержали 18 сентября, им оказался местный житель 1988 года рождения. Конфликт якобы произошел на бытовой почве. На следующий день мужчину отправили под арест.

24 Ноя 2020, 13:16

Myleene Klass shared another freaky video of her double-jointed elbows during Dancing On Ice rehearsals on Monday.

The presenter, 42, was attempting to nail a lift in the video before her elbows began popping forwards, leading her skating partner Łukasz Różycki to retch.

The star - who looked chic in a black sweater and leopard print shorts - was seen balancing herself on her arms in a video captioned: 'Today's challenge, learn to balance on my bendy arms for lifts.'

She humorously added: 'Lukasz is off camera' following by vomiting emojis.

The video showed the star balancing before her elbows popped forwards over and over again - and she fell down.

Myleene was heard cackling as her elbows popped out of place while Lukasz made vomiting sounds off-camera.

Earlier this month Myleene managed to freak out her skating partner with her remarkably bendy elbows during rehearsals..

The TV and radio presenter posted a hilarious video on her Instagram, showing her unusually flexible arms.

Myleene said the skating pro, 40, thought she was bending her arm while they were practicing as he did not realise she had hypermobile joints.

While flaunting her bendy elbows in the clip, she said: 'Łukasz just thought I was bending my arm cos I've got these! Cos they do this!

'Now he won't even touch my arm. Touch the arm! Touch the arm!'

The duo could be heard hysterically laughing as Myleene showed off her flexibility before she taunted a freaked-out Łukasz to come and touch her arm.

The figure skater eventually gave in and lightly grabbed her arm before immediately squirming away, leading to an uproar of laughter from Myleene.

Captioning the video, she penned: 'DOI update...My ice skating partner can't figure out why my back arm keeps bending downwards when we skate!

'I'm hyperextended. Now, he won't even touch them, he's completely freaked out!'

Myleene's remarkably flexible elbow condition, more commonly known as hypermobility, is caused when the tissues holding a joint together are too loose.

A person with hypermobility is able to easily and painlessly extend their joints beyond the standard motion range.

In Myleene's case, her elbows bend in both directions, but hypermobility also commonly affects knees, shoulders, wrists and fingers.

Her latest video comes after reports that Dancing On Ice is set to be hit 'in a big way' during the second lockdown due to some rinks being closed.

According to reports, the pro skaters and celebrities are said to be concerned that they'll be unable to train due to council ice rinks shutting.

The new rules, which came into effect on Thursday, saw all leisure centres and sporting venues shut until at least Wednesday 2 December.

Despite not all ice rinks shutting, some pro skaters and celebrities are said to be worried they'll be unable to train as they don't live near the select few open venues.

A source told The Sun: 'Lockdown is affecting many industries, but Dancing On Ice looks set to be hit in a big way.

'The main concern from some of the professionals is that because council rinks are being closed down, they're going to be left with nowhere to train.

'Not all of them are near one of the few available UK rinks so it remains to be seen how they'll get on-ice training.'

But a Dancing On Ice spokesperson hit back at the claims and told MailOnline: 'We're in constant contact with our entire cast in training and there have been no concerns raised.

'All scheduled training is proceeding safely within guidelines and at easily accessible locations.'

They added: 'ITV takes the safety and welfare of everyone involved with its programmes extremely seriously and follows all government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

'The government has confirmed that TV production can carry on throughout lockdown, to that end we will be hiring the local ice rinks on a private and exclusive hire basis.'

To adhere with coronavirus rules, the cast have been undergoing weekly coronavirus tests in order to train with their professional partners on the ice.

Myleene shared a video of her and Łukasz undergoing a coronavirus test while on the rink last month.

The Smooth FM host also admitted last month that she was feeling 'dishevelled' and 'had the fear' because some of her competitors were more advanced than she was.

Myleene urged her followers not to 'put their money' on her, as she practiced her skating skills ahead of the show's launch early next year.

Speaking to the camera on her Instagram Stories, Myleene said: 'Okay I'm all dishevelled I've just come off the ice.

'Oh man, I've got the fear today! I don't normally get this cos I really think paddle your own canoe, don't worry what anyone else is doing.

'But I found out that while I'm trying to learn to stand people are practicing jumps, only me and Denise [Van Outen] are starting from scratch. They've been skating since they were kids.'

Myleene has also been joined by her two talented daughters Ava, 13, and Hero, nine, during her training sessions on the ice.

An adorable video on her Instagram Stories saw both of her daughters perfect an effortless spin on the ice with the coaching of Lukasz.

She even joked that she was 'training up my body doubles' and would 'slip' her talented daughters in her place and just hope that nobody would notice.

Myleene shares her two daughters with her ex-husband Graham Quinn, who she separated from in 2013.

She recently revealed that she had got engaged to the father of her baby son Apollo, Simon Motson.

The TV star was astounded when her partner of five years popped the question with a nine-carat diamond ring on the fifth anniversary of their first date.

Dancing On Ice will return to ITV in the new year and see twelve celebrities skate live with their professional partners each week.

The upcoming series of Dancing On Ice has a star-studded line-up with the likes of Rebekah Vardy, Jason Donovan, Myleene Klass, Billie Faiers and Denise Van Outen competing on the rink.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby once again return to present the show and the expert panel of Torvill and Dean, John Barrowman and Ashley Banjo will all resume their roles as judges.

24 Ноя 2020, 12:20

Врачи из Витебска зачитали стихотворение Янки Купалы «Хто ты гэткі?». Видео опубликовал телеграм-канал «Белые халаты. New».

Стихотворение «Хто ты гэткі?» Янка Купала написал еще до революции — в 1908 году, в Вильне и опубликовал в газете «Наша ніва», первой газете на белорусском языке.

Хто ты гэткі? — Свой, тутэйшы. Чаго хочаш? — Долі лепшай. Якой долі? — Хлеба, солі. А што болей? — Зямлі, волі. Дзе радзіўся? — У сваёй вёсцы. Дзе хрысціўся? — Пры дарожцы. Чым асвенчан? — Кроўю, потам. Чым быць хочаш? — Не быць скотам.

Ранее витебские медики записали два видеообращения к властям и народу Беларуси. В них они выступили против насилия в стране после выборов. После публикации первого и второго роликов медиков, снявшихся в них, вызывали в прокуратуру города.

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