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14 Янв 2021, 13:50
«Написали письмо с просьбой дать информацию». Девушка журналиста Александрова тоже проходит по «уголовке»

13 января был задержан журналист и медиаменеджер Андрей Александров. Вместе с ним на связь перестала выходить и его девушка Ирина Злобина. К вечеру стало известно, что Александров проходит подозреваемым по уголовному делу. Сегодня сестра Злобиной сообщила БелаПАН, что Ирина также проходит по уголовному делу.

Ранее сообщалось, что Андрей Александров перестал выходить на связь 12 января около 14.00. Связь с его девушкой Ириной также пропала. Утром 13 января ее родным сообщили, что Ирина доставлена в ИВС на Окрестина.

Ирина и Александр жили вместе. Девушка окончила факультет философии и социальных наук БГУ, последние годы занималась своим небольшим бизнесом — цветы и производство сувениров.

Сегодня сестра Ирины была у следователя, пишет БелаПАН. Ей сообщили, что Ирина является подозреваемой по уголовному делу, но не конкретизировали, по какому.

— Мы написали письмо с просьбой дать информацию. 15 дней будут давать ответ, — сказала сестра Злобиной.

Получить комментарий в СК не удалось.

Напомним, вчера стало известно, что Андрей Александров проходит подозреваемым по ст. 342 УК «Организация и подготовка действий, грубо нарушающих общественный порядок, либо активное участие в них».

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20 Янв 2021, 17:07

Министр иностранных дел Украины Дмитрий Кулеба ожидает покаяния от президента России, об этом он заявил в интервью газете «День».

Кулеба выразил надежду, что российский лидер приедет с визитом на Украину и поклонится памятнику воевавшим в Донбассе. При этом он подчеркнул, что «не говорил, какой президент» совершит такую поездку.

Кроме того, министр назвал стратегической задачей Киева разделить в западном сознании представления о России и Украине. По его словам, страны «разошлись и движутся по разным траекториям», несмотря на исторические связи и соседство.

17 Янв 2021, 01:14

She's previously admitted to undergoing over $60,400 worth of cosmetic procedures since her rise to fame.

But Married At First Sight's Jessika Power says her plastic surgery journey is far from over.

'I can't stop and think I'm addicted,' she told UK publication The Sun when quizzed on her penchant for going under the knife.

Jessika confessed that she's become more critical of her body image since finding fame two years ago, and is now planning her next procedure.

'I haven't changed how I look because of the public response and trolling, but it has made me more self-conscious,' she said.

'I'm going to get a BBL [Brazilian butt lift] next,' Jessika added.

The BBL is a popular procedure that enhances and contours the buttocks through fat transfer from other parts of the body.

Since appearing on Married At First Sight, the blonde bombshell has undergone an array of cosmetic procedures in quick succession.

Her transformation has included a new set of veneers, two rounds of dental work, cheek and lip fillers, Botox and a brow lift.

In 2019, Jessika also underwent a breast lift and autologous fat graft, a $13,500 procedure involving the removal of fat cells from her thighs and buttocks.

The fat was then deposited into her breasts, taking them from a natural B-cup to a D-cup.

'I chose the fat from the underside of my thighs,' she told New Idea magazine of the procedure.

'I had this little pocket of fat, I don't know what it is, no matter how much dieting I do, no matter how much exercise I do, I just couldn't get rid of it,' she said.

22 Янв 2021, 03:13

Apple is reportedly developing a virtual reality (VR) headset that could launch in 2022, but is set to come with a hefty price tag.

Bloomberg News reports that the device will feature some of the tech giant's 'most advanced and powerful chips,' which may include the new M1 Mac processors unveiled last year.

The headset is also speculated to include a fabric design for a light-weight feel, along with a cooling fan, which is a feature Apple has tried to avoid with previous products.

The report also says the VR headset would be a standalone device, allowing Apple to compete with Facebook's Oculus, and is a 'niche precursor' to AR glasses that are in the 'architecture' phase.

Scroll down for video

Rumors about Apple developing its own VR headset have been circulating the web for at least a year.

Last June, Bloomberg released a report saying the firm was working on two distinct augmented reality and virtual reality devices that are still years away from being released.

The devices, according to the report, are codenamed N421, which is said to be a lightweight pair of augmented reality glasses that can overlay text and images on a screen, and N301, which is a bulkier and more powerful headset that blends augmented reality and virtual reality.

The latest reports again cites both, noting the VR set is in a late prototype stage and the AR glasses are in the early in early stage known as 'architecture,' meaning Apple is still working on underlying technologies.

While developing the VR headset, Bloomberg says Apple had to make a few adjustments such as removing the space reserved for prescription glasses.

This allowed for a smaller design that sits closer to the face and provides room for a cooling fan.

However, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that users with poor eyesight, can have access to a new system where custom prescription lenses can be inserted into the headset over the VR screens.

And to address weight, Apple is planning on going with a fabric exterior instead of the metal design used in most of its products.

The prototypes for both headsets are said to be about the size of Oculus' Quest and include external cameras to enable some AR features.

Apple, according to Bloomberg, is testing the cameras for hand-tracking and is developing a feature that would allow

The company is testing using the cameras for hand-tracking and is working on a feature where a user can type virtually in the air to input text. It's unclear if that function will be ready for the first version of the device or if it will ever leave the exploratory stage.

Although source tell Bloomberg we could see a working VR headset next year, the release date or even the product has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

A patent application filed by Apple in 2019 shows that the company is pursing a technology that more seamlessly blends objects rendered in a display, increasing the depth-of-field and combating the resulting eyestrain and nausea often associated with AR and VR technology.

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