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14 Янв 2021, 10:51
«Эффективно использовать каждый метр». Наталья Кочанова съездила на «Горизонт»

Наталья Кочанова съездила на «Горизонт». Она изучала перспективы развития территории холдинга в центре Минска. Говорили об «эффективном использовании каждого метра» и реконструкции зданий и сооружений. Об этом сообщает сайт Совета Республики.

Главной целью поездки 13 января было изучение перспектив развития холдингом «Горизонт» территории в границах улицы Куйбышева — проспекта Машерова — улицы Красной — улицы Киселева. Председатель Совета Республики Наталья Кочанова изучала, как развивать площади, чем наполнить незадействованные здания и сооружения, говорилось и об их реконструкции.

Напомним, бывшие цеха предприятия сейчас сдают в аренду. Весной и летом из-за коронавируса местные предприниматели переживали падение выручек, были конфликты с собственником объекта из-за арендной платы.

— Стоит задача эффективного использования каждого метра территории холдинга под размещение новых производств, чтобы люди были обеспечены работой и эти производства приносили пользу государству. Изучается возможность разместить здесь научно-исследовательские объекты, образовательный центр, развития производств, основанных на новых и высоких технологиях, расширения медицинского обслуживания населения. Эта территория должна использоваться с пользой для государства и жителей страны, — рассказала председатель Совета Республики Наталья Кочанова.

К этой работе привлекут Министерство промышленности, городские власти, а также научное сообщество — из ГКНТ (Госкомитет по науке и технологиям) и НАН Беларуси.

— Продукция, которая сегодня производится холдингом «Горизонт», должна быть вовлечена в экономику и активно использоваться в образовательной сфере, медицине страны. Времени у нас немного. Поэтому решение должно быть принято оперативно, — подчеркнула уполномоченная по городу Минску.

Директор компании ЗАО «Горизонт-Белинвест-Девелопер» Инна Ковалева добавила, что разработана концепция реконструкции производственного квартала «Горизонт».

— Сейчас она вынесена на обсуждение, чтобы при необходимости ее откорректировать и начать реализацию проекта, — она подчеркнула, что упор сделают на производство, рассчитанное на интеллектуальный труд.

Напомним, в начале января 2021-го на «Горизонте» побывал Александр Лукашенко. Он назвал предприятие альтернативой Парку высоких технологий.

— Нужна была в стране альтернатива, и вы являетесь хорошей альтернативой, — сказал он.

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18 Янв 2021, 18:05

Российская фигуристка Ирина Слуцкая рассказала в Instagram о том, что ее первая поездка за границу была в Северную Корею на соревнования.

«Стоял февраль. Отмечался день рождения Ким Чен Ира. Тогда же проводились международные соревнования. Я привезла оттуда три или даже пять медалей», — написала Слуцкая.

Напомним, россиянка является двукратной чемпионкой мира. Ранее Елизавета Туктамышева подтвердила участие в командном турнире в Москве.

15 Янв 2021, 21:15

On a day when Joe Root restated his claim to go down as one of England's Test greats, the shot of the innings belonged instead to Dan Lawrence, the 23-year-old debutant not known for his wallflower tendencies.

Lawrence had moved fluently to 27 on the second morning of the first Test when he went down on one knee to lift left-arm spinner Lasith Embuldeniya, the pick of a modest Sri Lankan attack, over deep midwicket. For a moment, he held the pose, as if keen to preserve the moment. He needn't have worried: on this evidence, there will be plenty more flicks of the wrist for six.

The stroke brought up an important 50 partnership with his captain, of which Lawrence had 33. And while he tired a little towards the end of a richly promising 73, part of an eventual stand of 173 in 41 overs with his captain, that shot alone got to the heart of a young batsman who appears born to entertain.

For those who saw him score 161 for his native Essex against Surrey at The Oval in April 2015, the confidence bordering on cockiness came as no surprise.

That day, Lawrence – aged 17 – became the third-youngest centurion in the history of the county championship. He received a congratulatory handshake from Kevin Pietersen, with whom comparisons will be plentiful in the years ahead, and immediately chuckled: 'My old schoolmates were texting me saying, "We're still at school, and you're scoring runs at The Oval".'

Nearly six years on, he is scoring runs in Galle, where he hit his second ball in Test cricket – a welcoming full toss from off-spinner Dilruwan Perera – through the covers for four, and generally batted with a vivaciousness that may well be in the genes.

His father, Mark – groundsman at the Chingford club where Lawrence learned his trade – was certainly in mid-season touch during a radio interview with the BBC's Jonathan Agnew.

'It's just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable,' he said. 'It really is. The year the world has had, hopefully it's cheered everyone up who knows him and loves him. It's just amazing. I'm so pleased for the boy, because that is turning large out there.'

One of Dan's brothers, meanwhile, is a wrestler, and styles himself 'David Wreckham', in honour of a more famous footballing son from that part of north-east London. The Lawrences, it seems, do not go quietly about their business.

Even before his Test debut, Dan had made a bit of noise. During England Lions' successful tour of Australia a year ago, he hit 493 runs at 98 across the formats – outscoring his nearest team-mate, Dom Sibley, by 268.

It was a trip that bore the fruit of a remodelled stance, which these days is stiller than most to avoid shuffling across his stumps and falling leg-before.

What stood out in Galle, though, was his ease at the crease – at least until he was dropped in the slips on 60 and 68. He even called into question his reputation for leg-side bias, regularly forcing the bowlers through point and the covers, and deprived of more bang for his buck only by a slow outfield.

Tougher challenges lie in store this year, with nine Tests against India, two against New Zealand, currently top of the rankings, and the quest to regain the Ashes.

But Lawrence has made a good start, possibly at the expense of the batsman he passed on the outfield in the day's second over. Jonny Bairstow had failed to add to his overnight 47 when he prodded Embuldeniya low to gully, then had to watch as yet another middle-order rival scored runs that might have been his.

With Ollie Pope on the mend from shoulder surgery, and Ben Stokes due to return too, England's Test batting line-up may soon be overflowing. At the start of one of their busiest years ever, it is the kind of problem a captain loves.

21 Янв 2021, 23:13

Spitting cobra species first evolved the ability to spray venom from their fangs in order to defend themselves — rather than to attack prey — a study has found.

Researchers from Wales found that instantly painful venoms these snakes spit was evolved from different components not once, but on three separate occasions.

The venom — which can cause blistering and, if introduced to the eye, blindness — may even have developed in response to the threat of early humans, the team said.

This long-distance targeting of sensory tissues plays no role in prey capture, they added, suggesting it must have been developed as a defence mechanism.

The finding contradicts previous studies which suggested that the development of venom in snakes is principally driven by dietary variations.

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In their study, the researchers analysed spitting cobras from three different approaches — by function, genetics and protein analysis.

By analysing the DNA sequences of snakes, the team were able to reconstruct the evolutionary family tree — or 'phylogeny' — of the cobras, allowing them to trace the evolution of the venom adaptations.

The team found that cobras evolved venom for defence three separate times in their evolutionary history — an example of so-called 'convergent evolution', where different animals independently evolve the same solution to a problem.

The venom spat by cobras — which is also a poisonous substance — can be projected up to eight feet, depending on the size of the snake in question.

'Here's a further strong piece of evidence to illustrate that similar evolutionary challenges often generate the same solutions,' said paper author and herpetologist Wolfgang Wüster of Wales' Bangor University.

'Even though we studied three different cobra groups — which evolved in different locations and at different evolutionary time periods — each evolved the same defensive mechanisms in the face of a threat.'

'All cobras have venom components that cause tissue destruction, called cytotoxins.'

'But in spitting cobras, adding another group of toxins, phospholipases A2, has created a synergistic effect, resulting in an instantly painful venom, which can rapidly deter and even blind an aggressor.'

'Understanding to what extent evolution is unpredictable, almost random, or predictable, is a major question in biology.'

'This is a remarkable example of the same problem leading to the evolution of the same solution several times — that is, predictable evolution.'

By working back through the different evolutionary lineages, the team found that the changes needed for spitting venom occurred separately in three different geographic areas — but all at the same time early humans appeared locally.

'Many primates attack snakes with sticks and stones,' explained Dr Wüster.

'The arrival of bipedal hominins, with both hands free for mischief, may have been just the kind of selection pressure that favoured long-distance defence through spitting and a specially adapted defensive venom.'

'The idea that early humans, millions of years ago, may have caused the evolution of spitting in cobras emphasises how our origins were very much entwined with the wider ecosystems of Africa and Asia at the time.'

The full findings of the study were published in the journal Science.

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