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13 Янв 2021, 16:50
Дело Вадима Мороза, который вступился за соседку в Новой Боровой, отправили на доработку

В суде Первомайского района началось рассмотрение дела Виктора Мороза — жителя Новой Боровой, который 5 января вступился за соседку, задержанную неизвестными. Тогда задержали и Виктора, после этого он попал в БСМП с травмами. Судья отправил дело Мороза на доработку, об этом сообщает правозащитный центр «Весна» (лишенный регистрации в Беларуси).

Судья Максим Трусевич отправил на доработку дело задержанного 5 января и избитого в своем дворе в Новой Боровой Виктора Мороза. Его обвиняют по ч. 1 ст. 23.34 КоАП (Нарушение порядка организации или проведения массовых мероприятий).

С 5 января мужчина находился в больнице, 12 января его доставили на Окрестина.

Напомним, Виктор Мороз рассказал , что заступился за соседку, задержанную неизвестными в его дворе. Неизвестный мужчина в маске, угрожая оружием, ударил Мороза ногой. После этого мужчину задержали и продолжили бить, Виктор попал в БСМП с закрытой черепно-мозговой травмой.

В МВД рассказали, что задерживали людей силовики, а также назвали опубликованные видео «провокационными видеонарезками». Также ведомство пояснило: удар ногой в живот нужен был, «чтобы увеличить дистанцию», оружие было «травматическое», все остальное — милиционер «контролировал ситуацию до прибытия патрульной группы».

После этого международный комитет по расследованию пыток в Беларуси в лице белорусских правозащитных организаций подал заявление в Следственный комитет по Минску с требованием возбудить уголовное дело по факту угрозы оружием и избиения Виктора Мороза сотрудниками милиции.

Заявление подписали РОО «Правовая инициатива», Правозащитная организация Human Constanta, «Белорусский документационный центр», ПСОО «Звено», Правозащитный центр «Правовая помощь населению».

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16 Янв 2021, 12:51

Вечером 14 января на улице Ленина в Барановичах возле памятника освободителям из-за непогоды не горел Вечный огонь, сообщает Intex-press.

Развевающееся пламя у памятника освободителям Барановичей на улице Ленина горожане привыкли видеть в любое время года и при любой погоде. Однако, как пояснили в «Барановичигазе», при экстремальных погодных условиях огонь может затухать.

— Там же пламя коптящее, а не промышленная горелка, которую невозможно потушить. Поэтому из-за сильного дождя или снегопада оно может затухнуть. Ничего страшного в этом нет.

22 Янв 2021, 15:13

Danish scientists believe the Kent variant of coronavirus is less infectious than previously thought.

Analysis at the State Serum Institute in Copenhagen found the mutant strain, scientifically known as B.1.1.7, is 36 per cent more infectious than previous variants.

This number is significantly lower than the 70 per cent figure first cited by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as the latest UK estimates, which suggest the Kent strain is around 56 per cent more infectious.

However, the researchers caution estimating transmissibility is a tricky science, and its true increased infectivity could be between 20 and 50 per cent.

Scroll down for video

'In our calculations, we have found that the contact number for the British variant is 1.36 times higher than the other variants,' Tyra Grove Krause, head of department at the State Serum Institute told Danish Radio.

However, Dr Krause adds the numbers have a high degree of uncertainty and are based on early findings.

'It's a little lower than what we've heard from the UK,' she says.

'Still, we have to approach it with caution, because these numbers are not set in stone. They may well change as we get more data,' she says.

Dr Krause told Danish news site The Local in December that the detailed information on Denmark's population will help track the virus.

'This means that we can follow transmission within households, or look at how many people test positive within a household when an index case occurs,' she explained.

Household attack rate can therefore be monitored and enhanced PCR testing in the country has been developed which identify the genetic code of the new variant to determine its prevalence and allow researchers to track how it is spreading.

Denmark has registered almost 200,000 cases of Covid-19 with nearly 2,000 fatalities.

The new Kent strain has been registered in at least 380 Danes, and is estimated to account for around eight per cent of all cases in the country.

It has now been found in 60 countries worldwide.

The UK's top scientific advisers told the Government about the Kent strain in mid-December, after it was identified as the cause of a surge in cases in England.

It is believed the mutant form of the virus is better at infecting human cells and emerged in a long-suffering chronically ill patient.

The Kent variant was designated as a variant under investigation by the UK on December 8 and reclassified as a 'variant of concern' on December 18.

The exact origin of the Kent variant is unknown but it is believed it sprung up in mid-September.

Dr Susan Hopkins, a senior Public Health England (PHE) official said in December that originally there was 'nothing to particularly highlight that this was something of major concern, as variants come and go'.

Mutations in viruses occur all the time, with the vast majority of them being harmless or deleterious to the pathogen.

However, by chance, sometimes the tweaks to the viral code give it a survival edge and increase its success, often by becoming more infectious and easier to spread.

This is what is thought to have occurred in the B.1.1.7 variant, which previous studies have found is more abundant in the upper respiratory tract.

A mutation on the spike protein — which protrudes from the coronavirus and hijacks human cells — made it better at infecting people.

This so-called N501Y mutation is also found on the South African and Brazilian variants which have since been identified.

The Scandinavian nation, with a population of 5.8 million people, approximately the same as Scotland, previously had an outbreak of another mutation found in mink.

It resulted in 17million of the animals, farmed for their fur, being culled and buried. The country had to then dig them up and re-bury them after the carcasses of the dead animals emerged from the graves.

19 Янв 2021, 07:14

Jennifer Lopez rang in the new year by launching her new beauty brand JLo Beauty on New Year's Day, and they already have plans for expansion.

Fans and beauty mavens can purchase her product through her JLoBeauty.com website and other merchants such as Sephora, but as of now, it's only available in the United States in Canada.

Many fans from all over the world took to a recent JLo Beauty Instagram post asking when the products will be available globally, which may happen this summer.

Fans took to a post about JLo Beauty's THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream, which offers a, 'luminous, youthful-looking complexion,' when a fan asked when it would be available in the U.K.

'While it's not yet in the UK, it’s important to Jennifer that JLo Beauty is accessible to everyone worldwide!' the brand responded.

'We’re hustling behind the scenes to bring that JLo glow to international markets beyond the USA and Canada. Keep an eye on our page for more updates this summer!' the statement added.

They also confirmed, 'JLo Beauty can be purchased in the U.S. at JLoBeauty.com. Also, in the U.S. and Canada at Sephora and on Amazon today.'

They also confirmed that all of the products under the JLo Beauty line are all 'animal cruelty free.'

'JLo Beauty is a cruelty-free line, we do not test products on animals or use raw material suppliers that do,' they said.

'All of our products are Leaping Bunny certified and included in their Compassionate Shopping Guide. Leaping Bunny is the gold-standard in certification for ensuring no animal testing,' the statement added.

The 'In The Morning' singer launched her eponymous brand on January 1 and, as of January 14, the line has been available at Sephora stores in the US and Canada.

The range includes the That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum, That Limitless Glow Multitasking Mask, That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturiser, That Blockbuster Wonder Cream, That Hit Single Gel-Creme Cleanser, That Fresh Take Eye Cream and That Star Filter Complexion Booster.

The 'Second Act' actress admitted it was her dream for three decades to have her own skincare range.

She captioned a recent video promo for the line: "This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream. I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!!'

'JLO BEAUTY DROPS 1/1/21. Get early access 12/8. #linkinbio to sign up. @JLoBeauty #JLoBeauty #BeautyHasNoExpirationDate @jasonbergh (sic)"

In the clip, she explained further: "As women, people are so ready to write us off.

"I just kept waiting for that to happen and then I realised, 'No, I'm not going to let that happen.'

"It's about being limitless. It's about being powerful and understanding that beauty really doesn't have an expiration date."

Дело Вадима Мороза, который вступился за соседку в Новой Боровой, отправили на доработку читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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