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13 Янв 2021, 19:06
Рейтинг одобрения Трампа упал до рекордно низких значений

Рейтинг одобрения действующего президента США Дональда Трампа упал до рекордно низких значений за все время его пребывания у власти, свидетельствуют данные опроса Morning Consult и газеты Politico.

По результатам опроса, действия президента поддерживают всего 34% избирателей, не одобряют – 63%.

6 января сторонники действующего президента США Дональда Трампа штурмовали здание Конгресса США, прервав заседание, на котором парламент должен был утвердить итоги минувших выборов.

В результате произошедшего погибли пять человек. После массовых беспорядков в Вашингтоне глава комитета палаты представителей по судебным делам Джерри Надлер предложил объявить импичмент Трампу в упрощенном порядке.


— Палата представителей США рассматривает вопрос об импичменте Трампу

— Пенс не поможет демократам: как будут отстранять Трампа

— Трамп заявил об отсутствии риска его отстранения по 25-й поправке к конституции

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13 Янв 2021, 23:15

Kim Cattrall has famously refused to take part in the upcoming revival of Sex And The City.

And Sarah Jessica Parker just revealed that there is no filling Samantha Jones' stilettos.

The 55-year-old actress confirmed there will not be a fourth character in the recently announced Sex And The City revival.

The entrepreneur made the revelation as she was seen heading to the Seaport location her SJP shoe boutique in New York City on Wednesday morning.

Though there isn't an actual fourth main castmate, Sarah insisted that the fourth star is the city itself.

She said: 'We're not looking to create a fourth character, we have New York City as a fourth character and it will be an interesting new character that we are excited about.'

Sarah looked stylish as always as she sported a pair of her own SJP Busker knee-high boots in black suede which featured a studded detailing and retail for $795.

She teamed the fashionable footwear with a pair of light blue jeans rolled up along with a plain grey T-shirt.

While arriving to the boutique she sported a black parka featuring a large fur-lined hood.

She accessorized with a pair of large wireless Beats Studio headphones in black and gold along with designer shades and a black protective face mask.

Her signature highlighted tresses were pulled back in a ponytail as she showed off her natural looks with complementary make-up.

Sarah was in good spirits as she waved to fans before heading into the store before helping with customers.

This came just a day after former castmate Cattrall threw some thinly-disguised shade at her former Sex and the City castmates by 'liking' a fan tweet that 'applauded' her decision to 'put herself first' and refuse to take part in the upcoming reboot of the HBO show.

The 64-year-old actress has yet to make a public statement about the news of the series' revival, but she made her feelings about it perfectly clear with her reaction to the tweet, which praised the star for 'doing what is best for her'.

The tweet read: 'I absolutely love Sex and the City and whilst I am saddened that Samantha will not return, I applaud doing what is best for you and think this is great example of putting yourself first. Well done @KimCattrall.'

The news of the Sex and the City reboot was announced on Sunday, when Sarah took to Instagram to share a teaser clip for the new series, which is called And Just Like That...

Fans were of course quick to note that the new poster for the show, did not include Kim's sex-mad character Samantha Jones, reigniting long-running reports of bitter tension between the actress and her fellow castmates.

The rumors plagued the four women throughout much of their time filming - however each of the actresses shut down speculation of a rift time and time again.

Since walking away from the role of Samantha once and for all however, Kim has been much more open about the fact that she was 'never really friends' with any of her former castmates.

She also hit out at Sarah, insisting that she 'could have been nicer' about Kim's decision not to continue taking part in the popular franchise.

Thus far, those involved in the Sex and the City reboot have remained mum about how it will address Samantha's absence, refusing to confirm whether the role will be re-cast, or whether she will be written out of the script altogether.

When one Instagram commenter suggested Jennifer Coolidge be cast as Samantha, Sarah wrote vaguely: 'We have some new stories to tell. We are excited.'

She clarified in another comment: 'No, I don't dislike [Samantha/Kim]. I've never said that. Never would. Samantha isn't part of this story. But she will always be part of us. No matter where we are or what we do. X.'

She also expressed her regard for Kim as when another commenter wrote they 'will miss Kim/Samantha,' Sarah Jessica replied: 'We will too. We loved her so.'

The original series created by Darren Star, and adapted from a column by Candace Bushnell, ran on HBO and its revival will have a home on HBO Max.

Kim and her co-stars, Sarah, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon all became TV icons on the original run of the series from 1998 to 2004.

Afterward Kim appeared in both of the movie adaptations - including the critically-panned sequel that featured Liza Minnelli singing Beyonce's song Single Ladies.

Despite the negative critical reception, fans were desperate for a third movie - which was said to have been in the works with all four ladies back in September 2017, until tensions between Kim and Warner Bros executives 'torpedoed' the project, DailyMail.com exclusively revealed.

At the time, sources involved in the production of the third movie exclusively told DailyMail.com that Kim was the reason why the sure-to-be blockbuster had been shelved, claiming that she had 'demanded' Warner Bros put its weight behind other projects that she had in development before she would agree to begin filming.

Warner Bros refused to meet her demands and had to cancel production as the company decided it wouldn't be fair to fans to produce a movie with only three of the four main characters.

Appearing on Life Stories the following month, Kim told MailOnline columnist Piers Morgan that she had turned down the role at the end of 2016.

'This isn't about more money. It's not about more scenes. It's not about any of those things. This is about a clear decision, an empowered decision in my life, to end one chapter and start another. I'm 61. It's now. The other girls are 10 years younger than me, you know, and that is their choice,' said Kim.

She stressed that she had 'never been friends' with her co-stars and took issue with being branded a 'diva' for refusing to star in a third film.

'This is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, is that I think she could have been nicer. I really think she could have been nicer. I don’t know what her issue is,’ she said.

‘The thing that still bothers me is this feeling of being in some way made to be the baddie. I never asked for any money, I never asked for any projects, to be thought of as some kind of diva is absolutely ridiculous.’

Sarah Jessica has denied feud rumors, saying in 2018 that she was 'heartbroken' by Kim's comments about their relationship after years of working together.

'I found it really upsetting because that’s, you know, that’s not the way I recall our experience,' she told Andy Cohen on his talk show Watch What Happens Live. 'So…it’s sad…I always think that what ties us together is this singular experience is the thing.

'It was a professional experience but it became personal because it was years and years of our lives,' she continued. 'So I’m hoping that that sort of eclipses anything that’s been recently spoken. That many years spent doing something so special that people had a connection with is such a privilege.’

When Kim's younger brother Chris committed suicide in 2018, the actress released a statement about his death online.

'It is with great sadness that myself and my family announce the unexpected passing of our son and brother, Chris Cattrall. At this time we ask for privacy. We want to thank you all on social media for your outpouring of love and support in this trying time,' she wrote.

Sarah Jessica responded with a message on Kim's Instagram, writing: 'Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx'

A furious Kim hit back at her former co-star, accusing her of 'exploiting' her family's tragedy in a follow-up post.

'My Mom asked me today "When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?" Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now,' wrote Kim on Instagram.

'Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already). You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your "nice girl" persona.'

She then linked to the New York Post story 'Inside the mean-girls culture that destroyed "Sex and the City,"' from 2017.

The article alleged that Sarah Jessica, Kristin and Cynthia formed their own friend group on-set to the exclusion of Kim.

Near the conclusion of the show's run an insider told Page Six that Kim's three main co-stars would not speak to her 'even in the makeup room.'

Last year Kim, who was born in England and raised mostly in Canada, became an American citizen and starred in the short-lived soap opera Filthy Rich.

14 Янв 2021, 07:14

LeAnn Rimes looked effortlessly cool as she prepared to make new music in LA on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old singer stunned in a silky, black slip dress which she paired with a cozy grey cardigan.

LeAnn wore a light blue surgical mask while also accessorizing with a fedora on top of her blonde waves.

The two-time Grammy Award winner carried a navy Balenciaga tote and a crossbody Louis Vuitton bag as she picked up lunch before heading to a nearby recording studio.

She completed her trendy look with a pair of black leather booties and a few layers of gold necklaces.

Fresh off winning season four of Fox's hit show The Masked Singer, the country star released a new song and music video called Throw My Arms Around The World.

'I don't think I've ever been more connected to the music I'm creating ever in my career than at this moment,' she gushed to USA TODAY last month as she continues to work on her an her upcoming album, slated for an early 2021 release.

In December, the beauty also opened up about her longtime battle with anxiety and depression on an episode of The Tamron Hall Show.

Speaking of checking herself into a mental health facility in 2012, she said: 'It was the best gift I could've given myself.'

Being pushed to the edge following a career in the spotlight that began when she was just 13-years-old, Rimes said, 'It felt like somebody plugged me into a wall socket and left me on.'

In a clip from the interview, she spoke about 'codependency.'

'I had never been alone really until being in treatment for anxiety and depression,' she said, 'I constantly had people around me my whole life, whether it be parents, my ex-husband, a manager or agent, all the world's eyes were on me constantly.'

Talking about her career which skyrocketed after she was the youngest artist to win a Grammy at the age of 14 - taking home Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for Blue - she went on to record 15 albums and was slammed with TV and film projects.

'I needed to figure out how to unravel from that and bring myself back,' she said as she added she knew she desperately 'needed help,' but was 'scared to be alone.'

Realizing that treatment was the only option to fix her fractured being, she said: 'I needed to gather those pieces and bring those back into wholeness. All those pieces I had rejected about myself, learn how to love them and realize that the totality of me is lovable not just the LeAnn Rimes that's projected into the world.'

She entered a 30-day-treatment and felt a newfound sense of totality afterwards which helped propel her to continue her career while distinguishing that she was so much more than a singer.

'Everything worked around my voice. It was the way that I lived my life. If that was taken away, I want to know who I am outside of that,' she said in a 2012 ABC interview.

Despite having some major issues on her own, the decision to enter rehab was due in part to the backlash she received following her 2009 extramarital affair with Eddie Cibrian who was married to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

'Obviously there are mistakes that I take great responsibility for. But my whole life I had cared what everyone thought of me. So the public shaming was a deep thing that I took on,' she reflected in an interview with People.

A scorned Glanville launched a ruthless attack on Rimes after she and Cibrian married in 2011 and accused her of having an eating disorder and an addiction to laxatives while branding her as 'unstable.'

Nevertheless, she has been married to Cibrian since 2011 and seems to have found a common ground with Brandi, who she spent Christmas Day with, alongside the reality star and Cibrian's two teenage sons Jake, 13, and Mason, 17.

14 Янв 2021, 07:05

Бывший главный тренер московского «Динамо» Кирилл Новиков назначен на пост главного тренера «Нефтехимика». Об этом сообщает официальный сайт футбольного клуба из Нижнекамска.

Отметим, что условия контракта Новикова с «Нефтехимиком» не разглашаются.

«Добро пожаловать в команду, Кирилл Александрович!» — говорится в заявлении клуба.

После 26 туров Олимп — Футбольной национальной лиги (Олимп — ФНЛ) «Нефтехимик» набрал 40 очков и расположился на восьмом месте в турнирной таблице..

Ранее московское «Динамо» отправилось на первый тренировочный сбор в Турцию.

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