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22 Ноя 2020, 15:46
Путин назвал авторов мирного соглашения по Карабаху

У соглашения о прекращении боевых действий в Нагорном Карабахе, подписанного Ереваном, Баку и Москвой 9 ноября, было три автора. Об этом рассказал российский президент Владимир Путин в эфире телеканала «Россия 1».

«Три автора. Это совершенно точно. Что касается самого текста, то мы делали это втроем: я, президент Алиев и премьер-министр Пашинян», — заявил глава государства.

По словам Путина, иначе было сделать невозможно, потому что о прекращении огня договаривались две стороны, а Россия выполняла только роль посредника и обязывалась обеспечить «мирное разведение воюющих сторон».

Ранее Путин пояснял, что участие в установлении перемирия в Нагорном Карабахе имеет для России особое значение. Глава государства отмечал многовековую связь между Москвой, Баку и Ереваном, а также подчеркивал, что в России проживают миллионы армян и азербайджанцев. Кроме того, урегулирование конфликта между Арменией и Азербайджаном представляет для России большой интерес с точки зрения внутренней безопасности и политики, пояснял Путин.

Трехстороннее соглашение вступило в силу с полуночи 10 ноября. По его условиям устанавливается режим прекращения огня, а на линию соприкосновения войск вводятся российские миротворцы.

К 20 ноября российские военные завершили развертывание в Нагорном Карабахе, в общей сложности миссия насчитывает около 2 тыс. военнослужащих.

Также по условиям соглашения Азербайджану отойдут три района, Армения оставит за собой Лачинский коридор для связи своей территории с Карабахом.

Президент Азербайджана Ильхам Алиев назвал договоренности победой своей страны в этой войне. Премьер-министр Армении Никол Пашинян, в свою очередь, заявлял, что у армянской стороны не было другого выхода, кроме подписания соглашения.

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25 Ноя 2020, 17:14

Zara McDermott has shared progress snaps from her amazing fitness overhaul.

The Love Island beauty, 23, is known for posting racy snaps online and on Wednesday she keen to document her amazing three stone weight loss, as she posted a throwback snap from June last year.

The star, who recently won back Sam Thompson after a tumultuous few months, gushed: 'I can't believe how far I've come', alongside the throwback shot.

In the first image - captioned 'Me in June 2019' - Zara was reclining while sporting a black bikini, pouting at the camera and looking sensational.

She then shared another bikini picture showing her notably slimmer frame.

She penned in an accompanying caption: 'Can't believe how far I've come! The first pic of me was a girl who never exercised and at whatever she wanted... She wasn't unhappy or insecure about weight...

'But she knew that she needed to start exercising, eating more fruits and veggies and making wiser choices in order to be healthier.'

Another progress snap saw the stunner posing in an LBD and trainers and another in the gym, in which she revealed she had shed three stone.

Aside from her throwbacks, Zara celebrated her and Sam's reunion on Tuesday by sharing another sizzling Instagram snap, showing off her jaw-dropping figure.

The beauty posed in sporty lingerie, days after her reunion with Made In Chelsea favourite Sam was confirmed.

Posing up a storm, Zara flaunted her toned and tanned figure in the grey bra and matching underwear from Lounge, which she teamed with a blue shirt.

The previous post on Zara's Insta saw her hinting her and Sam were back together as she posted a loved-up throwback snap on Sunday.

The TV star is seen kissing Sam on a pier during a romantic getaway to Mykonos over the summer in the snap.

Zara cryptically captioned the image: 'I promise that you will always have my heart ❤️,' leading fans to believe this was confirmation that they had reconciled.

It's not unusual for the stunner to share gushing images of her and Sam from the past - having relentlessly tried to get his attention since her cheating scandal came to light in September.

The couple initially split in August after model Zara admitted to cheating on her partner during her stint on The X Factor in 2019, but the couple have since decided to give things another go after months of her public attempts to win him back.

On getting back together, a source exclusively told MailOnline on Sunday: 'They are certainly back together again. This finally happened about two weeks ago now. He took her back.'

Rumours of a reconciliation hit fever pitch after the socialite was spotted leaving Sam's home at 9AM two weeks ago.

Sam had previously stated on Made In Chelsea that their 16-month relationship was well and truly over.

Following their split, Sam unfollowed Zara on Instagram and publicly ignored her several declarations of love, but he has since decided to refollow her.

They were also said to have enjoyed a roast dinner with their friends earlier in the month, with a source telling The Sun: 'They were all having such a nice time that one got carried away and uploaded a post with Sam and Zara in it, forgetting that they're not officially together.

'The friend soon realised their mistake and deleted the post before it drew too much attention. The word amongst their inner circle is they're back together, but to the public it's a different story.'

Since then, the blonde revealed she won't be quitting MIC at the end of the current series, despite recently telling her pal and Sam's ex Tiffany Watson she plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue her modelling career further.

During a recent episode of Made In Chelsea, Sam was visited by his pal Reza Amiri-Garroussi, who came bearing a letter from Zara.

On the break up, Reza said: 'Got to say though after meeting her, I did feel bad for her. She's in a bad way. It's a s*** situation for everyone involved. But she really is upset. Legit.'

Sam then broke down while reading out the letter from Zara, which read: 'Dear Sam, since you've been away I've been doing a lot of reflecting on a lot of things. I've reflected on my life and our life together and also the kind of life I want to live...

'Before I continue with some of the things I need to say, I just want to tell you again I am sorry with my whole entire heart for what I did....

'I'm so deeply ashamed of my actions and the way I hurt you. I was selfish, immature and stupid. There is no excuse.'

After his meeting with Sam, Reza then reported back to Zara that Sam is 'completely out,' despite her attempts and letter to win him back to which she started crying.

Among Zara's impassioned throwback posts of her and Sam she captioned one: 'I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you.'

The post came after Sam mocked the moment Zara begged for his forgiveness on TV in a now-deleted video, before later apologising for causing any offence and insisting he asked for her permission.

25 Ноя 2020, 09:16

Sunrise host David 'Kochie' Koch and his wife Libby have finally met their sixth grandchild, Ella.

The breakfast TV anchor, 64, was previously unable to meet the seventh-month-old due to travel restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, Kochie shared a joyous photo of wife Libby holding little Ella in her arms for the first time.

'Definition of happiness. A grandma seeing her grandkids for the first time in 7 months because of border closures,' Kochie captioned the post.

Libby couldn't contain her grin, as Kochie joked: 'How come I never get that look?'

Kochie had previously expressed great sadness over not being able to meet his newest grandchild when his daughter Brianna Jayasinghe gave birth to the baby girl in Perth in April.

Kochie shared three photos of the mother-of-three and her newborn daughter at the time on Instagram in celebration of the bundle of joy's arrival.

'Welcome to the family Ella Hope Elizabeth Jayasinghe, you gorgeous little girl,' Kochie captioned the sweet post.

'Grandchild number six, born in Perth and devastated we can't be there for a cuddle.'

Sydney-based Kochie and his wife Libby were unable to travel to Western Australia at the time as the state shut the border earlier that week.

Ella Hope's name has a special meaning amid these uncertain times, according to Kochie's London-based daughter, Georgina.

'My niece was born today and one of her middle names is Hope. I can't wait to tell her how much that meant during this time,' Georgie wrote on Twitter in April.

Brianna also shares two sons with her husband CJ, eight-year-old Jax and four-year-old Teddy.

David's daughter Samantha Brown also has three children; Lila, nine, Oscar, 11, and Matilda, 13.

25 Ноя 2020, 15:46

В Сети появилось видео аварии с участием автомобиля генерального консульства Литовской Республики в Петроградском районе Санкт-Петербурга. Водитель Volvo сбил женщину на пешеходном переходе. Ролик опубликовала «Фонтанка».

На видеозаписи видно, как человек перебегает дорогу по пешеходному переходу и его сбивает машина. В результате удара об капот женщина падает рядом с тротуаром. Автомобиль останавливается, и оттуда выходит водитель.

ДТП произошло ранее 25 ноября. Как рассказали в МИД Литвы, за рулем автомобиля находился сотрудник генконсульства Литвы в Санкт-Петербурге. «Скорость движения не превышалась, водитель был трезвым», — сказали в ведомстве. По данным «Фонтанки», автомобиль мог принадлежать советнику-посланнику литовской миссии в Петербурге Энрестасу Мицкусу.

Авария произошла на пересечении Кронверкского проспекта и Зверинской улицы. Женщина получила травмы средней степени тяжести, ее госпитализировали, сообщали источники ТАСС и «Интерфакса».

Путин назвал авторов мирного соглашения по Карабаху читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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