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21 Ноя 2020, 17:46
Путин на саммите G20 назвал главные риски для мира

Главными рисками для мира остаются массовые безработица и бедность, заявил президент Владимир Путин на виртуальном саммите G20.

«Главным риском, конечно, остается вероятность, несмотря на позитивные некоторые сигналы, все-таки главным риском останется массовая долгосрочная, так называемая застойная массовая безработица. С последующим ростом бедности и социальной неустроенности», — предупредил российский лидер во время своего выступления на саммите по видеосвязи.

Он заявил, что пандемия серьезно подорвала рост национальных экономик, унесла сотни тысяч жизней и лишила миллионов людей своих рабочих мест.

Путин отметил, что пандемия, а также глобальный локдаун и замораживание экономической активности запустили системный экономический кризис, с которым мир не сталкивался со времен Великой депрессии. Президент назвал масштаб проблем, с которыми мир столкнулся в 2020 году, беспрецедентным.

Материал дополняется.

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23 Ноя 2020, 11:14

George Bragias and his wife, Sarah, have only just finished starring on the 2020 season of The Block.

But two days on from filming the renovation show's finale episode and selling their property for $650,002 above reserve, the 33-year-old appears to have lost his confidence in front of the camera.

The proud Greek Australian, who hails from Sydney's western suburbs, was spotted looking rather shy on Monday as he bought takeaway coffees.

George attempted to go unrecognised by covering his face while making the pit stop in casual wear.

His tattoos were on show as he donned a plain black shirt, black Adidas shorts and black Asics trainers for the occasion.

George completed his look with a silver chain around his neck, a chunky earring on his left ear and freshly styled hair.

While he had two coffees in hand, his 27-year-old teacher wife, Sarah, was nowhere to be seen.

George's rugged appearance is drastically different to the slick front he had on during Saturday's auction day, when he and Sarah pocketed $650,002 for their home on The Block.

George revealed to host Scott Cam they were now able to pay off their mortgage.

'Mate, we came on this show with the goal to pay our house off, mate. Nothing more, nothing less. We've done it,' he said.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Tam 'smashed a record' for the hit show pocketing a near $1million profit after their home went under the hammer.

The couple were second to put their home to auction, with a nail-biting bidding war seeing the house sell for $4,256,000.

'Mummy and daddy just won a lot of money,' Tam told their daughter following the auction. While Jimmy said: 'You want a pony?'

The couple got a whopping $966,000 profit from the sale.

23 Ноя 2020, 09:15

Pete Evans was dumped by a plethora of major sponsors in the wake of his neo-Nazi meme scandal last week.

And on Monday, the 47-year-old celebrity chef blasted the marketing companies that dropped him without 'picking up the phone and calling'.

'Freedom from fear is also medicine. A HUGE THANK YOU to Gelpro Australia, Waters CoFilters and Hilbilby for standing alongside me over the last week and not reacting out of fear, or to allow bullying or intimidation to take you out of your heart space,' he wrote on Instagram.

He continued: 'These are Powerful people and companies offering solutions for long term sustainable health.'

Evans then slammed the companies that dropped him in the wake of the neo-Nazi scandal.

'To the others that publicly dumped me, without picking up the phone and calling me to have an adult conversation....I send you LOVE and hope you HEAL in the most beautiful ways on your own personal and business journeys,' he wrote.

Last week, Evans sparked outrage when he shared a neo-Nazi meme on Facebook.

He posted a cartoon of a caterpillar wearing a MAGA cap and a butterfly with the racist Black Sun emblem on its wing - with the suggestion being that neo-Nazism is the natural evolution for Donald Trump supporters.

Evans is an enthusiastic supporter of the president and advocates the baseless claim that Joe Biden only won the 2020 election due to voter fraud.

The Black Sun symbol became infamous after it was introduced by top-ranking Nazi Heinrich Himmler during World War II. The symbol has since been adopted by numerous neo-Nazi groups, and by Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant.

Evans seemingly confirmed he was aware of the meaning of the symbol when a fan stated they recognised it, and Evans replied: 'I was waiting for someone to see that.'

He later deleted the post on Monday afternoon and replaced it with an image of a rainbow heart alongside a sarcastic non-apology in which he claimed he would be 'studying all of the symbols that have ever existed' to make sure he doesn't offend anyone again.

Evans was dropped by his publisher Pan Macmillan Australia last Monday in response to the outrage over his neo-Nazi Facebook meme.

The publisher of several of his books declared his Easy Keto cookbook, released last year, would be its last.

On Wednesday, he was officially abandoned by scandal-prone company dōTERRA, a multi-level marketing business that sells essential oils.

Evans was also dropped from Channel 10's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! one day before filming was set to begin.

23 Ноя 2020, 21:46

В московском СИЗО «Матросская Тишина» арестанты во время планового обыска попытались напасть на сотрудника изолятора. Об этом сообщили в пресс-службе столичного управления ФСИН.

«21 ноября подозреваемые и обвиняемые, содержащиеся в одной из камер режимного корпуса СИЗО-1, совершили попытку нападения на сотрудников следственного изолятора, препятствуя проведению планового обыска. Сотрудники учреждения предотвратили попытку нападения», — заявили там.

В ведомстве отметили, что все участники конфликта были осмотрены медицинскими работниками, никто из них не получил телесных повреждений и не нуждается в медицинской помощи. «В настоящее время проводится проверка, материалы будут переданы в следственные органы», — добавили в пресс-службе.

обратился за комментарием в Общественную наблюдательную комиссию Москвы.

16 ноября Главное управление (ГУ) ФСИН России по Кемеровской области сообщило, что проведет проверку после того, как в интернете появилось видео конфликта с участием сотрудников ИК-37 ГУ ФСИН России по Кемеровской области.

Издание «Тайга.Инфо» сообщает, что на видеозаписи, опубликованной в Telegram-канале «Инцидент.Кузбасс» показана перепалка, произошедшая в одном из магазинов между тремя мужчинами в форме ФСИН и продавщицей. На видео мужчины в форме оскорбляли женщину, а потом устроили потасовку с одним из посетителей магазина, назвавшим себя ее мужем. Часть с самой дракой на видео не попала.

Путин на саммите G20 назвал главные риски для мира читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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