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22 Ноя 2020, 01:06
Правящая партии Грузии снова побеждает на парламентских выборах

В Грузии по итогам второго тура парламентских выборов кандидаты в мажоритарные депутаты от правящей партии «Грузинская мечта — Демократическая Грузия» побеждают во всех 17 одномандатных округах. Об этом сообщает ТАСС, ссылаясь на данные грузинского ЦИК.

В тбилисском районе Мтацминда-Крцаниси побеждает действующий депутат Бека Одишария (91,51% голосов). В районе Ваке – выдвиженец от «Грузинской мечты» Нодар Турдзеладзе (93,7%). В Сабуртало 89,97% голосов набрал экс- министр здравоохранения Давид Сергеенко, в Исани побеждает экс-министр по исполнению наказаний Каха Кахишвили (92,74%).

В столичном районе Самгори побеждает бывший советник премьер-министра по вопросам региональной политики Созар Субари (88,19%), в Дидубе-Чугурети – вице-спикер парламента Георгий Вольский (89,66%). 91,14% голосов получает бывший игрок сборной Грузии по футболу Михаил Кавелашвили в районе Надзаладеви, а в Глдани действующий президент Федерации футбола Леван Кобиашвили набирает 89,22% голосов.

Отмечается, что представители «Грузинской мечты» побеждают и в остальных девяти одномандатных округах за пределами Тбилиси.

31 октября в Грузии прошли парламентские выборы, по результатам которых победу одержала правящая партия «Грузинская мечта», набравшая 48,15% голосов. После этого в стране начались протесты. Прошедшие в парламент оппозиционные партии отказались от мандатов и требуют повторных выборов.


— В Грузии на выборах произошла драка

— В Грузии правящая партия побеждает на парламентских выборах

— Власти Грузии против проведения повторных парламентских выборов

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22 Ноя 2020, 01:14

As handsome lawyer Mark Darcy in the Bridget Jones films, Colin Firth became smitten with a pretty blonde television presenter with a rocky romantic history.

And the actor appeared to be following a similar script in real life when he was spotted enjoying a relaxed stroll with news presenter Joanna Gosling last week.

The star, who is known for playing aloof characters who gradually shed their reserve, seemed to have shrugged off his own recent romantic difficulties during a walk to savour the winter sunshine in a West London park.

The 60-year-old star and the BBC anchorwoman were seen happily chatting, smiling and laughing as they ambled through the grounds. Both were dressed down in hats, hooded jackets and jeans to ward off the cold.

Neither took the opportunity yesterday to deny that they are more than just good friends. Mr Firth's publicist declined to comment and Ms Gosling failed to respond to requests to speak.

Regardless, the support of Ms Gosling in any capacity could not have come at a better time for Mr Firth.

Next month will mark a year since he and ex-wife Livia Giuggioli, an Italian film producer, announced they were separating after 22 years of marriage.

Their announcement came four years after she had a secret fling during a temporary split in 2016. Her relationship was said to have left Mr Firth 'heartbroken'.

Ms Gosling, 49, has experienced her own tumultuous love life. She was married to spin doctor Sir Craig Oliver – David Cameron's former director of communications and leader of the official Remain campaign during the EU referendum – for 18 years before they split in 2014.

The couple have three daughters together who live with Ms Gosling, while Sir Craig, 51, has a bachelor flat nearby.

Before he moved to No 10, he was a BBC journalist which is where he is understood to have met Ms Gosling.

Sir Craig is reportedly now dating Lucy Thomas, deputy director of the Britain Stronger In campaign. They met during the EU referendum campaign.

Following the announcement of their split last December, Mr Firth and his estranged wife insisted they would 'remain united' in their love for their sons.

The actor remained at the family's £4 million family home in Chiswick, West London, while Ms Giuggioli has spent much of the time since then back in Italy.

Their separation came after Ms Giuggioli, 50, admitted to an affair with her childhood friend Marco Brancaccia.

The fling was revealed when she later took the now 56-year-old journalist to court in Italy, having accused him of stalking her after she got back together with her husband.

A statement issued on behalf of Mr Firth and his wife at the time said: 'A few years ago Colin and Livia privately made the decision to separate. During that time, Livia briefly became involved with former friend Mr Brancaccia.

'The Firths have since reunited. Subsequently, Mr Brancaccia carried out a frightening campaign of harassment over several months, much of which is documented.'

The journalist denied the claims, telling The Times: 'We were romantically involved, she wanted to leave Colin for me.'

Mr Firth and Ms Giuggioli met on the set of the 1996 BBC drama Nostromo before tying the knot in Tuscany a year later. Ms Giuggioli is also co-founder of Eco-Age, a marketing company which focuses on the environment.

Mr Firth is known for his roles in Pride And Prejudice, Love Actually and The King's Speech, for which he won the Best Actor Oscar in 2011.

He also has a son with Meg Tilly, his co-star in the film Valmont.

23 Ноя 2020, 13:16

The Block contestants spent weeks renovating five properties in Melbourne's Brighton.

And all their efforts were well rewarded with each couple taking home an eye-watering sum from the auctions.

But just 24 hours before the houses went under the hammer, father-daughter duo Harry and Tash were spotted arriving at The Block property site without their face masks on.

On Friday, when Harry and Tash were photographed, it was still mandatory to wear face masks in outdoor settings in Victoria.

Harry cut a casual figure in a blue polo shirt and mint green shorts on the day.

He accessorised his look with a pair of sneakers as he carried his face mask in his hand.

Meanwhile, Tash looked chic in an olive dress which she paired with tan sandals and a brown handbag.

She wore her long dark locks in a ponytail and opted for natural looking makeup including a touch of eyeliner and bronzer.

Also seen arriving were fellow contestants Jimmy and Luke, who were both wearing face masks.

They appeared to be in good spirits ahead of the auction, giving a shaka to the camera.

Jimmy looked trendy in a blue striped shirt and tan shorts which he paired with thongs and a cap.

Meanwhile, Luke opted for black jeans with a white T-shirt and thongs.

The Block auctions were a huge success for the teams, with Jimmy and Tam taking home a staggering $1,066,000 after taking out first place on the hit Channel Nine show.

During Sunday's season finale, the couple were second to put their home to auction, with a nail-biting bidding war seeing their house sell for $4,256,000.

The couple earned a whopping $966,000 profit from the sale plus the show's $100,000 prize money.

Meanwhile Sarah and George made $650,002 profit, Harry and Tash scored $650,000, Luke and Jasmin won $506,000 and Daniel and Jade earned $460,000.

27 Ноя 2020, 18:05

Почетный президент Российского футбольного союза (РФС) Вячеслав Колосков оценил шансы российских клубов на плей-офф еврокубков, передает «Спорт-Экспресс».

В Лиге чемпионов играют «Локомотив», «Краснодар» и «Зенит», причем петербургский и краснодарский клубы уже потеряли шансы на выход в плей-офф Лиги чемпионов. В Лиге Европы выступает ЦСКА, команда пока идет на последнем месте в группе.

«Очень хорошие шансы имеет «Локомотив». Выйти в Лигу чемпионов, думаю, будет проблематично, а за Лигу Европы зацепиться можно. Не потерял шансов и ЦСКА, хотя вчерашняя ничья значительно усложнила ситуацию», — заявил Колосков.

Ранее сообщалось, что текущую еврокубковую кампанию назвали самой провальной в истории России.

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