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21 Ноя 2020, 16:06
Москва призвала Лондон отказаться от необоснованной конфронтационной политики

Россия в связи с ответными мерами на санкции Великобритании по «делу Магнитского» призывает Лондон отказаться от необоснованной конфронтационной линии в отношении российского государства. Об этом заявила официальный представитель МИД РФ Мария Захарова, передает РИА «Новости».

«Вновь призываем руководство Великобритании отказаться от ничем не обоснованной конфронтационной линии в отношении нашей страны. Любые недружественные шаги не останутся без неминуемого соразмерного ответа», — сказала она.

Ранее сообщалось, что Россия вводит персональные санкции против 25 представителей Великобритании, которым закрыт въезд на территорию страны.

Санкции были введены «в ответ на недружественные действия британских властей и на основе принципа взаимности». Попавшие в «черный список» граждане Британии не смогут въехать в Россию.

Ранее МИД Великобритании опубликовал список граждан России, в отношении которых вводятся санкции за нарушение прав человека. Всего в данном списке оказались 25 россиян, которые, по мнению британских властей, причастны к смерти юриста Сергея Магнитского в 2009 году. Фигурантам списка запрещен въезд в Великобританию, а все активы на территории, при их наличии, замораживаются.


— Россия запретила въезд в страну 25 британцам в ответ на санкции Лондона

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22 Ноя 2020, 05:14

The Block's five homes went up for auction on Saturday ahead of this season's highly-anticipated finale.

And while The Block's auctions are always hard to predict, a real estate expert believes much of the outcome relies on a crucial decision by House 5 couple Jimmy and Tam.

After scoring the most points with the judges this season, the Brisbane couple were given the coveted role of choosing the order in which the homes were auctioned.

If the couple want to play the game strategically, they should auction off their property earlier than others, as it would better guarantee a sale, according to Domain's senior research analyst Nicola Powell

However a decision that benefits Jimmy and Tam may not be the best outcome for all the other teams.

According to Ms Powell, for all the houses to sell at auction, Jimmy and Tam should actually put the house with the 'most interest' first - even if it isn't their own.

Speaking about Jimmy and Tam's decision, The Block's executive producer Julian Cress told Domain on Sunday: 'With great power comes great responsibility.'

'I think they have a big decision to make. Do they want to decide the auction order for the greater good or to win?' he questioned.

It comes after the show's host, Scott Cam revealed how COVID-19 restrictions will also play a major factor into the success of the auction.

'Restrictions are still in place here in Victoria. We're allowed 10 people outdoors, three of those are cameramen,' he told Weekend Today on Saturday.

'So we will have seven people and then Zooming the overflow. It will be an auction like no other. It will be a nail-biter.'

The Block continues on Channel Nine at 7pm

22 Ноя 2020, 17:46

Год с COVID-19: как все было и что изменилось навсегда — в спецпроекте .

24 Ноя 2020, 15:14

Powderfinger's Bernard Fanning appeared on The Project on Tuesday night to discuss his new album.

But all eyes were on the 51-year-old rocker's hairdo, which spectacularly failed to match his moustache.

While the singer was sporting a luscious chestnut-coloured coif, his facial hair graduated between dark grey and white.

It appears while the performer has spruced up his do with some dye, he hasn't given his moustache the same treatment.

While on the show, Bernard discussed the new Powderfinger album - Unreleased - and discussed whether the band may ever get back together.

'We don't have any plans to do any live shows or anything like that,' the My Happiness hitmaker confirmed.

'We never say never, but it's not really on the radar for us. We're all really busy doing lots of other stuff.'

Despite releasing a new album of unheard tracks - their first since they split a decade ago - the singer insisted, 'We are not an active band'.

In September, the rockers turned down headlining the AFL Grand Finale in Brisbane.

The group declined promoter Michael Gudinski's 'generous' offer to perform at the Gabba, despite being tipped to play the anticipated historic event.

In May, Bernard hinted there is some tension between the band members as they prepared to play their first concert in a decade on YouTube.

Speaking on the Today show, the frontman said the online reunion was the 'best circumstance' because it allowed the band members - Ian Haug, Jon Coghill, John Collins and Darren Middleton - to reunite in separate rooms.

'We know that people have been asking us every time we do an interview, actually for the last 10 years, when [we're] getting back together and we know there's some enthusiasm for it.

'[But] possibly the best circumstances for the five of us to get together, is in five separate rooms,' he added.

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