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21 Ноя 2020, 16:06
Межведомственная делегация России с Лавровым прибыла в Азербайджан

Российская межведомственная делегация, в состав которой входит глава МИД России Сергей Лавров, прибыла в азербайджанскую столицу Баку. Об этом сообщает РИА «Новости».

Известно, что ранее в республику прибыл министр обороны РФ Сергей Шойгу, он встретился с президентом и министром обороны Азербайджана Ильхамом Алиевым и Закиром Гасановым.

Ранее 21 ноября глава Минобороны РФ Сергей Шойгу, глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров, вице-премьер Алексей Оверчук, глава МЧС РФ Евгений Зиничев, глава Минздрава РФ Михаил Мурашко и глава Роспотребнадзора Анна Попова посетили столицу Армении Ереван, где переговорили в том числе с премьер-министром республики Николом Пашиняном о ситуации в Нагорном Карабахе.


— Мирная жизнь налажена: Шойгу обсудил с Пашиняном Карабах

— Шойгу прибыл в Ереван для встречи с Пашиняном

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24 Ноя 2020, 09:15

Jordan Barrett is set to star in a new theatre production in Sydney.

The 23-year-old male supermodel, who has aspirations to be an actor, will be joining George Maple's Myth.

The production is said to be a love story and will open at the Sydney Opera House next month.

Jordan said in a statement that he's looking forward to working with Maple on the piece.

'It's so nice to be back in Australia and to be working with George Maple again on this project,' Jordan told RUSSH Magazine.

Meanwhile, Maple said she chose Jordan to star in the lead role because she needed someone who could 'explore their full range of emotions and on camera'.

According to the Sydney Opera House website, audiences are in for a real show.

Myth is listed as 'an anti-voyeuristic, emotional journey into the hyperreal and surreal.'

'Each scene is a spectacle of music, dance, performance art, and futuristic theatre.'

In February, a source told Daily Mail Australia that Jordan is 'transitioning into film this year', and it was understood at the time that he had landed a role in a major Hollywood flick.

Jordan recently signed with leading Hollywood talent powerhouse, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and is also represented by Kate Moss Agency for modelling.

'Jordan has been the most successful male model consecutively for the last four years since moving to New York,' the source told Daily Mail Australia.

'It is believed he is transitioning into film this year, with an upcoming project filming in September,' they said at the time.

Jordan - who hails from the idyllic Byron Bay - has had huge success overseas after being scouted at the tender age of 14.

The chiseled blond has modelled for the likes of Versace and Balmain, and his art project Sedated will soon be releasing merchandise and sustainable clothing

In 2017, Jordan admitted to The Daily Telegraph that he had been honing his acting skills by working with dialect and acting coaches in the Big Apple and in LA.

'I'm studying and working with dialect and acting coaches in New York and Los Angeles,' Jordan said at the time.

He added: 'It took me about a year to start feeling comfortable and now I'm really starting to enjoy it.'

23 Ноя 2020, 14:21

Об этом говорится на странице НБУ в Facebook.

Создание такого реестра предусмотрено законопроектом № 4135 «Об основах антикоррупционной политики на 2020−2024 годы». 5 ноября Верховная Рада приняла документ в первом чтении. Согласно законопроекту, доступ к реестру планируется предоставить правоохранительным и контролирующим органам.

«Национальный банк считает, что предлагаемый законопроектом способ получения правоохранительными и контролирующими органами информации, являющейся банковской тайной, фактически будет означать нивелирование института такой тайны. Как следствие, это может привести к ухудшению состояния защиты частной информации и снижению доверия к банковской системе», — заявили в НБУ.

В Нацбанке отметили, что основания и порядок раскрытия банковской тайны по требованию правоохранительных и контролирующих органов четко определены законом Украины «О банках и банковской деятельности».

НБУ предлагает нардепам во время доработки законопроекта ко второму чтению исключить положение о создании такого реестра и предоставлении доступа к нему правоохранительным и контролирующим органам.

22 Ноя 2020, 03:16

You never quite know what to expect from Jonny May — on and off the pitch. That’s one of the things that makes him so dangerous. I’ll never forget the time he wrecked a hotel room by jumping around, pretending to be a chicken in a cage. Why? I have no idea!

He’s unpredictable as a player and as a person, but he’s also calmed down and matured. On Saturday, he showed why he is one of the best wingers in the world with a couple of tries… one of which was spectacular.

His second try is up there with the best I’ve seen at Twickenham. It reminded me a bit of Chris Ashton’s against Australia in 2010. England turned it over and went wide but May had the skills to chip through.

It wasn’t the best kick you’ll ever see but he knew he had the gas to get there and he showed his wheels. He is rapid!

His strike rate of 31 tries in 59 tests, making him England’s second joint-highest try scorer, speaks for itself and it is a testament to the amount of work he puts in. He hasn’t got there by accident.

May is one the most professional guys I’ve ever met. He’s always in an ice machine, or in a hyperbaric chamber doing recovery, or stretching or having physio. He’s constantly working on his game.

When I first started playing with him in an England shirt he was a bit scatty at the back, but that’s all changed. You weren’t sure what he was going to do and that made me a bit nervous, but he’s worked hard and his back-field positioning is now second to none.

He’s always in the right place to catch the ball on the full and he has worked hard on his attacking kicking game.

May will be a fixture in the side for a while, but there’s a lot of competition in the backrow. I got a taste of what Sam Simmonds, the Exeter No8, can do when Harlequins played Exeter at the Stoop on Friday and he scored a hat-trick.

At the moment, England are going with one big ball carrier and two poachers to lead the defensive and breakdown pressure.

Maybe Eddie Jones doesn’t see Simmonds fitting into that mould, but he should at least be pushing for a place on the bench.

We experienced first-hand on Friday night how powerful he is. He’s like an extra centre.

He goes around smashing people and he scored a hat-trick. He had enough speed to get around our winger Nathan Earle — he just did him for gas.

Simmonds is like a hybrid player — like a back playing in the forwards. He was involved so much.

His speed off the line is so quick and he was just hitting guys behind the gain line. He does the hard carries as well as the glamorous ones. I’m just pleased I didn’t end up one-on-one with him!

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