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14 Янв 2021, 07:46
Лидер оппозиции Армении объяснил поражение в Карабахе

Премьер Армении Никол Пашинян во время боев в Карабахе плохо понимал, что происходит на фронте, хотя у него были возможности предотвратить войну или вести ее таким способом, чтобы сохранить основные позиции. Об этом в интервью заявил единый кандидат от армянской оппозиции Вазген Манукян.

«На волне «цветных революций» приходят к власти большей частью некомпетентные люди, которые не готовы возглавлять правительство. [Премьер-министр Никол] Пашинян разделил общество на бывших и нынешних, расколол общество. То же самое происходит и на Украине, и в других местах, где происходила «цветная революция», — сказал он.

«Во время первой карабахской войны 1992–1994 годов, когда мы победили Азербайджан, нам очень помогло, что его возглавлял Абульфаз Эльчибей. Тогда еще не было термина «цветная революция», но это был человек, придерживавшийся именно таких взглядов. Теперь Азербайджан воспользовался тем, что у нас есть наш Эльчибей», — добавил Манукян.

Он также считает, что, если бы у власти оставался Серж Саргсян, война бы просто не началась. Пашинян, отметил его оппонент, свернул переговорный процесс по Нагорному Карабаху, сделал ряд заявлений, из которых следовало, что карабахская проблема — территориальный спор, а «не вопрос о самоопределении нации», и позволил Азербайджану прийти к мысли, что можно начать войну.

Своими приоритетами в случае прихода к власти Манукян назвал восстановление безопасности государства через усиление армии и налаживание отношений с Россией, а также укрепление «внутренней безопасности». Угроза Армении исходит от некоммерческих организаций, считает Манукян: «Нужно решать вопрос всех этих организаций». «Все мы поняли, насколько опасно допускать, чтобы в твоей стране работало много общественных организаций, финансируемых извне, а они играют громадную роль в Армении», — отмечает он.

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14 Янв 2021, 15:15

George Clooney has looked back on his career in a recent BAFTA interview, and insisted that his questionable turn as Batman shaped his future acting work.

George has described it as 'painful' - but believes it changed the way he approaches his craft.

'What I realised after that was that I was going to be held responsible for the movie itself, not just my performance or what I was doing.

'So I knew I needed to focus on better scripts, the script was the most important thing.

'You can’t make a good film out of a bad script, it’s impossible. You can make a bad film out of a good script.'

George has often slammed the film - even advising Ben Affleck, who played the hero in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then a further two films, to steer clear of the role.

His new project is The Midnight Sky, which he has directed as well.

In it, he plays scientist Augustine Lofthouse who is one of Earth's survivors after an unidentified catastrophe wipes out most of the planet's population.

Talking about the role, and his status as one of Hollywood's heartthrobs, he said: 'Midnight Sky... I've got this long beard and I look really old!'

He also weighed in on the future of cinema - an industry taking a major hit thanks to COVID-19.

'I know there’s this panic about cinemas because they’re not being looked after by our governments, which is a huge industry issue,' he said. 'We subsidise oil companies, we could subsidise the movie theatres for a period of time.

'I’m not worried about us being back, cinema will always exist, we’re all going to be back together, you still have to go out some time right? You still have to go to a concert, go see a movie. You want a collective.'

George recorded the BAFTA: A Life In Pictures interview virtually in London and joins the likes of Viola Davis, Nicole Kidman, Ridley Scott, Hugh Grant, Quentin Tarantino and Keira Knightley, who have been featured in the past.

Stars of the screen sit down with an interviewer from the Academy and discuss their careers at length, with George's set to be broadcast on BAFTA YouTube Channels at midday on Monday 18 Jan.

15 Янв 2021, 03:14

The Pussycat Dolls are reportedly close to signing a new management deal ahead of releasing new music in 2021.

It is thought that the band - Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt, Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta - impressed music execs with the success of their comeback hit React and are speaking to several American firms, reports The Sun.

Although announcing their launch back onto the music scene in 2019, the band have had to reschedule their reunion tour twice amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It has now been claimed that the girlband have peaked the interest of Madonna and Britney Spears' management company, Maverick, as well as being in discussing with other big firms.

A source said: 'The pandemic has hampered plans for The Pussycat Dolls but as far as they are concerned, they're all raring to get going as soon as it's safe to do so.

'This new team is great news for them and they've got a handful of songs which they are plotting to release when they can all safely get together again.

'With half of the group in the UK and half in the US, it is tricky, but they are determined to release some singles in 2021.'

The source added that Nicole is completely focused on making the band a big success again after it was reported that she'd been thinking about going solo.

They claimed that although she'd written a song inspired by lockdown, called 'Anti-Party Anthem, she later decided against releasing it.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for The Pussycat Dolls.

The Pussycat Dolls had intended to go on tour last summer, but Ashley broke the sad news it had been called off shortly after the first UK lockdown in March 2020 started.

She announced the news on Instagram and revealed that shows will be postponed until October as she shared an image of the rescheduled dates. Unfortunately, the tour was later postponed for a second time as the pandemic raged on.

The singer turned radio host admitted she was 'sad' and 'gutted' especially since she and her band members have 'all waited so long' for the reunion tour to happen.

She wrote alongside: 'Alright Doll lovers.. Following the latest government advice we are very sad to announce that we are postponing our upcoming UK and Ireland tour.

'We're gutted not to be able to perform next month, but the safety and health of our fans is of course our No.1 priority.

'We look forward to seeing you all at the rescheduled dates in October. In the meantime please stay safe and look after yourselves. Love Pussycat Dolls.'

The Pussycat Dolls have also found themselves coming under repeated fire for their racy stage ensembles as they promoted their now twice postponed tour.

In fact, since embarking on their reunion, the girlband have faced backlash after their raunchy performances on X Factor, The One Show, and Sports Relief have been criticised by viewers.

Only recently, they were forced to hit back at suggestions their performances are deemed too sexy after their performance on The One Show at the end of February received 119 complaints to Ofcom.

It prompted BBC to release a statement, who insisted they had worked with the Pussycat Dolls to ensure their performance was 'suitable' for evening audiences.

The band announced they would be reuniting in 2019 and heading on tour in 2020.

Melody Thornton, who was originally in the band, chose not to be a part of the reunion. The Pussycat Dolls first formed in 2003 and split seven years later in 2010.

14 Янв 2021, 13:16

PSG against Marseille is often a fiery fixture and Wednesday's latest instalment provided another chapter in the bitter feud between Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez.

This time, though, it wasn't left on the pitch and carried on over Twitter in the hours after PSG's 2-1 win in the French Super Cup, handing new manager Mauricio Pochettino his first piece of silverware.

Neymar, who scored PSG's second goal, and Gonzalez have a history that started last September when the Brazil star was sent off for slapping Gonzalez in the back of the head before accusing him of making racist remarks. A French Federation investigation later cleared Gonzalez.

After Wednesday's win, Gonzalez responded to a celebratory tweet of Neymar's captioned 'King, Alvaro born?' by saying: 'My parents always taught me to take out the trash. Go OM (Olympique Marseille) always' alongside a picture of him grabbing Neymar's head while the two jostled for possession in the match.

Neymar, 28, promptly hit back by saying 'And he forgot to win TITLES' with several crying with laughter emojis.

The 31-year-old Marseille defender then hit back again, this time with a taunt comparing Neymar to Brazil's ultimate legend, Pele.

Alongside a picture of Pele holding three World Cups, Gonzalez wrote: 'Eternal shadow of the King.'

Neymar's response said: 'And you mine, I made you famous. You're welcome.'

The duo often came up against each other on the pitch on Wednesday night, with PSG winning thanks to goals from Mauro Icardi and Neymar.

When they came to blows back in September, Neymar refused to apologise for slapping Gonzalez.

'My only regret is not hitting that a**hole in the face,' he said after the match.

Marseille pulled a goal back in Wednesday's encounter thanks to a Dimitri Payet strike in the 89th minute but they were unable to complete their comeback.

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