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13 Янв 2021, 15:06
Байден представил кандидата на пост главы Агентства по международному развитию

Избранный президент США Джо Байден выдвинул кандидатуру бывшего американского постпреда при ООН Саманты Пауэр на должность главы Агентства по международному развитию. Об этом сообщает NBC News.

«Как глава агентства, она (Пауэр) будет работать с нашими партнерами, чтобы противостоять пандемии коронавируса, поддерживать незащищенные сообщества, отстаивать ценность каждого человека, а также продвигать американские идеалы и интересы по всему миру», — сказал Байден.

По его словам, если Сенат одобрит кандидатуру Пауэр, то ей предстоит изменить многое в работе агентства, поскольку при президенте Дональде Трампе бюджет ведомства был существенно урезан, а эксперты заменены «политическими назначенцами с незначительным опытом в этой сфере».

7 января Конгресс США утвердил победу демократа Джо Байдена на прошедших в стране президентских выборах. Он набрал свыше 270 голосов выборщиков.


— Помпео отменил поездку из-за передачи власти Байдену

— Байден может выдвинуть Генслера на пост главы комиссии по ценным бумагам и биржам

— NBC: сторонники Трампа перешли в Telegram для планирования митингов в день инаугурации

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14 Янв 2021, 23:15

Katie Price has emotionally declared her son Harvey is 'not a thing to poke fun at' as she said being a mum to a disabled son is a 'badge of honour'.

The former glamour model, 42, took to Instagram on Thursday to gush about her eldest son, 18, as she said she is 'proud' of all he has overcome over the years.

Promoting the new BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me on BBC One, Katie wrote: 'I wanted to share what really goes on behind closed doors.

'Harvey isn't a thing to poke fun at, he's my son, he overcomes mountains and obstacles everyday that other people take for granted - being a single parent of a disabled child is a badge of honour for me!'

Alongside a sweet photo of the pair together, Katie went on: 'I am so proud of him, he has feelings, and so do I.'

Harvey has multiple disabilities including blindness and ADHD and also has an excessive appetite caused by genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome.

In November, Katie revealed Harvey smashes things up in her house and breaks holes in the wall with his head if he is denied food.

She candidly spoken about her struggle with her eldest son's 28st 7lb weight and now, Katie has told how Harvey gets violent if she tries to stop him eating.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained: 'He'll smash things up if you say no. I’ve had to re-plaster my walls because he’ll bash holes in them with his head.

'He knows what nice things taste of. I’ll give him sweet potato chips instead of real fries but he knows the difference.'

She continued: 'It's not what he eats in the day, it’s what he eats when I don’t see him. I’ve tried hiding food but he’ll find it.'

Katie went on to say that anyone in the house daren't leave leftover food lying around as Harvey is 'really quick' and will be sure to eat it.

Continuing to outline her struggle with Harvey's insatiable appetite, Katie previously explained to the publication how she's taken drastic steps to try and reduce his eating and has even started to padlock the fridge.

The star told how Harvey desperately needs to lose the weight or he'll end up dying, with Katie adding 'I don't want to lose him.'

Describing his condition as a 'cruel and horrible illness', the reality star went on to describe how her son is constantly hungry and will lose his temper if he doesn't get his food.

Harvey has put on two stone in just two months and amid this increase, it has now become 'critical' for Harvey to lose some weight with doctors telling Katie that her teenager is at risk of a heart attack.

With Katie at her wits' end, she stated that she'd do 'anything' to help her boy, but things are 'hard work'.

MailOnline has contacted Katie's representative for a comment.

However it is not easy for Katie to get her son exercising and changing his diet, with her recently appealing for gym equipment on Instagram.

She also said the teenager has also been known to eat in his sleep and was once caught looking in a pal's bag for snacks as well as eating a pizza from frozen.

Katie also said that Harvey, who now wears 7XL clothes, doesn't understand why she wants him to lose weight.

The worried mum explained how he gets breathless and sweaty just walking up the stairs and that she agonises over his increasing weight, because now the weight is on, the 'damage' has already been done.

At the start of November Katie appealed to fans for help sourcing gym equipment ahead of a second lockdown starting in the UK which will force gyms to close.

Katie wrote: 'Can anybody help. I’m looking to rent a treadmill and rowing machine for Harvey that can take his weight, 28 half stone, and other gym bits as through lockdown I have to make sure he can exercise at home. Please help, DM me.'

After his health scare in July, a spokesperson for Katie told MailOnline that she was going to make lifestyle changes for her son and try to 'reduce his weight'.

In June Harvey was rushed to intensive care after having trouble breathing. He experienced extreme chest-pains and a soaring temperature and was thought to be at risk of organ failure.

Katie recalled seeing eight doctors crowding around him in the resuscitation room and said she was 'terrified' by the horrific ordeal. He was discharged after 10 days.

14 Янв 2021, 23:14

Hollie Arnold has shared fears that she will 'struggle' if the Tokyo Paralympic is cancelled after it was postponed last year due to coronavirus.

The Paralympic athlete, 26, admitted she suffered 'mentally and physically' when the games were cancelled last year over fears it would increase the spread of the virus.

Speaking on FUBAR radio, Hollie said: 'I will struggle. I struggled last year with it obviously being said that it's been cancelled. Yeah, I struggled, I struggled mentally and physically.

'It's my job at the end of the day. Training day in and day out, blood, sweat and tears.'

Hollie acknowledged though that it is completely out of her hands and added: 'If it doesn't it's just one of those things and we have to look at it as, you know, if the world is obviously in a much worse place, then we have to be sensible…

'And we'll just have to deal with that. But everything is crossed and I hope Tokyo will go ahead. And yeah, ready to rock the place.'

A decision has yet to be made on what will happen this summer, but Olympic legend Sir Matthew Pinset believes it is not viable for the delayed 2020 event to happen in the Japanese capital as Covid is still such a threat around the world.

The Japanese public's want for the event to go ahead has reduced, with 77% of respondents in a survey this week saying it should be cancelled or postponed.

Hopeful it may still happen, Hollie told hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng: 'They are really, really pushing for the Paralympics to go ahead and the Olympics, and I'm training like I'm going there to compete… They've put so much money into this.

'They spent like over two million. So, we need this. We need it for people. We need happiness, regardless if people are going to be there to watch us.'

She added: 'I want to go out there and defend my Paralympic champion status. And I would like to take the world record out of reach… That's been my dream.'

Hollie acknowledged that after the turbulent year the whole world has had to deal with, the Olympic and Paralympic games going ahead would be really important for worldwide morale: 'I just feel like, do you know what? Everyone will love it!

'Everyone will tune in and support us and I just want to go ahead and make my 2020 that I wanted into the 2021. Hopefully everything will go ahead and you never know, hopefully, I'll have another gold medal around my neck, that would be amazing.'

Hollie went to say that her stint on I'm A Celebrity has given her a taste of life outside sport.

Hollie explained: 'Obviously my goal has always been, and hopefully this year if everything goes ahead, Tokyo. But I found a new strength, it sounds really cheesy but I found a new strength within doing I'm A Celebrity because it gave me an opportunity to realise that sport is not forever.'

She continued: 'I was always 24/7 athletics, athletics, athletics. And really, sometimes you just need to be like, 'alright Hol, there could be a singing career down the line, you have no idea. You could do more TV.

'I just feel like, now, I kind of go, "if any amazing opportunity comes this way, of course if it doesn't interrupt with training and things like that and we can manage that, then why not."

14 Янв 2021, 19:13

Samsung has unveiled its latest range of flagship smartphones, with three models ranging in price from £769 to £1,149.

The S21 range from the South Korean tech giant features an entry-level model, the mid-range Plus, and the Ultra – which is the first S Series phone to be compatible with the Samsung's S-Pen stylus.

The stand-out feature on all three devices is the upgraded rear camera system, which was heavily leaked ahead of today's announcement and features night and portrait mode as well as its 100x 'space zoom'.

Pre-orders of the handsets open today, and the phones will be available as of January 29.

The devices were formally unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event, which featured the tagline 'welcome to the everyday epic'.

Patrick Chomet, executive vice-president and head of Samsung's customer experience office, said: 'Galaxy S21 series is built for those who want premium mobile innovations to capture and share their world.

'Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ are for people who want to take and share high quality photos and videos, to enjoy a premium viewing experience, plus powerful connectivity no matter where you are.

'Galaxy S21 Ultra is the ultimate premium, cutting-edge smartphone that delivers top-of-the-line mobile innovations that bring you closer to the people and things that matter most.'

Screen size varies depending on the model, increasing from 6.1 inches on the entry-level device up to 6.7 inches on the Plus and 6.8 inches for the Ultra.

The bigger body also means the larger models pack a bigger battery. The smallest of the three is 4,000mAh whereas the Plus and Ultra have a 4,800 and 5,000 mAh powerpack, respectively.

All three phones have Samsung's fingerprint recognition security.

The 5G-compatible phones also come with a rapid refresh rate of 120Hz to allow for smooth scrolling, viewing and gaming. The standard S21 is the only one which does not support ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.

They all feature a dynamic AMOLED 2x display which Samsung says will be perfectly suited to gaming.

Samsung is also introducing '8K video snap' which allows users to take pictures from short 8K quality video recorded on the handset at 60 frames per second.

For the first time on a Galaxy device, the Ultra also brings 4K video recording capability, again at 60fps, and the ability to save it as a 12-bit RAW file so none of the quality is lost.

All three models come with new Eye Comfort Shield technology which Samsung claims reduces the amount of harmful blue light produced by the screen.

Both the S21 and the Plus have 8GB of RAM, whereas the Ultra has 16GB. The top-end model also packs twice as much internal storage, 512GB compared to 256GB for both the S21 and the Plus.

But Samsung's major pitch to consumers to convince them to buy the S21 range focuses around offering a comprehensive photography experience.

The S21 and Plus both have a 10MP front camera, while the Ultra has a monstrous 40MP sensor.

But the main changes come with the rear camera, as the S21 and Plus both have three lenses: a 12MP ultra wide lens, 12MP wide lens and a 64MP telephoto lens.

This means both have the same vertical unit fitted to the top left corner on the rear of the phone.

The Ultra is stuffed with even more optical technology. The three-lens layout of its smaller siblings is replaced with a quad-lens wedge that includes the same 12MP ultrawide lens, but that's where the similarities end.

It has two telephoto lenses which focus on different ranges of distance, as well as a 108MP wide lens and a laser autofocus sensor.

But Samsung has tried to make the camera technology easy and quick to use, so as to not alienate users, championing a 'point and snap' approach which lets the software and improved AI in the phone do the heavy lifting.

Samsung is also touting improvements to night and portrait mode, as well as its 'space zoom' feature which still reaches a remarkable 100x zoom.

But now, thanks to some clever technological trickery, Samsung has made it possible to hold on extreme zoom and minimise wobbling caused by an unsteady hand.

KJ Kim, Chief Technology Officer at Samsung, said: 'At Samsung, our goal is to help everyone take pro-quality photos and videos, no matter if you are in a low or bright light environment, near or far away from the subject.

'When innovating the camera for the Galaxy S21 series, we focused on capturing the best, high-quality photos and videos at any time, making it easy for consumers to enjoy professional looking, cinematic results powered by improved on-device AI.

'There is a lot of new technology and innovation required to achieve this and it starts with our most advanced image sensor.

'We also built the Galaxy S21 Ultra with our most advanced pro-grade camera system. It raises the bar for professional photographers and tech enthusiasts looking for the best in mobile camera performance and future-proof innovations.'

Samsung has also followed the lead of its US rival Apple and removed wired headphones and chargers from the box of its S2 range.

Mr Chomet says the company 'discovered' a high proportion of Galaxy customers continue to use accessories they already possess from older models.

'We believe that the gradual removal of charger plugs and earphones from our in-box device packaging can help address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones,' he says.

'We've also been implementing standardized USB-C type charging ports since 2017, so older chargers can still be compatible with our newest Galaxy models.'

The S21 is available in Phantom Violet, Phantom Grey, Phantom Pink and Phantom White and the Plus model is only available in Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver and Phantom Black.

The Ultra however comes in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver as well as three exclusive colours: Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown.

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