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27 Окт 2020, 17:06
Власти Казахстана сделали фразу из «Бората» туристическим слоганом страны

Национальная туристическая компания Kazakh Tourism сделала фразу из фильма »Борат — 2» слоганом для привлечения туристов в страну. Соответствующий проморолик опубликован на YouTube-канале компании.

В этом видео много раз употребляется взятая из фильма фраза «Very nice!», которую там произносит герой Саши Барона Коэна — казахстанский журналист Борат Сагдиев.

«Как можно описать это удивительное место в двух словах? Как сказал один мудрец: «Very nice!»» — говорится в описании ролика.

New York Times пишет, что с идеей сделать фразу из фильма туристическим слоганом выступили американец Деннис Кин, который открыл в Казахстане экскурсионное бюро, и его коллега Ермек Утемисов.

Премьера сиквела фильма «Борат» состоялась на стриминговом сервисе Amazon Prime 23 октября.

Первая часть фильма с полным названием «Борат: изучение американской культуры на благо славного народа Казахстана» вышла в ограниченный прокат в 2006 году. Картина получила номинацию на «Оскар» в категории «Лучший адаптированный сценарий».


— Трамп не считает комика Сашу Барона Коэна смешным

— МИД Казахстана отреагировал на недовольство граждан из-за фильма «Борат-2»

— Саша Барон Коэн поблагодарил Трампа за рекламу фильма «Борат 2»

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10 Ноя 2020, 21:15

Brazil star Neymar has seen his Twitch account suspended following the sharing of Richarlison's mobile phone number while on a gaming live stream.

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar was unwinding playing video games when he had an incoming call from his Brazil international team-mate last month. Neymar turned his phone around to show the camera and Richarlison's number was clearly on show to viewers of the live stream.

Twitch has not revealed the reason behind Neymar's ban but it is widely reported that it could be for revealing Richarlison's number and Neymar alluded to that on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

The £198million man appeared to see the funny side, joking about the incident with Richarlison while away on international duty this week.

'Guys, I got banned from Twitch, if I'm not mistaken for seven days, because of 'Pombo' [Richarlison],' he said on his Instagram story.

The clip, which featured the Everton star, was captioned: 'I accidentally showed the number of Richarlison,' followed by several laughing emojis.

The video live streaming service's protocols read: 'Do not invade the privacy of others.

'It is prohibited to share content that may reveal private personal information about individuals, or their private property, without permission.'

Neymar realised his error in October with thousands tuned in and he confessed to Richarlison seconds later as the pair went on FaceTime together.

'I think I've just shown your number without meaning to,' Neymar said. 'I swear it was an accident.

'You're going to have to change your number now.'

Richarlison appeared undeterred by Neymar's gaffe but sent a warning to viewers that he would take a no-nonsense approach if anybody used the number.

'Hey guys, whoever calls me is going to be blocked,' he insisted. 'Don't call me.'

But as Neymar continued to live stream playing Counter Strike - a first-person shooter game - on Twitch, Richarlison's plea was ignored and his phone exploded with texts and calls.

Taking to Twitter, Richarlison revealed he had received tens of thousands of messages courtesy of Neymar's mistake.

'5 minutes and already more than 10 thousand messages, thank you @neymarjr,' he wrote.

In response, Neymar sent four laughing emojis and added, 'you are loved by the guys !!!!'

04 Ноя 2020, 05:14

Cardi B decided spend a fun-filled day with her daughter Kulture, two, at the famous indoor entertainment center American Dream in New Jersey on Tuesday.

'Me and my lil cranky baby at @americandream,' wrote the 28-year-old WAP rapper who shared the experience with her 77.6million Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, Cardi's husband Offset, 28, teamed up with The Lincoln Project and AXSD Media to hand out food to those waiting in line to cast their vote at the polls in Atlanta, Georgia.

For their epic day out, Cardi had her hair intricately styled and she donned a pair of rhinestone covered cateye shades that spelled out her name on the lenses.

She layered a stunning black fur coat over a tight fitting turtleneck top and a pair of cozy black sweatpants.

The Grammy-winner noted in her post's caption that she was rocking her very own 'Reebok sneakers that premiers again NOV 13th.'

To finish off her ultra glamorous ensemble, Cardi fastened a pair of large silver hoops to her ears and carried her essential belonging in a patent leather designer bag.

Cardi, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, attempted to 'twin' with her two-year-old daughter by dressing the tot in a similar ensemble.

Kulture had her very own pair of rhinestone shades and she layered a black fur vest over her white long sleeve shirt.

She also had on some black sweatpants and she helped advertise her mom's upcoming Reebok sneaker restock by donning a pint-sized pair of her own.

The mother-daughter duo spent most of the day hanging out at American Dream's exciting Nickelodeon Universe, which was riddled with rollercoasters and many of the network's iconic characters.

On her Instagram Story, Cardi posted some footage of her and Kulture riding some of the various attractions available to them, including a 'scary' rollercoaster.

Cardi tried to get her only child to engage with the camera, but the toddler appeared to be solely focused on getting through the ride.

Cardi provided her followers with some aerial views of the colorful indoor amusement park.

To close out her lengthy Instagram Story, the Money hitmaker let her fans know that Kulture was being 'bad' during the entire day.

Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, was having some fun of his own on Tuesday as he voted for the first time in the family's home state of Georgia.

The Migos rapper took to his Instagram Story to show off his voting sticker, which he displayed proudly on his sweater.

'I voted today. Yessir! I voted today,' he began, before announcing that he would be helping local restaurants The Slutty Vegan and Big Dave's deliver food to voters waiting in line at the packed polls.

According to TMZ, Offset and his food crew swung by three polling locations in Atlanta, specifically Gwinnett and Fulton counties.

He arrived to each venue in a black SUV with the various food trucks following tow.

Offset, as well as his partners The Lincoln Project and AXSD Media, hoped the hype would 'ensure turnout is maximized for what could be the most consequential election ever.'

Besides handing out the delicious meals, the rapper also took a stab at whipping up some dishes in the one of the food truck's mobile kitchens.

Offset made sure to don a medical grade face mask and gloves as he handled the various items in the kitchen.

For his hangout day with voters, he donned a pair of distressed denim jeans and a graphic sweater.

Offset's lengthy braids flowed down from beneath a baby blue NY Yankees baseball cap.

He also had a ton of blinged out chains hanging from his neck, one of them featuring a baby photo of daughter Kulture.

29 Окт 2020, 15:18

Acclaimed musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie will return to the West End next month with a full cast and orchestra — and Covid-19 secure in all areas — but the show's producer is begging people not to come if they're feeling unwell.

The creative team of director Jonathan Butterell, plus Dan Gillespie Sells and Tom MacRae — who wrote the music and lyrics — have updated and adapted the show to reflect 'a new Covid world', producer Nica Burns told me.

Burns, co-proprietor of Nimax Theatres, which owns the Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue where Jamie will reopen on November 28, said that these days 'schoolkids wear masks in corridors, and in some scenes so will ours'.

Socially distanced seating means capacity has been cut by 50 per cent, to 325 seats; so breaking even will be tough, especially as this is a big show with a company of 35 actors and musicians on stage, not to mention 30-plus backstage.

Burns said she has been able to bring Jamie back with the help of a Cultural Recovery Fund grant of £249,548 — without which 'it would not have been possible to open until social distancing ended'.

Health-and-safety measures will be rigorous, she added. For instance, actors, and everyone backstage (who, by the way, will not be allowed to mingle with those who work front of house) will be tested every 48 hours.

Seats in the stalls have been reconfigured, to ensure one metre spacing is possible; masks will be compulsory; and all manner of other safety protocols will be in place.

Ticketholders will be sent a health questionnaire 48 hours before their show date.

'If you tick that you're unhealthy, then you won't get your tickets,' Burns warned. They will be exchanged, or customers will be guaranteed a refund.

'If it's your birthday, or someone else's birthday, and you're unwell, do not come!' she stressed.

'People have to start taking responsibility for not going out when they're sick.'

The cast will be led by Noah Thomas as Jamie and Melissa Jacques as his mum. Phil Nichol will play Loco Chanelle, taking over from Rufus Hound, who has committed to Dancing On Ice.

Burns said that when the cast were told the show would go on, 'it was a very joyous moment, in what's been a very dark time'. Re-rehearsals are imminent.

Burns said if London were to move up to the highest risk Tier 3 category, 'we'll pause the show and then pick it up again'.

The season will run for six months and extend, as demand warrants. The box office will likely get a big bounce in February, when the Jamie film, starring Max Harwood and Richard E. Grant, is scheduled for release.

Toby Jones, Rosalind Eleazar, Richard Armitage, Roger Allam and the rest of the cast of Ian Rickson's poignant film of his production of Uncle Vanya have been haunting my dreams ... in the best way.

I can't work out whether it's because I saw the play at the Harold Pinter Theatre not long before lockdown, and it stayed with me through weeks of isolation. Or whether it's because Rickson's film is that rare staged drama that's somehow managed to retain its intimacy on screen. Probably both.

Whatever, Uncle Vanya — based on Conor McPherson's version of Chekhov's classic — is an outstanding film, charged with emotion.

That's partly due to the actors' performances.But also down to the decision (a stroke of genius) by Rickson and producer Sonia Friedman to bookend the story with the cast arriving back at the deserted theatre, months after having left it; and then embracing each other on stage after their work is done.

Aimee Lou Wood, Anna Calder-Marshall, Dearbhla Molloy and Peter Wight are joined by Allam as Professor Serebryakov — replacing Ciaran Hinds, who played the role back in the spring.

Hinds has been busy elsewhere, portraying Kenneth Branagh's grandfather (alongside Judi Dench, as his grandmother, as this column revealed) in the autobiographical film Belfast, which Branagh has been directing. Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan play the parents.

Uncle Vanya is released on Tuesday. For participating cinemas, visit unclevanya cinema.com

Daniel Evans, the artistic chief at Chichester Festival Theatre, who has agreed to live-stream his Sunday In The Park With Daniel tribute to music theatre legend Stephen Sondheim, on November 1.

The two concert shows are sold out — but the 7pm performance will be available to watch live, in your homes, for £15. Gabrielle Brooks, Clive Rowe, Jenna Russell, Hannah Waddingham and Evans will honour the composer, who turned 90 this year, by performing his greatest hits, and then some. All the actors have a connection to Sondheim, particularly Russell and Evans, who starred in his musical Sunday In The Park With George in London, and on Broadway.

■ You can book for the livestream via cft.org.uk.

Robert Harris's best-selling thriller Conclave is heading for the cinema screen. Edward Berger, who made the Patrick Melrose mini-series with Benedict Cumberbatch, is set to direct the story about machinations inside Vatican City when the reformist pope dies and the College of Cardinals meet to choose his successor. Casting has started for a line-up of top-tier actors to play the (mostly) ruthless cardinals.

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