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02 Ноя 2020, 04:06
СМИ: принц Уильям втайне переболел коронавирусом

Принц Уильям переболел коронавирусом SARS-CoV-2 в тайне от общественности. Об этом сообщает The Sun.

Издание отмечает, что положительный результат теста на COVID-19 герцог Кембриджский получил в апреле, однако принял решение продолжить работу в обычном режиме.

По данным СМИ, в конечном итоге заболевание переросло в тяжелую форму. В какой-то момент принц Уильям испытывал трудности с дыханием, что спровоцировало беспокойство его близких.

Позднее член королевской семьи был изолирован в семейном доме Анмер Холл в Норфолке. За ним ухаживали дворцовые врачи.

Издание добавляет, что принц принял решение о неразглашении сведений о своей болезни поскольку это могло бы вызвать панику в обществе на фоне новостей о COVID-19 у премьер-министра Британии Бориса Джонсона и отца принца Уильяма принца Чарльза.

Всего в мире с начала пандемии зарегистрировано свыше 46,5 млн заболевших, почти 34 млн человек выздоровели, а более миллиона пациентов умерли. В России выявили свыше 1,6 млн человек с COVID-19. РФ была первой страной в мире, зарегистрировавшей вакцину от COVID-19. Препарат был разработан НИЦЭМ имени Гамалеи совместно с Российским фондом прямых инвестиций. Его назвали «Спутник V». 15 октября президент России Владимир Путин рассказал о регистрации второй вакцины от COVID-19, которая получила название «ЭпиВакКорона». Ее разработал новосибирский центр «Вектор».


— Подхвативший коронавирус принц Чарльз вышел из самоизоляции

— СМИ рассказали о состоянии здоровья принца Чарльза после COVID-19

— Джонсон признал допущенные в начале эпидемии коронавируса ошибки

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06 Ноя 2020, 11:15

Football fans will be able to see exactly how much agents earn from transfer deals when new regulations come into force next year, FIFA has said.

The world governing body has begun a third round of consultation on the new regulations, after admitting it had been a 'mistake' by the old FIFA regime to deregulate agents in 2015.

The regulations will include a licensing system, character tests, commission caps and the publication by FIFA of the money agents receive from their clients - both players and clubs.

It will also prohibit conflicts of interest, such as club or national association officials owning stakes in player agencies. It has been reported that Wolves owners Fosun hold a stake in super-agent Jorge Mendes' firm Gestifute via a subsidiary, which would be in breach of the rules when they come in.

Agents will be consulted between now and the spring of 2021, and they will all receive the draft regulations and be asked for feedback. The regulations will then go forward for FIFA Council approval between March and June next year before coming into force in September.

The rules eliminate triple representation - where an agent represents the player, the buyer and the seller - and also place a ban on dual representation, except where the agent represents the player and the buying club.

FIFA has acted to stop what it sees as 'excessive and abusive' practices among agents.

Commission will be capped at three per cent of a player's salary when representing a player, three per cent of a player's salary when representing the buyer and six per cent when the same agent represents both the player and the buyer.

An agent representing a selling club can earn a maximum of 10 per cent of the transfer value.

Ultimately, FIFA intends that these commissions will not be paid directly from a client to an agent, but instead go through a clearing house system.

FIFA found that in 2019, just under half a billion pounds was spent on commission fees worldwide.

There will be no cap on any other services they charge clients for. Representation agreements will be allowed to run for a maximum of two years, and it will be a breach of the regulations for an agent to approach a player under such an agreement before it enters its final two months.

Asked why the only cap was on commission, FIFA's director of football regulatory James Kitching said: 'It's a matter of perception.

'If I'm telling somebody, 'I'll take 10 per cent' somebody might think that's a small number and that's fine.

'But if it's 10 per cent of £20million, that changes the perception. We need to change the perception and the activity in the market.

'Many of the practices which we describe as excessive and abusive derive from the types of commission payments that we're describing right now. What we're trying to do is bring in basic service standards.

'I'm not saying large numbers automatically lead to abusive practices, but an agent who acts on your behalf has a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. Sometimes big numbers may cause an agent to not act in the best interests of the client.'

FIFA believes its regulations will stand up to EU antitrust law, amid expected challenges over restraint of trade from agents.

Kitching said while existing representation agreements would be able to run their natural course beyond the date when the new regulations come in, he said there would be no transition period over conflicts of interest.

'There's enough time between when the regulations have passed the Council for anything which is in violation of the regulations to be corrected in our view,' he said.

The rules will also bar family members from acting for a player in transfer deals unless the family member is a licensed agent.

14 Ноя 2020, 00:06

Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко пообещал, что его сыновья не будут приемниками на посту главы государства. Об этом он заявил в интервью СМИ ряда стран ближнего зарубежья, фрагменты из которого показал телеканал «Россия-1».

«Ни один мой сын не будет после меня президентом. Ни один!» — сказал белорусский лидер.

Кроме того, он заверил, что не будет находиться на своем посту 5 лет, согласно запланированной конституционной реформе.

Лукашенко также пообещал, что не будет подбирать себе приемника на должность президента. Это место займет тот, кого выберут граждане Белоруссии.

Ранее Лукашенко заявил, что гарантирует новые выборы главы государства, когда белорусский народ примет решение об их необходимости.

Протесты в Белоруссии продолжаются третий месяц подряд. Они начались после того, как ЦИК республики объявил Александра Лукашенко победителем президентских выборов, которые прошли 9 августа.

02 Ноя 2020, 03:15

There was a defeatist response to the petition a young Everton supporter raised to get Carlo Ancelotti’s team’s game at Newcastle rescheduled, giving the women’s FA Cup final optimum spotlight.

More fool the authorities and their small minds. Everton lost in the final reckoning —unstitched in extra-time by a Manchester City side whose technical superiority was most evident in the Rolls Royce presence of Sam Mewis.

But it was a game which crackled into life, proving to any who doubt it the quality, physicality and tactical depth of the women’s game.

The foreign contingent, like Mewis and Everton’s French star Valerie Gauvin, are raising the standard everywhere.

But this game was about the stellar contribution of Sandy MacIver, whose clutch of saves kept Everton alive for so long, Caroline Weir, who hit the post twice as City looked to batter the door down late in normal time, and 19-year-old Jess Park, who injected energy into City from the bench late on.

It was Park who finally unlocked things, threading an intelligent ball for Georgia Stanway whose anticipation saw her clip through MacIver’s legs to win the game in the 11th minute of extra time.

But Everton possessed an extraordinary resilience and their intensity looked capable of taking the trophy until deep into the game.

They were initially reticent and Mewis’ opening goal — ghosting away from her marker Damaris Egurrola and rising to deliver a powerful header from Chloe Kelly’s corner — was the least City deserved.

It helped Everton’s cause that the finishing of Kelly, who began this tournament playing for them in the depths of last winter, was fractionally off.

She flashed a golden opportunity over the bar on the half-volley during the thrilling denouement. City consistently struggled to locate Ellen White, who had minimal service before departing on the hour mark.

But MacIver, who was briefly on City’s books, provided a huge contribution. She plays in the raw, slapping the ball away if she has to, and her intuitive style is effective.

She clawed away a point-blank shot from Kelly, her former flat-mate, repelled another Kelly effort at the near post and tipped a Steph Houghton header on to the woodwork.

The defensive contributions of Danielle Turner and Izzy Christiansen, in front of defence, will also live long in the mind, though Everton had ambition too.

There was an element of luck about their equaliser — Gauvin was facing away from goal when she leapt to head in Christiansen’s corner — but that galvanised them.

Another big opportunity fell to Gauvin, who headed Nicoline Sorensen’s cross wide, and Sorensen also brought a big save from Ellie Roebuck, on a day which deconstructed all the old preconceptions about goalkeeping in the women’s game.

Mewis was integral to City maintaining an intensity which Stanway and Park picked up when they arrived in the second half.

The presence of two such young talents on the City bench said everything about the depth of their pool. It was Stanway who played in substitute Janine Beckie for City’s third in the last move of the match.

Though he admitted City had deserved the win, disappointment was etched across Everton manager Willie Kirk’s face last night.

‘The manner of the defeat can only reinforce your belief that this can be a launch pad to success,’ said Kirk. ‘I really do believe that.’

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