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30 Ноя 2020, 19:06
Сергей Зверев размышляет о начале политической карьеры

Стилист Сергей Зверев заявил о намерении идти в политику. Об этом он рассказал в своем Instagram.

Стилист отметил, что к нему поступает множество сообщений от пользователей с призывом к нему стать депутатом Госдумы от Бурятии.

По его словам, соответствующие предложения поступают к нему не только от жителей региона, но и от других россиян.

Зверев добавил, что после таких обращений он стал чаще задумываться о возможности участвовать в политической жизни России.

Кроме того, в интервью «Радио 1» стилист выразил благодарность своим поклонникам за такие слова.

«Сейчас я делаю выводы, и нахожусь на стадии принятия решения», — заключил Зверев.


— Сергей Зверев в прямом эфире назвал причину ухода в монастырь

— Сергею Звереву посоветовали отказаться от пластических операций

— Байкал в шоке: Сергей Зверев устроил одиночный пикет на озере

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30 Дек 2020, 21:46

«Он находится в камере один. Известно, что он отказывается от еды и воды, потому что решил поститься и молиться за москвичей. При этом он голодовкой это не считает», — рассказал правозащитник. Он добавил, что Романов намерен отказываться от еды и питья следующие пять-десять дней.

По словам Мельникова, экс-схимонах подтвердил, что ранее работал в правоохранительных органах и отбывал тюремный срок за убийство. В качестве подтверждения своего раскаяния священник привел в пример библейскую историю о Моисее, который убил египтянина, но стал пророком.

При этом бывший схимонах отрицает, что в монастыре, который он возглавлял, били детей.

Экс-схимонаха Сергия задержали 29 декабря. Несколько десятков сотрудников ОМОНа штурмом взяли Среднеуральный монастырь, который в июне фактически захватил Романов. В тот же день Басманный суд Москвы отправил его под стражу до 28 февраля 2021 года. Ему предъявили обвинения по ч. 3 ст. 110.1 (склонение несовершеннолетнего к самоубийству), ч. 3 ст. 148 (незаконное воспрепятствование деятельности религиозных организаций) и ст. 330 УК РФ (самоуправство).

По информации СМИ, поводом для задержания стала проповедь под названием «За веру Христа мы на смерть стоим», видео которой было опубликовано в интернете. В ходе своей речи Романов спрашивал прихожан, готовы ли они умереть за Россию. На кадрах видно, что в тот момент слушали бывшего схимонаха в том числе и несовершеннолетние.

15 Янв 2021, 19:15

Lothar Matthaus believes Bayern Munich are lacking squad depth after parting ways with Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Perisic and Thiago Alcantara.

The World Cup winner has criticised the club's recruitment policy, saying the Bundesliga side need a wider range of options to be able to rest and rotate players during the hectic 2020-2021 schedule.

Matthaus also says the player's lack of 'concentration' is preventing Hansi Flick's side from establishing the dominance they exhibited in their treble-winning 2019-2020 campaign.

Matthaus told Sky Sports Germany: 'I have to criticise the buying policy a bit. With Philippe Coutinho, Thiago and Ivan Perisic, you lost three players.

'They were, of course, important players. They were always there and brought the necessary quality with them.

'With many newcomers, it may take a certain amount of time to get going or the quality may simply not be there to say: "They make the difference".

'You knew from the start that it would be a long and difficult season with lots of games.

'I think that the breadth of the squad in terms of quality is not set up in such a way that you can go through rotation and still maintain the quality.'

Bayern have struggled to maintain form this season, having been dumped out of the DFB Pokal on penalties by second-tier Holstein Kiel, their first cup exit to lower league opposition in 17 years.

That shocking result came just days after they chucked away a two-goal advantage to lose 3-2 to Borussia Monchengladbach in the league.

In total, Bayern have dropped 12 points across 15 games in the 2020-2021 season - seeing the German giants suffer the worst defensive record of the Bundesliga's top six at present.

The last time a top-flight German team experienced such a leaky defence was in 1981-82.

Matthaus does not believe the issue lies with the manager's system, he has instead stated the club's form is down to the player's 'concentration'.

He said: 'There is a lack of concentration. Perhaps it is also because of the high levels of stress, because of the many games last year, and there was little break.

'You don't really have to change the system now, only the position of the system should perhaps be moved a little further back. So that there is not 30 or 35 metres of space between Manuel Neuer and the back four for the opponent to exploit – which is where they keep playing.'

03 Дек 2020, 17:16

Eddie Jones is right when he says trends in rugby tend to be cyclical — but he is wrong to label the current concerns of many as alarmist and silly.

This feels very different. The fundamental nature of the game is changing and many diehard rugby stalwarts I speak to are beginning to lose faith. If their appetite is waning, I cannot imagine what new viewers are thinking.

Rugby needs to look to inventive coaches — like Eddie — who can think outside the box to help get us back on the right track.

I thought long and hard about making my unhappiness public because I know how easy it is to fire shots from the sidelines and how difficult it can be for those in the hot seat.

We need the coaches to bust the game out of its rut. After all, isn't that the very point of coaching: to innovate and reinvent the game?

If they lead, the players will follow. In turn, we — the fans and media — should recognise this and try to be patient. It will not be easy. The game has gone a long way down the wrong path but the reward will be huge for anybody who can pull it off.

For the first time I can remember, teams with prime possession no longer want the ball. Teams with sensational runners and counter-attackers have virtually given up doing what they do best.

A proper competition for the ball now seems frowned upon. Scrum-halves are treated like a protected species who only 'play' when everything is set up to perfection.

Rugby's obsession with the box kick is ruining the game as a spectacle and reducing it to a crawl.

The time wasted with the elaborate set-up and 'caterpillar rucks' where players are shielded from the opposition is endless. And the end result is always hoofing the ball into the sky.

Where has the art and skill of scrum-half play gone? The ability to get the ball away in a flash or to make a kick under enemy fire without first putting three or four guards in place?

Where has the instinct to tap-and-go disappeared to? People don't pay good money to watch this nonsense and if we were allowed crowds at games they would be making the teams and players aware. Ultimately, the consumer is king and rugby needs to remember that.

Through no fault of their own, the teams and coaches have been in their bubbles for a long time — and we thank them for their dedication. But, in their isolation, they are not picking up on the general mood and vibe.

I am the first to insist that all great teams take care of the basics first — scrum, lineout, restart — but all this can be executed at speed and with attack in mind.

Everything now seems designed to slow the game down to a crawl — that's what most of the faffing around at scrum time is about — yet we are told the players are fitter than ever. I simply don't believe that. If you are a forward there is every chance you will be replaced after 50 minutes these days.

Rugby has lost that vital element of endurance, the fittest prevailing, defences breaking down and play opening up through fatigue.

Rugby was never designed to be a 23-man game. Health and safety has rightly evolved the substitution law but it has created players conditioned for 50 minutes, not 80.

I'm beginning to think we need to go back to injury-only replacements, even if that has to be closely marshalled as it could be open to abuse.

The tedious kick-tennis in which neither side is even bothering to chase and pressurise the receiver a lot of the time is another passion killer. Nobody wants it, least of all the players. Elliot Daly, Stuart Hogg et al haven't been put on this planet to play like that.

All of this is happening when rugby is having to fight its corner like never before. Rugby is in a desperate struggle to get column inches in the printed press. We have no fans in our stadiums, no income other than TV rights — which are modest compared with some sports — and we still rely on a few loyal sponsors. If you want to watch matches now, you must subscribe to three of four outlets.

Rugby has got to regularly produce the best version of the game we can for public consumption.

Of course there will be the odd game that doesn't ignite — that's sport — but way too many are complete yawns, perversely punctuated by the occasional thrilling moment which makes you wonder what on earth was going on in the other 79 minutes.

Rugby could have made a statement this autumn when Amazon, one of the wealthiest companies on the planet, came in and supported a hurriedly-arranged Autumn Nations Cup. What an opportunity to put on a show and perhaps persuade them to hang around and make their interest in rugby more than a one-off.

Instead, we have regressed.

The comparison with some of the brilliant cricket, golf and football I've watched on TV over the difficult last eight months could not have been more startling.

Cricket in particular seems to have gone to a new level and if I was a young sports fan that is where I would be turning.

This is a tipping point. It's a problem at club level, although there are honourable exceptions, and in Test rugby generally. I am not aiming specifically at England.

I haven't spoken to anybody —fans, ex-players, grassroots stalwarts, neighbours, the builders, nobody — who is enjoying the road rugby is going down. As one of them put it to me: 'Can we have our old game back, please?'

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