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25 Ноя 2020, 00:06
Польский Vogue показал обложку в честь митингов против запрета абортов

Польская редакция журнала Vogue показала обложку нового выпуска, которая связана с проходящими в стране акциями протестов против запрета абортов. Фотографии были опубликованы в Instagram Vogue в Польше.

На обложке декабрьского номера появилась модель и активистка Аня Рубик. Девушка оценила работу как «самую важную и личную» в карьере.

Так, все три снимка сделаны в телесных и ярко-красных цветах.

На одном из снимков на лице модели изображена красная молния, которая стала символом акций протестов против запрета абортов властями Польши. Этот знак активисты рисуют на лицах, а также изображают на плакатах.

Ранее Конституционный суд Польши принял решение о том, что прерывание беременности по причине патологии плода не соответствует положениям конституции страны. Это вызвало волну протестов в стране.


— «Ад для женщин»: Польша запретила аборты

— Польская полиция применила газ в ходе протестов из-за запрета абортов

— Стычка националистов и митингующих на акции против запрета абортов произошла в Польше

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08 Янв 2021, 01:14

Eva Amurri has a 'wonderful boyfriend in her life.'

The 35-year-old actress has revealed she has struck up a new romance with a chef named Ian Hock, about a year after she finalized her divorce from former soccer star Kyle Martino, with whom she has daughter Marlowe, six, and sons Major, four, and Mateo, 10 months.

'I'm beyond happy to share with you that I have a wonderful boyfriend in my life! His name is Ian, he's super loving, creative, handsome and funny, and we have a ton in common,' she wrote in a post uploaded to her Happily Eva After blog.

'He's also 6'4' and makes me feel like a small little person which at 5'10' myself is NOT easy to do. LOL.

'Before you ask for ALL the deets (and photos), I'll also share that he is NOT a public figure, and is actually a pretty private person. Because of this, we are still figuring out how we want to share parts of our relationship in a way that makes us both comfortable.

'Will you see his face eventually, YES of course. LOL. But I am also fully aware that being with somebody who has a lot of her life on public display is a lot to get used to, and takes time. I completely respect that. But I know you guys want some of the Tea, so I will spill a little! hahaha.'

Eva also stated it has been hard for her to 'open [her] heart back up' following her split from Kyle, but thinks Ian is the right man for her.

She added: 'There is nothing simple about moving forward in your life after divorce, or opening your heart back up after being committed to somebody for a long time. Nobody goes in to a marriage thinking that is where they'll end up nearly a decade later. There is a lot of vulnerability in opening oneself up again after divorce, but also a lot of excitement and possibility.'

And the That's My Boy star ended her lengthy blog post by saying she feels 'very happy and grateful' to have found Ian, as she encouraged others looking for love to 'stick to your guns about what you want and are looking for'.

She wrote: 'All this to say, I'm very happy and so grateful. I feel very loved. I'm so moved by the relationships he has developed with my kids. I'm also so grateful that Ian is so supportive of my coparenting relationship with Kyle.

'It means the world to me that he knows and understands how much Kyle means to me and to the kids, and some of my happiest days have been when we have spent time all together. I LOVE IT. To anybody embarking on dating after divorce, or thinking about whether you're ready: there is happiness out there!

'It's so important to stick to your guns about what you want and are looking for. Don't settle! Don't ever apologize for your journey, and don't be scared to make yourself vulnerable and open up again. There are amazing people out there who will make the fear feel more like excitement. Sometimes the most rewarding leaps in life are the leaps of faith.'

01 Дек 2020, 13:14

She's been sharing sizzling updates from her work trip to the Maldives, where she has been shooting content for her Swim Society collection.

And as her trip comes to a close, Montana Brown ensured she was still posting stunning snaps while showing off her incredible figure.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the Love Island star, 25, flaunted her washboard abs in a tiny blue bikini with low-slung bottoms and a cleavage boosting top.

Montana looked incredible in the trio of snaps taken poolside as she lived it up during the trip, which she vehemently defended prior to departure.

She paired the look with a trilby as she posed in a series of poses shortly before she was set to leave the idyllic setting from the business trip.

The TV personality finished shooting for her Swim Society collection on Sunday and revealed in an Instagram video on Monday that she is returning to the UK.

However the beauty admitted that she wishes she could 'extend' her trip as the thought of flying back is 'horrid'.

Montana was joined by Love Island's Samira Mighty, singer Mahalia, and model Joann Van Den Herik for the balmy Maldives excursion.

Amid furore over reality stars and influencers jetting abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic, Montana previously defended her trip in an impassioned YouTube video, insisting she was being 'very careful'.

Quashing concerns she was flouting rules, a spokesperson for Montana previously said: 'Montana is in the Maldives for work purposes shooting her campaign for her company Swim Society. This is allowed under government guidelines.'

COVID-19 rules currently stipulate that travelling outside the country is banned unless for business or education.

In the video shared ahead of the trip, Montana joined her business partner in explaining: 'Everybody has been isolating, I'm not going out. The quarantine coming back from the Maldives has been lifted.'

Montana went on: 'We're being very careful. We don't want people to think we're being sneaky, it's is an influencer trip but we're not being sneaky. I can't take a picture out in the garden with the leaves, I can't put my wellies on.'

13 Янв 2021, 15:46

Российское посольство вышло на связь с задержанными в Южном Судане россиянами и предпринимает усилия по их освобождению. Об этом заявила официальный представитель МИД России Мария Захарова, передает «РИА Новости».

«МИД России в курсе задержания нескольких российских граждан, включая Илью Варламова и Петра Верзилова», — отметила она.

Представитель посольства сообщил ТАСС, что россияне пока не арестованы, только задержаны. Варламов и Верзилов находятся на территории Южного Судана, где нет российского представительства, поэтому к ситуации подключилось посольство России в соседней Уганде.

обратился за комментарием в посольство России в Уганде.

Редакторы блога Варламова сообщали, что задержали также жену Варламова, директора Европейской гимназии Ивана Боганцева и предпринимателя Вадима Гинзбурга. Все россияне путешествовали в качестве туристов.

Блогер Варламов пояснил, что их остановили в аэропорту, откуда отдыхающие планировали вылететь в столицу Южного Судана. «Приехали какие-то военные или чекисты местные. Они начали обыскивать багаж и увидели пульт от дрона, который у меня забрали в аэропорту города Энтеббе в Уганде. И они почему-то решили, что мы запускали дроны», — рассказал блогер.

Варламова и Верзилова обвинили в том, что у них не было разрешения на съемки. «Медиазона» пишет, что, по мнению силовиков, россияне могли вести «съемку военных объектов с дрона».

Польский Vogue показал обложку в честь митингов против запрета абортов читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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