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19 Дек 2020, 10:06
Каждый десятый россиянин не собирается наряжать елку в этом году

Каждый десятый россиянин не планирует наряжать елку на Новый год. Об этом сообщает ТАСС со ссылкой на данные опроса Райффайзенбанка.

Среди тех, что собирается украшать дом к праздникам, живую елку будут наряжать 26%, еще 3% россиян планируют сделать альтернативную елку из гирлянд, книг, веток или чего-нибудь еще. Большинство будут украшать искусственное дерево, а 1% пока не определился с выбором.

По мнению 18% опрошенных, меньший вред окружающей среде будет нанесен при покупке живого дерева, 7% назвали самым экологичным вариантом альтернативную елку, а 67% наиболее экологичным решением считают искусственное дерево. Безразличен этот вопрос только для 8% россиян.

Опрос проводился среди жителей 13 городов России в возрасте от 26 до 45 лет. У 55% респондентов есть дети младше 16 лет. Ежемесячный доход большинства опрошенных составляет от 30 тыс. до 60 тыс. рублей.


— Елка без углеродного следа: как украсить дом экологично

— Россияне назвали худшие новогодние подарки

— Опрос: не все россияне купят детям подарок мечты на Новый год

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22 Дек 2020, 01:16

She officially confirmed she is expecting a baby with husband David Foster, 71, five days prior via an Instagram post showcasing her growing baby bump.

And on Monday, Katharine McPhee, 36, put her pregnant belly on display while stepping out with David.

The duo rocked casual looks in Beverly Hills with their adorable pup for a casual stroll, before later being seen heading out in their SUV.

Katharine looked gorgeous in a dark green long sleeved top with black leggings and sneakers.

The brunette beauty carried her pup in her arms as she showcased her growing baby bump.

Katharine wore her medium length brunette hair with just a touch of makeup to round out her low key look; she also wore an N 95 face mask.

David, who has five daughters from his previous marriages, rocked a gray sweater with matching bottoms, adding a face mask, sneakers and sunglasses.

Their joint outing comes five days after she officially confirmed her pregnancy, after months of speculation and sightings of the star with a baby bump.

During the Wednesday post, Katharine stunned in a blue coat, with her hand placed on her bump.

She snapped the glamorous image in her kitchen area of her home, rocking wavy locks and smokey eye makeup with mauve hued lipstick.

She added two blue heart emojis and a butterfly emoji as the caption.

The image was the first time Katharine has publicly commented about her pregnancy, although in October she cheekily hinted at it when talking about an alcoholic themed gift that arrived in the mail.

She said: I just came home and opened this gift from Aperol Spritz... it's one of my favorite drinks and it reminds you of being in Capri.'

'I won't be drinking this anytime soon, wink, wink. But I'm very excited. Who's coming over for an Italian inspired cocktail?'

The gift contained the alcoholic beverage as well as sparkling water and two wine glasses.

She made the subtle comment after she was seen stepping out with what appeared to be a growing baby bump during a walk in Montecito, California.

Katharine and David tied the knot on June 28, 2019 at the Armenian Church of St Yeghiche in South Kensington, London.

This is Katharine's first child and their first together; he has five daughters and has been married five times total: BJ Cook, Rebecca Dyer, Linda Thompson, Yolanda Hadid and Katharine.

His children are: Allison Jones Foster, 50, whom was born when David was 20 and she was placed for adoption but they reconnected thirty years later, and kids Amy Skylark, 47, with BJ, daughters Sara, 39, Erin, 38, and Jordan, 34, with Rebecca.

In August, it was revealed that Katharine and David were 'definitively trying' to have a baby, according to US Weekly's insiders.

24 Дек 2020, 20:06

После того, как футболист донецкого клуба опубликовал в Instagram совместную с Гладун фотографию, на нее в комментариях отреагировал Попов.

«Вот сейчас достойно выступил. Нужно было написать еще ШБ, вообще зауважал», — написал он.

Этот комментарий девушка не оставила без внимания и опубликовала в Instagram видеообращение, где сообщила, что с апреля не состоит в отношениях «с этой личностью».

«Денис, на твоем месте я бы молчала», — заявила она.

После публикации данного видео в аккаунте Брутальный футбол Попов отреагировал и на этот пост, хотя позже удалил свой комментарий:

«Слишком много чести отвечать тебе. Свисток сдуй чуть, я не могу разобрать, что говоришь.

Ты не на моем месте и даже рядом не стоишь, поэтому помалкивай. Твои комментарии никому не нужны, расслабься", — написал защитник Динамо.

Ранее другой игрок Шахтера Валерий Бондарь начал встречаться с девушкой, которая ранее состояла в отношениях с нападающим Динамо Владиславом Супрягой.

Сам Попов совсем недавно расстался со звездной дзюдоисткой Дарьей Билодид.

13 Янв 2021, 09:16

Rebel Wilson has revealed she was once kidnapped at gunpoint while travelling through Africa.

Speaking to army hardman Ant Middleton on his Sky One series Straight Talking, the Australian actress, 40, described the ordeal as 'petrifying'.

'There was one time in Africa where I got kidnapped. It was in rural Mozambique,' Rebel recalled.

'We were on this cattle truck and these men came on another truck with a lot of guns. [They pulled up beside us] with the big guns and they were like, 'Yeah, you've got to get off your truck'.

Fearing for their lives, Rebel and her fellow travellers obeyed, and were taken to a 'house in the middle of nowhere' and held overnight.

Luckily, Rebel quickly concocted a clever plan to keep her fellow prisoners safe.

'I felt like I was very good in the crisis. I was like a team leader,' the Pitch Pe4fect star explained.

'They sat us down, and I said, 'Everybody link arms,' because I was petrified in the night that they might want to take one of the girls or something.'

Luckily, Rebel and the other travellers were unharmed, and by morning were allowed to return to their truck.

They made a quick getaway and eventually managed to cross the South African border.

While Rebel still has no idea why she was held up, she does have a compelling theory.

'I think maybe those guys, maybe, used us to smuggle illegal things in the bottom of the truck,' she speculated.

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