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07 Дек 2020, 13:06
Елизавета II получит вакцину от COVID-19 в порядке очереди

Королева Великобритании Елизавета II не будет вакцинироваться от коронавируса при особых условиях, она примет препарат в порядке очереди. Об этом сообщает издание Daily Express со ссылкой на собственные источники.

«У 94-летней королевы и 99-летнего принца Филиппа при вакцинации не будет каких-то особых условий, они получат прививку в порядке очереди», — уточнило издание.

В правительстве Британии отметили, что в первую очередь вакцинироваться будут постояльцы домов престарелых и работающие в них сотрудники, а также медики и соцработники.


— Елизавета II из-за пандемии отметит Рождество на новом месте впервые за 33 года

— Умер предпоследний пес Елизаветы II

— Netflix отказался добавлять в «Корону» пометку о недостоверности

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31 Дек 2020, 03:14

Jeong, 51, and McHale, 49, are set to host the event from Los Angeles, with Kelly Osbourne featured as a correspondent reporting from New York City's Times Square.

Craig Robinson is also coming aboard along with the Nasty Delicious, who will be the house band for the festivities.

Guetta and Raye will join previously-confirmed performers such as LeAnn Rimes, Gloria Estefan, Doctor Elvis, John Legend, Green Day, Ava Max and Gabby Barrett.

Other celebrities confirmedCheyenne Jackson, Jane Krakowski, Leslie Jordan, Mayim Bialik, Morris Chestnut, Randy Jackson, Tim Allen and Tom Payne.

The three-and-a-half hour live special will air in two parts, the first debuting Thursday, December 31 at 8:00-10:00 PM ET/CT live, with the MT/PT airings tape-delayed.

The second part airs at 11:00 PM-12:30 AM ET live, with the CT/MT/PT airings tape-delayed.

Jeong and McHale, who starred on Community and also host The Darkest Timeline podcast and are longtime friend, will reunite to help ring in the New Year with the special, 'dedicated to the highs and lows of 2020, specifically celebrating those that helped to make the world a better place this past year.'

'These two have been toasting and roasting each other on national television for years, so they were the perfect pair to ring in the New Year,' he added.

'Also, we love Ken so much, we wanted to squeeze in three more hours of him before the New Year!' Wade joked.

Jeong has been a fixture at Fox over the past year, appearing as a judge on the network's hit reality series The Masked Singer, and the new spin-off The Masked Dancer.

McHale has the dark comedy Happily with Natalie Zea arriving on February 5, with Queenpins in post-production.

22 Дек 2020, 23:06

В наши дни не помешает лишний раз напомнить о том, как важно жить осознанно, время от времени делать паузу и сохранять душевное равновесие. Когда миром по большей части правит хаос, любое подобное напоминание только на пользу.

Сегодня я хочу поделиться несколькими простыми упражнениями. Многим из вас они знакомы, но это как раз и есть напоминание о том, что стоит выполнять их ежедневно. Я очень рекомендую вам записать их на карточках, стикерах, экране блокировки телефона, словом, сделать так, чтобы они попадались вам на глаза в течение дня.

05 Янв 2021, 19:16

Gold Logie award winning TV host Grant Denyer has admitted to having issues with alcohol and drinking in excess to cope with anxiety.

And following his confession on Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Australia, Grant has vowed to cut grog out of his life for good.

'I want to push the button on cancelling it (alcohol) altogether and see how I go,' the 43-year-old told The Daily Telegraph's Confidential.

'I am super worried why that scares me so much, which probably tells me it is something I need to do. I need to stop, it is not improving my life, in fact it is doing the opposite.

'I am not an alcoholic, I am a three night a week drinker but it is the amounts that I need to look at and I am not getting anything out of it so that is going to be the new me in 2021.'

On Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity, Grant told his campmates he felt anxious and drank to excess prior to appearing on the show.

'I'd never put two and two together, and I've been asking myself this question for, far out. Five years? Do I have a problem? And I think the answer is, I do,' he confessed.

'And it was coming in here, watching how I couldn't control the pace at which I was drinking, because I do everything fast.

'I was trying to stem the fear and anxiety of what we were about to do and I thought, I think I do that every week.'

Grant then detailed not realising he had a problem, or signs he had a problem, until he ventured onto the show.

'I think I've only just realised from coming in here that I drink to lessen anxiety, which I didn't really realise I had until I saw the pattern of fear coming into here and the anticipation of a new gig and will I fit in? Is it gonna be fun?' he said.

'Am I gonna be able to be successful in the challenges? Can I be funny for that long? All of these things, and I just started going like this [mimics drinking].'

Grant also admitted he was often drunk on TV while working as the Sunrise weather presenter from 2004 to 2006, and again from 2010 to 2013.

'I don't like my relationship with alcohol... I've never said some of these things to my best mate, and some of them not even to my wife,' he told his teammates.

'I don't know what's happening to me in here, but it's all coming out. I feel like I'm purging. I feel like purging stuff that I've kept down for a long time.'

His comments come four months after speaking about his former addiction to painkillers, which he developed after suffering a back injury.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of here! airs Sundays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel Ten

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