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13 Янв 2021, 18:06
Цены на нефть резко обвалились

Фьючерсы нефти марок Brent и WTI стали резко дешеветь, свидетельствуют данные торгов.

На графике видно, что в последний раз 13 января рост цен на нефть наблюдался около 16.30 мск, после этого началось снижение. По данным на 17.25 мск, нефть Brent подешевела на 0,81% и продавалась за $56,12 за баррель. В то же время цена нефти WTI снизилась на 0,62%, до $52,88 за баррель.

В 17.31 мск нефть продолжала дешеветь: Brent на 1,06% — $55,98 за баррель, а WTI на 0,88% — $52,74.


— Новак исключил рост цен на бензин в 2021 году выше инфляции

— Цена нефти Brent поднялась выше $57 впервые с февраля 2020 года

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14 Янв 2021, 17:06

У государства нет долгосрочных источников, которые бы позволили значительно снизить налоговую нагрузку, заявил статс-секретарь — замминистра финансов России Алексей Сазанов. Его слова передает «Интерфакс».

Глава бюджетного комитета Госдумы Андрей Макаров обратился к Сазанову с вопросом, нет ли ощущения, что без уменьшения налоговой нагрузки невозможно решить экономические проблемы, вопросы стимулирования экономического развития.

Замминистра ответил на это, что для серьезных стимулирующих мер нужно существенное снижение, потенциала которого у государства нет. Cазонов уточнил, что речь идет о долгосрочных мерах и долгосрочном потенциале.

«Если в моменте появляются какие-то излишки, конечно, их надо направлять на развитие экономики, но фискальные меры должны быть долгосрочными», — пояснил замминистра.

Он также отметил, что в сравнении с другими странами уровень фискальной нагрузки в России «далек от запредельного».

Налоговая политика в ближайшие годы будет сосредоточена на повышении эффективности налоговых льгот, добавил Сазонов.


— Пенсии, налоги и материнский капитал: что изменится с 1 января

— В России ввели налог для богатых

13 Янв 2021, 05:15

Move over Joe Wicks. The Body Coach's morning workouts may have made him a lockdown sensation and propelled him to a £10 million fortune, but he is a mere princeling when compared with 'King Arthur' — the Queen's great-nephew, Arthur Chatto.

The 21-year-old, musclebound Old Etonian induces delirium among his tribe of female fans whenever he posts a snap of himself in action on social media. But they have never been more frenzied than when Arthur — a grandson of Princess Margaret and 26th in line to the throne — recently joined his fitness trainer pal Kuda Tapatapa in a 50-minute live fitness video.

As the session progressed, Chatto's admirers made their feelings perfectly plain. 'Omg yes beautiful,' one commented, while others attempted to offer personal guidance as Arthur went through his HIIT routine — the high-intensity interval training that Wicks has made his forte.

'It looks like hard work . . . maybe take your top off,' suggested one, as Chatto, an undergraduate at Edinburgh University, where he is also a personal trainer at BoundFitness gym, moved into the lateral lunge — also known as the curtsy lunge. By that stage, other fans had abandoned any shred of restraint or decorum, opting for a cascade of adoring accolades for the magnificence of various of Chatto's body parts rather than any assessment of the workout.

'So muscular'. . . 'So sexy'. . . 'I'm afraid we Italians here are less experts on the House of Windsor and more on Art's legs.' Chatto, who last summer was a member of the only four-man crew to complete the 2,000-mile GB Row Challenge, retained his poise — and his shirt — throughout. His girlfriend, Lizzie Friend, would have expected nothing less.

What Princess Margaret would have made of it is anyone's guess. She limited her health and fitness regimens to stipulating that her ice cubes should be made only from Malvern Water.

Endeavor star Roger Allam admits he's had to stay at some insalubrious dives during his long and distinguished stage and screen career.

'In a place in Newcastle-under-Lyme, there were huge notices saying 'Baths – 50p extra' – and the landlady had the bath plug,' recalls the 67-year-old actor.

'When I asked for a bath, she said, 'You've only been here one day...'

Dad Bono knows what you two are doing in lockdown

U2's Bono wrote a song, Let Your Love Be Known, encouraging people to find ways — other than meeting up — to connect during lockdown.

But his daughters are relieved they have each other to see through this period of isolation.

Tech entrepreneur Jordan, 31, has shared a picture of herself glammed up in a red dress with her sister, actress Eve, 29, who sports a matching frock. 'My date for the foreseeable,' Jordan captions it.

The women, whose mother is Irish activist Ali Hewson, live together in London and were enjoying success before the pandemic hit.

Jordan was named one of Forbes' '30 under 30' in 2019, while Eve recently starred in acclaimed series The Luminaries.

Peckham-born John Boyega made headlines when he criticised Disney over its treatment of his Star Wars character, Finn, accusing it of deliberately sidelining his role and using him as a token diversity prop.

And the row doesn't seem to have done much good for his bank balance. I hear the business he uses to channel his earnings, Upperroom Entertainment, has reported an £800,000 profit in the past year — a huge drop from the £6.4 million returned in 2019.

Newly released documents reveal that Boyega, 28, increased the money held in Upperroom to £9.3 million in the year to January 2020, so he's still a force to be reckoned with.

How Potter star's stunt put him in hospital

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy in the franchise, reveals that he was admitted to hospital after doing his own stunts for new volcanic action thriller Skyfire.

'I am testimony to the fact that you should always say no to actors when they ask to do stunts,' he says. 'I am carrying so many life- long injuries that I should never have been allowed to do the things I did.

'In Skyfire, I did a jump and landed on my head and my shoulder where I didn't have any pads. I could feel this searing pain in my body.

'I couldn't throw a left hook like I'm meant to because my arm doesn't work, so I throw a right hook and the stunt guy takes it. We fight and then lie on the ground, and they go, 'Cut!' I stood up and said, 'Camera one, did you get it? Camera two? Camera three? Good. Somebody call an ambulance right now.' And I go straight to hospital.

'They didn't even use the take.'

Why Miss Jones is not blown away to be 43!

Playing a 1950s housewife in the U.S. television series Mad Men appears to have inspired January Jones to look her best while carrying out domestic duties.

Celebrating her 43rd birthday, the mother of one refused to let errands dampen her mood as she slipped into a summery yellow frock for the occasion.

'I got dressed up to do chores on my birthday,' she explains, having spent the day clearing the grounds of her California home with a leaf-blower.

'It's my wish that this year I spend a tad less time in my backyard.'

Now Lola Lennox rules the Radio 2 airways...

Eurythmics star Annie Lennox once warned her elder daughter, Lola, against following in her footsteps because the music industry can be so cut-throat.

So the 30-year-old from London, whose father is Israeli film producer Uri Fruchtmann, is delighted that she persevered now that her new pop single, La La Love Me, has become the most played record on Radio 2 this week. Lola tells me: 'I am absolutely thrilled! Moments like these make me think about the journey I've been on over the years making music, the ups and the downs, and today it all feels so worth it.

'I've been thinking a lot about the people listening at home, in their cars or at work. If this song can uplift the spirits over this difficult time, then that is the biggest gift of all.'

Russell T Davies, scriptwriter for Doctor Who and A Very English Scandal, was unable to have any music from Queen in his new much-hyped Channel 4 1980s drama It's a Sin.

The show features music from Pet Shop Boys and Kate Bush but Davies moans, 'There are loads of songs we had to drop. Try getting a Queen song in there, for example. If you see a show with a Queen song on the soundtrack, you know it's made by millionaires.' Another song bites the dust...

19 Янв 2021, 09:46

В России заболеваемость коронавирусом к лету может достичь минимума прошлого года. Об этом заявила заместитель директора по клинико-аналитической работе ЦНИИ эпидемиологии Роспотребнадзора Наталья Пшеничная, передает «РИА Новости».

«Есть вероятность, что ближе к лету достигнем прошлогоднего минимума по заболеваемости и даже более низкого его уровня», — отметила она.

По словам эксперта, в России наметилась тенденция к стабилизации эпидемиологической ситуации. Как указала Пшеничная, пик заболеваемости мог быть уже пройден.

В то же время специалист предупредила, что после зимнего спада, в начале весны, заболеваемость может снова «немного вырасти», что характерно для сезонных инфекций. «Но вряд ли рост достигнет показателей осеннего пика», — добавила она.

Эксперт также обратила внимание на то, что на эпидемический процесс влияют разные факторы, в том числе погода и соблюдение ограничений среди населения.

В октябре заместитель директора по научной работе ЦНИИ эпидемиологии Роспотребнадзора Александр Горелов говорил, что уровень заболеваемости коронавирусной инфекцией может начать уменьшаться в феврале-марте 2021 года. Он предупреждал, что вирус нельзя остановить без формирования коллективного иммунитета у населения в объеме 60–70%.

Доктор биологических наук, профессор МГУ имени М.В.Ломоносова Алексей Аграновский пояснял , что говорить о сложившихся тенденциях заболевания, в том числе о его спаде, можно только на основе суммарного анализа одной-двух недель. Директор Института экономики здравоохранения НИУ ВШЭ Лариса Попович отмечала, что вирус может меньше распространяться в очень холодную погоду. «В мороз как-то меньше люди заболевают: видимо, контактов меньше», — указывала она.

По последним данным, число заболевших COVID-19 в России составило более 3,5 млн человек.

Цены на нефть резко обвалились читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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