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13 Янв 2021, 17:06
Транзит российского газа через Украину в 2020 упал до минимума в постсоветской истории

Транзит газа из России в Украину в 2020 году был сокращен на 38% и составил 55,8 млрд кубометров газа, что является минимальным показателем за последние 30 лет. Об этом рассказал глава компании «Оператор ГТС Украины» Сергей Макогон.

С одной стороны, российская компания «Газпром», по его словам, заплатила за мощности в размере 65 млрд кубометров, потому что в контракте Украина добилась присутствия нормы «качай или плати». С другой стороны, это — наименьший показатель за последние 30 лет, добавил Макогон.

«При проектной мощности газотранспортной системы в 146 млрд кубометров транзита это означает загрузку ГТС менее чем на 30%», — написал Макогон в колонке для издания «Экономическая правда».

В конце декабря 2019 года Россия и Украина подписали пакет соглашений о продолжении транзита газа через Украину, в том числе транзитный контракт на пять лет, согласно которому «Газпром» гарантирует прокачку 65 млрд кубометров газа в первый год и по 40 млрд в последующие четыре.


— На Украине установили рекордные цены на газ для населения

— Украинские власти отменили льготный тариф на электроэнергию для населения

— : газ Украины на 100 млрд рублей попал в залог в России

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19 Янв 2021, 17:15

Phil Neville's early exit from his role as England Women's manager will mean Norway legend Hege Riise taking temporary charge for next month's training camp.

Neville was scheduled to leave from September but his departure has been accelerated by accepting the job with Inter Miami.

Riise is set to take the helm for February's camp, according to the Telegraph, but it has not yet been decided if she will carry on in the role until Holland boss Sarina Wiegman officially takes charge in September.

The Norwegian helped her country to glory in the 1995 World Cup in addition to Olympic gold at the Sydney Olympics and 1993 Euros.

The Telegraph report that she was picked to become England's new assistant manager with Neville's No 2 Rehanne Skinner moving on to Tottenham.

Riise is hugely respected in the game and has been a part of the USA Women's backroom staff, a team who have claimed consecutive World Cups.

She's also managed LSK Kvinner, a team in her homeland. Neville's early exit to join the David Beckham-owned MLS team has left the FA in the lurch and needing to find a replacement for him to take charge of Team GB at the Olympics in Tokyo.

Weigman will be leading Holland into the tournament this summer before leaving for the Lionesses.

Riise could be in the frame to take the Team GB job on too but the priority as it stands is working with England.

The Lionesses have not been able to play since March last year due to coronavirus restrictions and Neville will not manage the team again.

Under his management, the national side reached the World Cup semi-final of the World Cup but the recent record was poor, losing seven of the previous 11 matches.

13 Янв 2021, 04:05

Главный тренер ЦСКА Виктор Гончаренко лично заинтересован в приобретении полузащитника стамбульского «Фенербахче» и сборной Турции Озана Туфана. Об этом сообщает турецкий журналист Экрем Конур в Twitter.

Напомним, в СМИ сообщалось о том, что ЦСКА сделал «Фенербахче» предложение о приобретении Туфана в размере €10 млн.

В нынешнем сезоне полузащитник провел 16 матчей в чемпионате Турции, забил четыре мяча и отдал четыре результативные передачи.

Ранее сообщалось, что нападающий ЦСКА Гайч может перейти в «Трабзонспор».

13 Янв 2021, 09:16

Gogglebox Australia's Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd have announced their newest project, one that was inspired by their love for their one-year-old son, Malik.

The couple have started their own online children clothing store.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia. Matty, 33, said he and his wife, also 33, came up with the concept when they struggled to decide what to dress their son in the first few months of his life.

'For Sarah and I, we like to put a lot of effort into fashion sense. As new parents, we found that it was difficult because the brands that we loved were boutique sort of Aussie labels,' he said.

'By the end of it we had 50 different labels bookmarked on our computer.'

As a result, the couple decided to create TMRW, an online destination for what they say is ethically sourced, fashion-forward and affordable clothing for Australian children.

'We wanted to create an online space that curated, high quality items, while supporting Aussie business that offers trendy and eco-friendly labels,' Matty added.

'Being parents changed us, we started to become even more aware of the world around us and where it was heading.'

Like most parents, having to buy new clothing for a baby who is constantly growing proved to be a challenge for the environmentally aware couple.

'The TMRW, it stands for Today Must Right our Wrongs and that represents the next generation that are more conscious of our planet than out generation was,' Matty explained.

'We're going to begin on 0-4 years old and during that period you're constantly needing to buy new clothes for your child every few months.'

TMRW will include everyday items from clothing to shoes, and even kitchen accessories on the e-commerce site.

In some of the snaps on their website, the TV stars have included none other than their adorable couch-mate baby Malik as a model.

'He was the best model, he just demanded a cucumber in hand,' proud dad Matty admitted.

During 2020, Matty explained that while the coronavirus pandemic may have been tough on some families, his lockdown periods and ability to work from home was a blessing in disguise.

'It gave Sarah and I the opportunity to focus on the things we are passionate about,' he said.

And on the home front, it meant spending more time watching his son grow up before his eyes.

'I don't miss working from the office one bit,' Marketing Manager Matty admitted.

'I get to enjoy the milestones Malik reaches everyday, because I'm home for it all.'

Matty and Sarah Marie welcomed their firstborn, Malik, in November 2019.

The couple tied the knot at Sydney’s lavish harbourside venue, Doltone House, in January 2018

After their big day, Matty gushed over her appearance on Instagram, writing: 'You Sarah, you are my fire and you light up my f**king life.'

Sarah also shared pictures with her suavely dressed groom, writing: 'Yesterday was like a dream... I married the love of my life, my rock, my soul mate. You are my everything.'

The 13th season of Gogglebox Australia airs on Foxtel and 10 in early 2021

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