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22 Ноя 2020, 07:46
Состояние Маска за неделю выросло почти на $14 млрд

Состояние основателя компании SpaceX и генерального директора Tesla Илона Маска за неделю выросло на $13,5 млрд, сообщает Forbes.

В рейтинге миллиардеров журнала, который обновляется в режиме реального времени, капитал Маска по состоянию на 05:30 мск оценивается в $104,5 млрд. Глава Tesla занимает в нем четвертую строку. Ранее на этой неделе он обошел в списке основателя Facebook Марка Цукерберга ($99,1 млрд).

Первое место в рейтинге Forbes занимает основатель Amazon Джефф Безос ($181,4 млрд), второе — глава Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Бернар Арно ($140,5 млрд), а третье — основатель Microsoft Билл Гейтс ($118,6 млрд).

Маск также поднялся на третье место в глобальном рейтинге миллиардеров Bloomberg, который также обновляется в реальном времени. По оценке агентства, его состояние составило $121 млрд. Лидирует в этом рейтинге Безос ($183 млрд), второе место принадлежит Гейтсу ($128 млрд). На четвертой строке оказался Арно с состоянием в $105 млрд, на пятой — Цукерберг ($102 млрд).

Маску принадлежит 21% акций Tesla.

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03 Дек 2020, 19:16

She is in Dubai with her boyfriend Dan Edgar, who is said to be working hard on an 'exciting' business opportunity.

Yet work was the last thing on Amber Turner's mind on Thursday as she took to Instagram to share a sizzling roof-top snap from the Palm Jumeirah.

The TOWIE star, 27, looked incredible in the snap in which she showed her love of all things designer, with her £1880 ensemble stealing the show.

Amber, who launched her own fitness business in lockdown, was flaunting the fruits of her hard-worked labour as she posed in a sexy bikini.

Her two-piece of choice was a Fendi Lycra® bikini, which markets for £ 330, with Amber's featuring a red trim, while the Fendi website only lists black and white trims.

Beside her sun bed was a pair of Chanel mules, which can be bought online pre-owned for £605, as well as an envy-inducing RIVE GAUCHE TOTE BAG IN LINEN AND LEATHER from Saint Laurent, that sells for £ 945.

Amber and her boyfriend Dan jetted to Dubai earlier this week despite the UK nearing the end of its second lockdown on Wednesday 2 December.

Taking to Instagram on Monday night, the two TOWIE stars, aged 27 and 30, shared multiple updates from their trip as they flew out of Heathrow Airport, London, for an 'exciting business venture'.

Amber revealed that they had both had a coronavirus test before travelling, which came back negative, and they also had an antibody test to see if they had ever had Covid-19, which too came back negative.

The reality star showed off her 1.5 stone weight loss in a slew of snaps as she enjoyed a glass of champagne in the first class lounge ahead of the flight.

After posting several updates from the airport and their flight, Amber revealed that they had landed in Dubai and were back at her 'favourite' Palm Jumeirah.

Up until Wednesday, travel was restricted from the UK amid the second lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rules about travel are listed on www.gov.uk which state: 'From 5 November to 2 December 2020, travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in limited circumstances such as for work or for education.

Dan's representative told MailOnline: 'Dan has had to go to Dubai for exciting business venture that is soon to released.

24 Ноя 2020, 03:15

This year's twelve stars of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! have been bonding and sharing amusing anecdotes during their stint in Gwrych Castle in North Wales.

And Beverley Callard has hilariously revealed in Monday night's episode that during her first kiss, she surprisingly ended up with boot polish all over her face.

The Corrie legend, 63, told her fellow campmates that her ex-husband Paul Atkinson, who she was married to from 1974 until 1977, used to wear boot polish on his beard.

But unfortunately for her, it meant that her first kiss resulted in her getting boot polish smeared across her lips - somewhat ruining the romantic feel of the moment.

Despite the arguably eventful first kiss, Beverley still went on to have her first child Rebecca Callard, now 45, with her first love during their three-year marriage.

The other celebrities also told the hilarious tales of their first kisses, with Victoria Derbyshire revealing that her first boyfriend burped in her mouth by accident.

Meanwhile, Vernon Kay admitted that he was like 'a washing machine' during his 'horrific' first kiss in sixth form, which took place at the end of Wigan Pier.

Ruthie Henshall also confided in her campmates, describing her first kiss as 'so unromantic' because it happened behind the back of a Wimpy fast-food chain.

And Giovanna Fletcher told that her first kiss took place just before she went into secondary school, as her best friend insisted that she couldn't go into year seven without kissing a boy.

So as a solution, her pal offered her own boyfriend up and Giovanna, 35, kissed him while his girlfriend stood by and watched.

The author timidly said she hoped her husband, McFly's Tom Fletcher, would not be cross with her sharing the tale as it happened two years before she met him.

Talking in the Telegraph, she said: 'I think Tom will be o.k with me sharing my first kiss story – it happened two years before I met him. If we'd have met a little bit sooner it would have been with him.'

Beverley's first kiss tale came soon after it was revealed that her fourth husband Jon McEwan is planning to marry her again when she leaves the derelict castle.

Her beau of ten years is busy organising a surprise vow renewal ceremony for the Coronation Street star, 63, who he adorably described as 'his queen', according to The Mirror.

The former military member told the publication: 'I thought, as a couple, we should celebrate where we are now.

'She's my queen already, just by walking through the I'm A Celeb gates, she's won in life.'

Jon plans to organise a small ceremony with 10 to 15 guests as the loved-up couple have already had a massive white wedding with 22 bridesmaids back in 2010.

He jokingly added that he was glad for the current Covid-19 safety restrictions as it means that the guest list cannot 'get out of control'.

Speaking of his plans, he continued: 'In my head I see candles everywhere, twinkly lights, intimate and romantic.'

Jon has given the idyllic ceremony a considerable amount of thought and has already bought a new set of rings for their second big day.

But he insisted that his wife will be completely gobsmacked by his big plans, as he is always asking why people 'bother getting their vows renewed' in the first place.

Beverley has previously described her fourth husband as 'completely and utterly the love of my life' and has even got a huge thoughtful tattoo dedicated to him.

Her inking, which she got in 2016 following her battle with depression, includes two drama masks and a red love heart.

Scrawled through the heart are Beverley and Jon's names, while the date of their romantic union is inked below.

And she is not the only one to have a tattoo tribute, as Jon has a knife and heart with her name in the middle, with them both sharing snaps of the ink on Twitter in 2014.

Beverley's touching tribute to her husband came after he supported her during her mental health struggles back in 2009 and 2016.

In 2009, Beverley spent two months in the Priory after she was overwhelmed by her late mother's Alzheimer's and the stress of the £150,000 debts from her pub with Jon.

Beverley ended up having 12 rounds of electric shock therapy and was unable to walk or speak after the procedure.

During this painful time, Jon stayed by Beverley's side and even 'saved her' from two suicide attempts.

She told The Mirror at the time: 'It wasn't just the fact that Jon rumbled me to the nurses that saved me from ending it all.

'It was much more than that. He stood by me, through everything. He never gave up on me, never gave up trying to understand my torment.'

She continued: 'I am so in love, and so ecstatic to be engaged. Jon and I just fit. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.'

The actress, who is currently doing a stint in the I'm A Celebrity camp in North Wales, has previously expressed her deep devotion for 'soulmate'.

Speaking to the Daily Record back in 2016, Beverley explained Jon had a terrifying health scare that saw him rushed to hospital after collapsing for six minutes.

'I was incredibly frightened because I didn't know what I'd do if something happened to him.

'He's my soulmate and my best friend. He's completely and utterly the love of my life.'

Before tying the knot with Jon, Beverley was married to Steve Callard from 1989 until 2001, David Sowden from 1980 until 1988 and Paul Atkinson for three years from 1974 until 1977.

24 Ноя 2020, 21:21

Матч между командами состоится завтра, 25 ноября, в 19:55 по киевскому времени.

Британская контора William Hill считает, что фаворит матча — Боруссия. Ее победа соответствует коэффициенту 1,50. Выигрыш Шахтера оценивается в 6,00. Коэффициент на ничью равен 4,50.

По мнению авторитетных букмекеров, наиболее вероятный счет — победа Боруссии 2:1 за 7,50. Чуть менее вероятной они считают ничью 1:1 за 8,00.

Наиболее вероятный, по версии William Hill, результат в пользу Шахтера — победа 2:1 за 17,00.

Австрийская контора Bwin больше коллег верит в победу Шахтера — 5,75, а также в ничью — 4,33. Успех Боруссии оценивается в те же 1,50.

Состояние Маска за неделю выросло почти на $14 млрд читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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