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20 Ноя 2020, 23:06
Прокуратура запросила данные о возможных доходах Иванки Трамп

Генеральная прокуратура штата Нью-Йорк и окружная прокуратура Манхэттена в рамках расследований о налогах президента США Дональда Трампа запросила данные о выплатах, которые могла получить его дочь Иванка Трамп. Об этом пишет газета The New York Times.

Подчеркивается, что повестки связаны с доходами, указанными девушкой в налоговой декларации 2017 года. Тогда она получила более $747 тыс. от принадлежащей ей консалтинговой компании.

Как пишет издание, это «точно соответствует той сумме, которую Trump Organization оформила как налоговый вычет в рамках проекта по строительству отелей на Гавайях и в Ванкувере».

Генеральный советник Trump Organization Алан Гартен считает, что это «еще одна попытка сбора компромата, нацеленная на то, чтобы оказать нажим на компанию».


— Штаб Трампа отозвал иск по итогам выборов в Мичигане

— Байден не исключает возможность подачи иска к Трампу из-за непризнания его президентом

— NYT: невестка Трампа планирует стать сенатором

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23 Ноя 2020, 20:06

Премию Globe Soccer Awards организовывают Европейская ассоциация клубов и Европейская ассоциация футбольных агентов.

Всего на награду претендуют 28 экс-футболистов и игроков современности: Андрей Шевченко, Андреа Пирло, Андрес Иньеста, Арьен Роббен, Криштиану Роналду, Дэвид Бекхэм, Фабио Каннаваро, Франческо Тотти, Фрэнк Лампард, Джанлуиджи Буффон, Икер Касильяс, Кака, Килиан Мбаппе, Лионель Месси, Луиш Фигу, Лука Модрич, Мохамед Салах, Неймар, Филипп Лам, Мануэль Нойер, Роберт Левандовски, Роналдиньо, Роналдо, Серхио Рамос, Стивен Джеррард, Хави, Зинедин Зидан и Златан Ибрагимович

Церемония награждения состоится 27 декабря в Дубае.

Проголосовать за своего кандидата можно здесь.

Ранее сообщалось, что легендарный нападающий киевского Динамо Олег Блохин попал в десятку претендентов на звание лучшего левого нападающего в истории футбола по версии французского издания France Football.

26 Ноя 2020, 05:16

Things got a little out of hand when New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday.

Gladys, 50, was shocked to hear Cardi B's sexually charged hit WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion for the first time live on air - and even watched in horror as a KIIS FM staffer performed the song's signature twerking dance in front of her.

At one point, the politician scolded host Kyle Sandilands when he read aloud some of the lyrics - which were censored so they could be played on air.

'Oh please, can we just move on? I'm the Premier, for heaven's sake,' a frustrated Gladys said, after Kyle recited the lyrics.

Despite being pushed out of her comfort zone, she could be heard stifling a shocked laugh as the radio producer attempted the WAP dance.

'That's a hardcore song,' co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson remarked, to which Kyle replied: 'But all the kids love it... we have to play the clean version.'

Before being exposed to the song, Gladys admitted she hadn't heard of WAP.

'I don't know what it is? Does it have any swear words in it? All your staff are laughing, what are you doing?' she said, giggling nervously.

The sex-positive anthem made history in August when it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was streamed 93 million times in its first week.

However, WAP has received its fair share of criticism for its explicit subject matter.

But Cardi B hit back at her critics, telling The Kyle and Jackie O Show at the time that the lyrics were in fact 'normal' by hip hop standards.

'The people that the song bothers are usually like conservatives or really religious, fake religious people,' she said.

'I grew up listening to this type of music, so to other people it might be strange and vulgar, but to me it's almost like really normal.'

She also clarified that WAP was meant for adults, and shouldn't be heard by children.

20 Ноя 2020, 15:15

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is worried that Conor Benn's pre-fight tears are 'not a great sign' ahead of his bout with Sebastian Formella.

The 24-year-old broke down in tears during a Sky Sports interview on Wednesday as he explained the sacrifices he has made to chase his dream of becoming a professional fighter.

An emotional Benn explained that not being around his family members can cause him to become frustrated, as weak internet connection saw him be unable to talk to his little sister on her birthday.

Hearn admitted that the tears were not ideal for the son of boxing legend Nigel, but believes he could thrive under the pressure as he tries to create a legacy in the welterweight division.

'Getting emotional before a fight, like that, is never a great sign and part of that could be to do with the pressure,' Hearn told the Sun.

'But people don't realise that he left his home in Australia to come here on his own, as a kid, to try to make it as a fighter.

'People rarely realise the sort of sacrifices fighters have to make.

'I have had it myself where people think 'you've got a famous and successful dad, it's bloody easy for you'.

'Yes Conor did walk in to a promotional deal with us but that brings with it huge pressure to create your own name.

'I think maybe we saw that a little bit in that video clip.'

Benn tried to organise a fight for the British title but could not get a deal done with current champion Chris Jenkins.

Instead, he will enter the ring against a rather unknown and potentially dangerous entity in Sebastian Formella - who Hearn believes could be a risk.

'Formella has not turned up here to lose, he is here with a massive and expensive team, not the usual one trainer or dad who comes over to save money,' he added.

'Formella is here because he believes he can come and upset Conor, because there is massive pressure on Conor, like there always has been.

'It's a very nervous time now because we think Conor is good enough and he is ready but he has never boxed anyone at this level to confirm it.

'But his trainer Tony Sims, in particular, has seen everything he has done in the gym and he is sure he is ready.'

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