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14 Янв 2021, 08:06
Мужчины и женщины в РФ назвали желаемый размер зарплаты

Сервис «Работа.ру» провел опрос и узнал, сколько хотели бы зарабатывать мужчины и женщины в России в 2021 году, передает RT.

Так, в среднем по стране мужчины хотели бы получать зарплату в размере 192 тыс. рублей. При этом женщины желают зарабатывать 120 тыс. рублей.

В Москве мужчины в среднем называли желаемый заработок в размере 198 тыс. рублей. У женщин желаемая зарплата составила 129 тыс. рублей.

Участниками исследования стали 3 тыс. пользователей сервиса старше 18 лет из всех российских регионов.


— Занять до зарплаты: россияне сводят концы с концами при помощи микрокредитов

— Россияне раскрыли желаемый размер зарплаты

— Россияне перечислили лучшие города для карьеры

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19 Янв 2021, 13:14

They have been filming the adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's Across The River and Into The Trees in recent weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And Josh Hutcherson and Liev Schreiber channelled 1940s style on the film set in Venice on Tuesday.

The Hunger Games actor, 28, and his co-star, 53, were seen smiling in their period costumes as they prepared for the next scene.

Josh wrapped up warm in a brown coat and his raven tresses were swept back in a coiffed hairdo.

Meanwhile Liev rocked a military uniform complete with circular shades.

Their upcoming movie is adapted from a 1950 Ernest Hemingway novel of the same name that is set in Italy as World War II winds down.

Liev has been cast in the role of a terminally ill middle-aged U.S. serviceman, Colonel Richard Cantwell, who falls in love with an 18-year-old Italian contessa called Renata.

Renata is played by Italian actress Matilda De Angelis who can be seen on the HBO mini-series The Undoing with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman.

Meanwhile Josh is playing Jackson, who is also in the American military and is Richard's driver on a duck shoot that forms the framing device of the book.

Four years ago The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Pierce Brosnan would play the lead role with his GoldenEye director Martin Campbell at the helm.

However the current director is Spanish filmmaker Paula Ortiz and this September it emerged in Deadline that Liev was to play the colonel.

Liev has been spending time in picturesque Venice with his 27-year-old girlfriend Taylor Neisen, with whom he has been seen enjoying romantic outings.

The couple have been going strong ever since they started dating in 2017, following his divorce from Naomi Watts.

Screen star Liev was married to the actress, 52, for 11 years and the couple share two children Sasha, 13, and Kai, 11.

They split in September 2016 and have been very verbal in remaining friends in the years following their break-up.

Naomi was also spotted in Venice alongside her children and Liev as they went sightseeing as a family.

16 Янв 2021, 15:50

Брест наконец-то дождался морозной и снежной зимы. Самое время забрать с балкона сани, достать из шкафа коньки, снять с антресоли лыжи. Если дома спортинвентаря у вас нет, «Бинокль» рассказывает, где можно взять все необходимое на прокат и сколько это стоит.

Время работы: по будням 14.00 — 20.00. Выходные и праздники 12.00 — 20.00.

Цена: 3 рубля за 30 минут.

Возле озера работает пункт проката. Сейчас там можно найти лыжи и финские сани. Коньков в прокате пока нет, потому что лед на озере недостаточно толстый: толщина должна быть минимум 7 см.

Лыжи есть детские и взрослые, но детских всего две штуки. Специальная обувь туда не нужна, вставляется обычный ботинок. Взрослые лыжи есть с 39 по 44 размер, их по 1−2 пары. Взрослым свои ботинки нужно оставлять в домике с инвентарем. Оплатить прокат можно в кассе возле танцплощадки «Пляц».

На санки дают «ковровую дорожку», чтобы было тепло. Кстати, сразу за танцплощадкой «Пляц» мы обнаружили вполне приличную горку для катания на санках.

Коньков в прокате нет тоже нет, зато есть лыжи с 34 размера. Палки только взрослые.

Время работы: с 10.00 до 21.00 без выходных (с 13.00 до 14.00 обед).

Стоимость: 5 рублей за час катания на лыжах.

15 Янв 2021, 19:15

Jessica Alba may be a famous actress and co-founder of The Honest Company, but to her three kids she's seen as the 'cringey mom.'

The 39-year-old actress and entrepreneur spoke with Ellen guest host Stephen 'tWitch' Boss on Friday's episode.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of her kids are going through 'distance learning,' as she has learned when to 'call them out' if they're not paying attention. 'I have spy cameras in their rooms, so I can see, are they messing around? Are they focusing? I can call them out. If they fight, I can rewind and see who really hit who first,' Alba added with pride.

Given all of her success - including being on the cover of Women's Health magazine right now - tWitch wondered if her kids are in awe of her, but that's not the case.

'They think I'm so cringey. They think I'm the cringey mom, the definition of cringey. They actually said I should use the hashtag #CringeyMom,' Alba said.

She told them that's 'so mean' and there are so many 'more cringey moms' than her, adding that, 'in the beginning of their life, they didn't know I was an actress.'

'I remember when Honor was in first grade, she was mortified and she came home and she was like, "Why didn't you tell me?"'

Alba added that her kids, at that point, knew she worked at The Honest Company, but one of Honor's friends brought a magazine into school with her mom on the cover.

Honor was asking, 'Why are you on this magazine?' and when she told her she was an actress who is sometimes on magazines, 'she felt so betrayed,' Alba said with a laugh.

Alba most recently starred on the Spectrum crime drama series L.A.'s Finest with Gabrielle Union, and she's attached to star in the action movie Trigger Warning.

She also opened up about how her 12-year-old daughter Honor reacted after she told her that she was an actress.

Alba said that Honor is, 'in that tween kind of age, she's taller than me now, it happened so fast, she's not a little baby anymore.'

She added that her nine-year-old daughter Haven is the one who, 'loves all the friends and socializing,' adding she has 'found her way through COVID.'

Alba added they've had so many family 'binge' nights, and that Hayden is the one that shows her all of the TikTok dance moves before she performs them on her own TikTok channel, which has nearly 6 million followers.

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