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14 Янв 2021, 13:06
Мишустин уверен в быстром восстановлении экономики России

Преьмер-министр России Михаил Мишустин уверен, что российская экономика восстановится значительно быстрее, потому что страна первой в мире разработала вакцину. Об этом пишет РИА «Новости».

«Наша страна была первой, кто разработал вакцину и стал её активно применять. Это позволяет рассчитывать, что период восстановления у нас пройдёт значительно быстрее», — сказал Мишустин.

Премьер напомнил, что до этого правительство выработало меры поддержки производств и людей в условиях коронавируса.

Россия была первой страной в мире, зарегистрировавшей вакцину от COVID-19. Препарат был разработан НИЦЭМ имени Гамалеи совместно с Российским фондом прямых инвестиций. Его назвали «Спутник V».

В мире с начала пандемии зарегистрировано 92 млн заболевших, 65 млн выздоровели, больше 1,9 млн человек скончались. В России выявили уже 3,4 млн человек с COVID-19.


— Росздравнадзор счел незаконным применение вакцины Pfizer до регистрации

— Коронавирус выявили еще у 24 763 жителей России

— Мишустин заявил о переломном моменте в ситуации с коронавирусом

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19 Янв 2021, 01:14

Armie Hammer's estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers was spotted out for her first public appearance since the actor's 'cannibalism' scandal.

The 38-year-old television personality served as a judge at the Cayman Cookout brunch at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, which took place from January 15-17.

Currently, Chambers resides in the Cayman Islands with her two children, apart from Hammer, whom she separated from back in July.

In photos, Elizabeth Chambers appeared to put on a good face for the crowd, despite the current turmoil with her ex-husband.

She joined a panel of judges for the annual cooking competition which was hosted by world renounced celebrity chef Eric Ripert. The charity event raised $20,000 for the Cayman Food Bank, Page Six reported.

The mother of two has previously served as a guest judge of cooking and baking shows for The Cooking Channel and Food Network, and owns the Texas based Bird Bakery.

Elizabeth is in the midst of divorcing her husband of 10 years and was reportedly unaware of Armie's alleged bizarre sexual fantasies and behaviors.

Sources previously told Page Six that Chambers knew nothing of the 'weird s**t' he did and that people thought they were in an 'open marriage' because of the way he would 'run around' with other women.

A friend told DailyMail.com that Elizabeth is in 'complete shock' and 'sickened' over the recent claims and messages alleged to have been sent by Hammer that discuss rape and cannibalism.

The source added: 'Armie had a whole other side to him that she wasn't aware of. Whether it was always there and he kept it hidden, or something happened that changed him completely, she doesn't know.'

The actor made headlines recently when leaked direct messages surfaced that were purported to have been authored by Hammer himself.

The alleged messages contained sexually graphic content like rape fantasies, BDSM, breaking bones and talk of cannibalism and were sent to several women. They date back to 2016 but some are as recent as February 2020.

In one message, the actor allegedly writes to the woman: 'I am 100% a cannibal. I want to eat you.'

In leaked videos obtained by DailyMail.com, Hammer bragged to his inner circle about a lingerie-clad woman waiting for him in his bed and smugly posted about taking a hallucinogenic drug that goes undetected in drug tests.

The 34-year-old allegedly posted the content to his secret Instagram account and in one snippet of himself taking a drag from a vape box on December 16, he wrote: 'When you realize they don't test for DMT on drug tests.'

He also shared a screenshot of what appears to be a court order that states he must take a drug test, as source revealed he is required to pass it before seeing his two young children with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers.

In a short video filmed in his room at the Ritz-Carlton, a woman dressed in strappy black lingerie was seen waiting patiently on his bed on all fours.

He wrote: 'Well… my ex (for a very good reason) wife is refusing to come back to america with my children. So I have to go back to Cayman… which sucks.

'Except there are a few silver linings. Like f**king Ms. Cayman again while I'm down there.'

It is not clear that the reference was to Miss Cayman Islands Universe, and the Miss Cayman Islands Universe Committee released a statement to say it had contacted cops over footage of the lingerie-clad woman and denied that she was involved with their organization.

His rep declined to comment on the videos posted to his private Instagram account.

DailyMail.com also obtained videos of Hammer cracking open a beer while driving and licking white powder off his friend's hand.

He is seen in two separate clips, declaring 's**t's getting weird' after polishing off a white substance from a friend's hand and in another saying 'sending love, boys' after taking a swig from his beer can while behind the wheel.

Since the ongoing scandal broke, the Social Network star revealed the he was dropping out of his upcoming romantic-comedy with Jennifer Lopez, titled Shotgun Wedding.

He said in a statement to DailyMail.com: 'I'm not responding to these b******* claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.'

15 Янв 2021, 05:46

Военный суд признал виновным капитана, служившего в Камчатском крае, который украл деньги в особо крупном размере и дезертировал. Об этом говорится на сайте 35 гарнизонного военного суда.

«Подсудимый, являясь должностным лицом финансовой службы воинской части, присвоил государственные денежные средства более 1 млн руб, похитил денежные средства более 8 млн рублей, то есть в особо крупном размере», — уточняется в сообщении.

Военнослужащий не явился в свою часть и сбежал за рубеж. После этого он использовал поддельные документы.

Злоумышленника признали виновным по ч. 4 и ч. 3 ст. 160 УК («Присвоение или растрата»), п. «б» ч. 4 ст. 158 УК («Кража») и ч. 1 ст. 338 УК («Дезертирство»). Мужчину приговорили к восьми годам исправительной колонии и лишили звания «капитан». Кроме того, с него взыскали в пользу Минобороны 10 024 059 руб.

Приговор в законную силу не вступил и может быть обжалован в Тихоокеанском флотском военном суде.

Весной 2019 года Краснодарский гарнизонный суд осудил трех военных за попытку хищения имущества Минобороны. Виновные пытались продать на сторону четыре двигателя к КамАЗу, которые поступили на хранение в их часть.

18 Янв 2021, 15:15

Izzy Judd has revealed she had to rush her son Kit to hospital after he reacted badly to his pre-school vaccine boosters.

Explaining what happened in the caption, Izzy admitted that being in hospital 'sent [her] anxiety flying' but she was grateful for the doctor who helped Kit and heaped praise on the NHS.

'Being in a hospital sent my anxiety flying, just can’t bear to think of the scenes behind the wall of the children’s department (which was empty).

'Usually at this time of year we’re facing the back to back colds and bugs with the kids, it felt really weird giving Kit medicine today after so long.'

Izzy went on: 'Thank you as ever to @NHS and the kind doctor who took care of us tonight. We are so lucky, oh the worry when the little ones are poorly....'

She shared an update with her fans on Instagram showing her little boy smiling as they took a selfie while waiting to be seen.

It came six days after the mother-of-two explained that the youngster caught his eyelid on a branch and also had to have a trip to the hospital.

Despite the unexpected hospital visit, Kit and Izzy appeared to be in good spirits as they waited to be seen with the toddler even managing a smile for the camera.

Izzy added that her little boy had been 'very brave' while having his chin looked at and shared a snap of his injury with some tape across it.

Six days earlier the pair were there to get Kit checked out following him hurting his eyelid at the park.

At the time, Izzy penned: 'On Friday morning I decided to keep Kit off nursery so we could have some time together.

'Unfortunately my plan didn’t go too well after a game of hide and seek at the park went wrong and whilst trying to find me, Kit tripped and caught his eye lid on a branch sticking out of the ground... ouch!!

Izzy has been sharing regular updates on her time in lockdown with her two children, four-year-old Lola and Kit, and has also spoken candidly about her fertility journey.

The violinist recently reflected on her miscarriage and her experiences with IVF in a new Channel 5 documentary detailing the tragedy of baby loss.

During the show, Izzy discussed the guilt and pain attached to her baby journey and also noted the 'importance' of the conversation.

Sharing a clip from the show and a lengthy caption, Izzy, who shares her two children with husband of four years Harry, spoke of how miscarriages can be 'left unspoken', after losing her own baby after her first cycle of IVF in 2014.

Izzy welcomed daughter Lola with McFly drummer Harry in 2016 after two rounds of In vitro fertilisation and went on to conceive son Kit naturally the following year.

She suffers with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a condition that affects a woman's oestrogen and progesterone levels causing cysts on the ovaries. She discovered that she had trouble conceiving shortly after marrying Harry back in 2012.

In the clip from the documentary, Izzy said: 'After the miscarriage, I wanted to escape me almost. What did I do wrong? Had I tempted fate by having IVF?

'Was I not meant to be a mum and now did I have a bigger problem in that not only could I not get pregnant but could I not carry babies?'

She then detailed the guilt she felt, saying: 'You cant help but feel responsibility, you think cant help but think what if i cant give harry a family what if I cant give his mum and dad grandchildren what if i cant give my mum and dad grandparents.'

Izzy added a caption alongside the clip reading: 'I am taking part in a very important conversation. Something that is still painful to talk about and understand. It is grief and yet so often left unspoken, an emptiness and loss suffered in silence.

'To anyone who has been through this physical and emotional pain, I hope listening to others talk about it will bring some comfort that you are not alone and thank you to Channel 5 for giving us the opportunity to share our stories.'

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