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21 Ноя 2020, 09:06
Медцентр в Уругвае договорился о поставке 1,5 млн доз вакцины «Спутник V»

Уругвайский медицинский центр Casmu подписал договор с Российским фондом прямых инвестиций (РФПИ) о поставках в страну 1,5 млн доз российской вакцины от коронавируса «Спутник V». В Латинской Америке рассчитывают получить их в январе 2021 года после одобрения ВОЗ. Об этом в интервью радио Oriental сообщил президент медцентра Рауль Родригес.

«Мы подписали соглашение и стали местным представителем вакцины «Спутник V», — сказал Родригес.

Он отметил, что компания зарезервировала вакцину для 1,5 млн человек, по две дозы.

Родригес также добавил, что Casmu ожидает завершения третьей фазы клинических испытаний препарата и одобрения со стороны ВОЗ для того, чтобы начать дистрибуцию.

Всего в мире с начала пандемии зарегистрировано более 57 млн заболевших, свыше 40 млн человек выздоровели, а более миллиона пациентов скончались. В России выявили свыше 2 млн человек с COVID-19. РФ была первой страной в мире, зарегистрировавшей вакцину от COVID-19. Препарат был разработан НИЦЭМ имени Гамалеи совместно с Российским фондом прямых инвестиций. Его назвали «Спутник V». 15 октября президент России Владимир Путин рассказал о регистрации второй вакцины от COVID-19, которая получила название «ЭпиВакКорона». Ее разработал новосибирский центр «Вектор».


— Путин: Россия готова работать со всеми странами по поставкам вакцин от COVID-19

— Мадуро рассказал об испытаниях «Спутник V» в Венесуэле

— Додон готов привиться российской вакциной от COVID-19

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23 Ноя 2020, 12:21

Последняя декада ноября, как и две предыдущие, началась теплой, нетипичной для поздней осени погодой. О приближающейся зиме напоминают дождь и мокрый снег, а кое-где и наличие снежного покрова. По последним данным, снег толщиной 1−4 см лежит на северо-востоке Витебской и Могилевской областей. Об этом сообщили в Белгидромете Минприроды.

Во вторник, 24 ноября, ожидается облачно с прояснениями. На большей части территории пройдут кратковременные осадки, в основном дождь. Ветер западный, северо-западный порывистый. Температура воздуха минимальная ночью 0…+5°С, максимальная днем +3…8°С.

В среду, 25 ноября, ожидается преобладание облачной погоды. На большей части территории республики ожидаются кратковременные дожди, ночью по северо-востоку мокрый снег, слабый гололед. Ветер западный умеренный. Температура воздуха ночью −1…+5°С, днем +2…7°С.

В четверг, 26 ноября, будет облачно с прояснениями, во многих районах осадки прекратятся, лишь ночью местами по востоку страны еще ожидаются кратковременные дожди. В отдельных районах республики будут сгущаться туманы. Ветер западный, юго-западный умеренный. Температура воздуха в ночные часы −2…+5°С, по Брестской области при прояснениях до -5°С, днем +2…7°С.

В пятницу, 27 ноября, скажется влияние очередного атлантического циклона. На большей части территории республики пройдут кратковременные осадки (дождь, мокрый снег). Ночью и утром в отдельных районах слабые туман, гололед, на дорогах местами гололедица. Ветер юго-западный с переходом на северо-западный умеренный. Температура воздуха минимальная ночью −3…+3°С, максимальная днем 0…+6°С.

В выходные погодные условия в Беларуси станут формировать более прохладные воздушные массы, ожидаются снег и мокрый снег.

22 Ноя 2020, 01:14

Vernon Kay has revealed that he and wife of 17 years Tess Daly secretly renewed their wedding vows five years ago.

The presenting duo originally wed in 2003 and have two daughters - Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11 - and Vernon talked about his marriage on Saturday night's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Chatting to camp-mates Giovanna Fletcher and Jessica Plummer, Giovanna - who was discussing her marriage to McFly crooner Tom Fletcher - asked if Vernon would ever renew his vows.

'We have done, we did it in France, about five years ago,' he revealed. 'I booked a weekend in our favourite hotel in the South Of France and I spoke to [Tess'] stylist at the time and I said I needed four dresses.

'[Tess] didn't know anything. I said I needed four dresses and I gave her a card and it said congratulations on your second wedding day and I said we're going to renew our vows.

'She said, 'I've got nothing to wear,' and I said. 'you say that… pick one!'

'We went to reception and her Mum, my parents, the kids and my brother were waiting and she was like 'oh my God!'

'We had such a lovely day!'

This romantic story moved Jessica, who said afterwards in the Telegraph: 'It's incredible that Vernon arranged in secret the renewal of his vows. It's like a fairy tale!'

Giovanna also commented: 'Vernon's story is absolutely romantic and wonderful and thoughtful. I mean, Tom, if you're watching...'

Vernon, 46, and Tess, 51, celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary on September 12. They wed at St Mary's Church in Horwich in 2003.

Their marriage hit a speed bump in 2010, however, when Vernon was caught sexting glamour model Rhian Sugden.

Vernon pursued Rhian on Twitter, text and email for four months, with the blonde later claiming he also tried to set up a secret liaison with her in a hotel room.

Afterwards, she assured Tess that they never met up alone and it was nothing more than a 'close friendship and flirty messages'. She concluded with offering her 'sincerest apologies' and wishing the both of them happiness for the future.

Vernon was famously forced to make a public apology to Tess on BBC Radio 1 back in 2010 after the saucy messages came to light.

He went on to promise live on air that he would no longer contact Rhian or the four other women he had been caught messaging at the time.

It was then revealed the pair had got back in touch in 2015 with Vernon sending hundreds of texts asking to 'reconnect' with the model.

Rhian claimed earlier this year that the scandal ruined her career.

The model, 33, lamented the fact that the presenter 'got away with it' after publicly apologising to his wife.

Rhian said it still 'makes her feel sick' that Vernon returned to his presenting duties afterwards and that she wishes she had never met him.

Talking to The Sun, the glamour model said: 'He just got away with it. It ruined everything for me. I felt like I was going up and up with my career and then that came along. I wish I'd never met him.

'He got to give an apology on the radio and just got to carry on, with Family Fortunes, ironically. It still makes me feel sick.'

Rhian added that they met during a night out in Manchester and that there was an 'attraction there' for both of them.

She added that 'things stemmed' from there until their 'sexting scandal' was exposed.

Rhian emotionally added to the newspaper: 'If I'd met this man, slept with him and had a full blown affair with him then I would understand the backlash. It was like I'd literally killed somebody.'

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9PM on ITV.

21 Ноя 2020, 01:15

If Sergio Aguero had been the face of an advertising campaign, would people be more respectful and appreciative of his talents?

I often wonder whether we realise what a player we have watched for the last 10 seasons. Aguero has had as big an impact on English football as Thierry Henry.

He might not be as easy on the eye as Henry in terms of style but he is a better finisher than the Arsenal legend.

Henry, though, will always command affection. He was the man with ‘Va va voom!’ — he is charismatic and played football with a swagger.

He gave revealing interviews and had a spell as a pundit before he turned to management. If you didn’t support Arsenal, I bet you still liked Henry.

Most people, on the other hand, wouldn’t know a great deal about Sergio. It makes me think the fact he is a quiet man has stopped him being recognised as one of the greats of the modern era, a striker who Manchester City will never be able to truly replace.

Without Sergio, I wouldn’t have a Premier League winner’s medal. He scored 23 League goals in 2011-12 and was directly responsible for providing nine points to our total of 89, but that simple statistic doesn’t do him justice. It’s better to refer to him as a moment-in-time player.

The amazing thing is, I wondered what all the fuss was about him when he first came into training.

In those first couple of sessions, following his £35million arrival from Atletico Madrid, I looked at him and thought, ‘Is he that special?’

He never did anything other than in second gear. His finishing was good but nothing that made you think, ‘Wow!’ His reputation was huge but I was struggling to get excited about what he might do for us after a few days at Carrington.

It wasn’t like Robinho, who had joined us from Real Madrid three years earlier. He was incredible from the first minute and he looked every inch the superstar.

If he had joined at the same time as Sergio, when the team were more settled, we’d have a much different opinion of Robinho.

Back to Sergio, and when he came on as a substitute against Swansea, I knew within 30 minutes he would go down as the best striker I had played with.

I watched the highlights of that performance again to refresh my mind and I had goosebumps.

His first goal, a tap-in at the back post, came from one of the best crosses you will ever see (yes, I provided it) but he scored another from 30 yards and provided an assist for David Silva with an overhead kick from the byline after he refused to give up the chase for a ball.

I said to him afterwards, ‘Sergio! Where did that come from? In training, I didn’t see this!’

He looked back with a smile and said: ‘Training, tranquillo (stay calm)! The game is important!’

How right he was. Monday to Friday, he did what he had to do, but at the weekend a switch flicked once he crossed the line.

He is relentless at closing people down, clever at how he can bring people into play. Some would have you believe he’s just a poacher.

It’s a ridiculous thing to say. If I had to pick someone to score to save my life, it would be him every single time.

His goal against Queens Park Rangers to win the 2011-12 title is the best example of his work.

Watch it and see how he feints and takes an extra touch before deceiving Paddy Kenny and shooting to the near post.

By rights, for all he has accomplished, he should have an ego. Most big strikers do but with Sergio it can be disarming how unassuming he is.

He goes to work, plays football, goes home. There’s not a hint of arrogance about him, just a quiet lad.

The only time I have really seen his emotions come pouring out was after scoring against QPR.

In the dressing room afterwards he came out of his shell, but most of the time you wouldn’t know he is there.

It is the quietness that makes me wonder whether he is taken for granted. Some players have been very good at making themselves brands and creating profiles but none of it has interested Sergio. He gets overlooked but he will be missed when he is gone.

His intention has always been to finish his career back in Argentina but I expect now Pep Guardiola has signed a contract extension that Sergio will do the same.

Whether it is for 12 months or two years, it is a piece of business I hope City conclude.

City will sign another striker in the future, and hopes are high for Gabriel Jesus and Ferran Torres, but there is nobody like Sergio.

There will never be another one like him at Manchester City and there haven’t been many better in the Premier League.

It was my privilege to see his talent first-hand.

The international break saw Jack Grealish, Phil Foden and Mason Mount all enhance their reputations but let’s not overlook another midfielder.

I had always regarded Declan Rice as a central defender playing in midfield but it seems he has become a permanent fixture in England’s team.

Rice has the ability to move back and become one of the best defenders in the Premier League — but he is maturing in the middle and he impressed me against Iceland, alongside Mount.

It felt like England were more fluent and adventurous and I hope this is the way we line up in all the fixtures against nations that we are expected to beat.

Grealish and Foden get people off their seats but every team needs someone like Rice. He is a really good footballer.

I am not an expert on dementia but I do know the impact it can have on families and I was moved by Chris Sutton’s interview in these pages earlier this week.

My heart goes out to him and his family for the plight they are facing with his father, Mike.

If Sportsmail’s campaign accelerates change going forward, then the issue about tackling dementia should not even be up for debate.

It needs to happen.

When I was young, I used to love heading. Going up for aerial battles was a big part of my game and there was something old school about getting stuck in.

You would never show any pain, even on the occasions you knew you had hurt your head.

I don’t regret heading the ball so much but I’m glad I’m now aware of the findings.

I remember playing with footballs that were too hard and I am pleased that doesn’t happen any longer.

Young children don’t need to be heading before their neck muscles are properly strengthened and they have an understanding of what they are doing. We need to make things safer.

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