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22 Ноя 2020, 11:06
В России выявили 24 581 случай коронавируса за сутки

В России выявили 24 581 случай коронавируса за сутки, пишет оперштаб.

Больше всего заражений в Москве (6 575), Санкт-Петербурге (2 668) и Подмосковье (949). 21 ноября сообщалось о 24 822, 20 ноября — 24 318, 19 ноября — о 23 610 случаях.

За сутки погиб 401, выздоровели 18 008 пациентов. Всего в России заразились 2 089 329, выздоровели 1 595 443, скончались 36 179 человек.

В мире с начала пандемии зарегистрировано 58 млн заболевших, 40 млн выздоровели, больше 1,3 миллиона человек скончались.


— Глава РАН оценил перспективы борьбы с COVID-19

— Биолог предупредила о двух опасных чертах мутировавшего коронавируса

— В США разрешили в экстренных случаях применять для лечения сыворотку из антител

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24 Ноя 2020, 03:13

Conservatives are more likely to put anecdotal experience and empirical evidence on equal footing, according to a recent study.

Researchers presented nearly 1,000 participants with articles debunking popular theories on gambling, new age medicine and personality tests.

Although all the articles included scientific experts disproving the theory, they also included dissenting opinions from non-experts who claimed, anecdotally, they had seen the theory proven true.

Three-quarters of self-identified liberals viewed the scientist as more legitimate, while barely more than half of conservatives did.

Of those who actually favored anecdotal opinion over hard science, two-thirds were conservatives.

'Both-sides-ism fuels anti-intellectualism,' psychology professor Alexander Swan told The Daily Mail. 'In my opinion it's a growing distrust of experts.'

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The study was conducted by Swan, a psychology professor at Eureka College, and Randy Stein, a marketing professor at California Polytechnic State University.

The two researchers, who published their findings in the journal Political Psychology, were inspired after writing a paper about how Myers-Briggs was a poor assessment tool.

'We found there was an anti-science bias in our samples and a belief in 'finding your own truth,' Swan told the Daily Mail. 'We wanted to look into how deep that went.'

They asked 913 American adults to read an excerpt from an article debunking a common misconception.

In one article, a psychologist explained how the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test has little scientific merit and is a poor predictor of attitude or performance.

One version of that article also included a statement from an personnel consultant, insisting people he worked with 'have successfully used MBTI to guide their careers, and their lives.'

In another version of the same article, the dissent appeared as an anonymous reader comment: 'The professor did his research but he has no real-life experience,' it read. 'MBTI works, I took it and in my experience it was correct.'

The researchers set up the same dynamic with three different disproved theories: that magnetic jewelry has healing properties, that gamblers can have a 'hot streak,' and that an individual investor can consistently beat the market.

In every version, a scientific expert explained how there was no validity to the theory and offered an opinion on why people still cling to it.

That explanation was then followed by a non-academic asserting they've seen it work in their lives.

'Though both liberals and conservatives tended to see the researcher as more legitimate overall, conservatives see less of a difference in legitimacy between the expert and the dissenter,' the authors wrote in The Conversation.

Participants' political ideology was determined by a combination of self-identification and a series of questions.

But they were careful to choose topics that were fairly uncontroversial, said Swan.

'We definitely wanted to use non-political issues,' he said. 'If we had gone with something like climate change, the subjects would have divided themselves up by ideology regardless of who was more compelling.'

By using apolitical topics 'we've shown that science denial isn't just a matter of self-interest,' they wrote.

Testing was conducted in late 2018, well before the election and the pandemic, but Swan says the divide has only gotten deeper.

He points to beliefs about mask-wearing and how serious the virus is as examples.

'One of the biggest differences in political ideology is ideological flexibility—conservatives are less likely to be flexible even when new information is provided,' Swan says. 'The narrative is becoming a behemoth of 'Don't trust what they're saying because they're going back and forth.'

While 'hearing from both sides' can sound virtuous, he says, it's not helpful when comparing perspectives with vastly different levels of expertise.

To get more people to trust science, Swan believes, America needs to start reinvesting in scientific education.

'There are no really good federal science literacy standards,' he said. 'In rural Illinois, where I teach, it's pretty obvious when a student hasn't gotten a lot of the same information I have. Even the basics, like the scientific method.'

He also suggests giving scientists better training on speaking to the public.

'Elected officials need to let scientists speak on science issues and policy. Politicians shouldn't be the mouthpiece.'

24 Ноя 2020, 15:21

В категории транспорт The Legatum Prosperity Index Украина поднялась на 12 позиций (73 место), а в категории доступ к рынку и инфраструктура — на 10 пунктов (77 место). Об этом сообщает пресс-служба Укравтодор на Facebook.

«В 2020 году Украина получила +20 позиций в общем рейтинге качества дорог — сейчас занимаем 126-е место. Это означает, что международные эксперты и аналитики положительно оценивают шаги страны в направлении развития дорожной инфраструктуры», — говорится в сообщении.

В целом Украина занимает 92 место в рейтинге процветания и соседствует с Гайаной в Южной Америке (91 место) и Сальвадором в Центральной Америке (93 место).

The Legatum Prosperity Index, или индекс процветания, учитывает экономический рост страны, уровень образовательной системы, медицины, личного благосостояния и качества жизни и т. д. Его ежегодно формирует образовательный аналитический центр Legatum Institute.

24 Ноя 2020, 09:16

They sparked dating rumors after he split from his wife when she was voted off Dancing With The Stars.

And on Monday, Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko did nothing to quell the speculation as they reunited for the ABC show's season finale.

The Selling Sunset reality star and the pro dancer appeared completely at ease as they posed together on the red carpet.

Chrishell, 39, wore a sleeveless full-length pale blue dress for the occasion.

Her long blonde hair was styled in tousled waves falling around her shoulders and she accessorized with tiny drop earrings.

She smiled happily as she leaned into Gleb, 37, who was nattily attired in a gray pinstripe three-piece suit.

He announced his 14-year marriage to Elena Samodanova was over after he and Chrishell were eliminated in the eighth week of the dance competition earlier this month.

The blonde reality star, who went through a high-profile split from This Is Us star Justin Hartley a year ago, has denied she and the Russian-born dancer are anything more than friends.

Four celebrity-pro couples set to compete for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy in the season 29 finale walked the red carpet ahead of time.

For the final episode, the women including the pro dancers, all wore a version of the same white outfit while the men donned gray pinstripes.

The celebrities who made it through to the last round were Bachelorette and Bachelor alum Kaitlyn Bristowe, rapper Nelly, actress Justina Machado and TV personality Nev Schulman.

On Monday's season finale, each contestant and their dance pro partner repeated one of their favorite performances from earlier in the season.

Then they performed their Freestyle dance routine.

The live two-hour event, hosted by Tyra Banks, ended with the Mirrorball Trophy going to Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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