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14 Янв 2021, 11:46
В Москве за ночь выпала пятая часть месячной нормы осадков

За прошедшую ночь в Москве выпало 20% месячной нормы осадков, сообщил ведущий специалист центра погоды «Фобос» Евгений Тишковец в Instagram.

«За минувшую ночь в столице выпало 8–9 миллиметров осадков, а это составляет порядка 20% всей месячной нормы», — сказал Тишковец. Метеоролог пояснил, что на базовой метеостанции ВДНХ в осадкомеры за сутки попало 8 мм осадков, а это — 19% месячной нормы. «Столько же зафиксировано в Наро-Фоминске, Михайловском и Подмосковном, чуть больше — 9 мм выпало осадков в Можайске, Кашире и Коломне», — добавил Тишковец.

Погодные условия в столице, по его словам, определяет балканский циклон «Димитриос», который накануне обрушился на Московский регион и привел к снегопадам. Он принес снеговые тучи, метель и холодный северо-восточный ветер. Температурный фон — на 7 градусов ниже нормы.

Ветер в столице северо-восточный. Его скорость — 5–10 м/с. По словам Тишковца, атмосферное давление в городе будет слабо падать и составит 738 мм рт. ст. Метеоролог отметил умеренную солнечную активность и неустойчивое геомагнитное поле.

Температура воздуха днем в Москве ожидается на уровне минус 12–14 градусов, а в Подмосковье — минус 10–15 градусов, говорит Тишковец. Но из-за холодного воздуха ощущаться будет как минус 19–20 градусов, уточнил метеоролог.

Ранее, в четверг, Тишковец сообщил , что ночь с 13 на 14 января стала самой холодной за всю зиму. Температура составила 13,4 градуса ниже нуля. Предыдущий температурный рекорд этой зимы был поставлен 10 декабря — тогда температура была минус 12,6 градуса.

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19 Янв 2021, 17:14

Travel restrictions have been enforced across the world to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

However, Danielle Lloyd appeared unperturbed by the global pandemic on Monday as she announced she has become a travel agent while encouraging others to do the same.

The mother-of-four, 37, launched a new Instagram page, Jetsetwithdaniellelloyd, and said 'the time is now' to get involved before the 'travel boom', despite international health concerns.

In a social media snap which featured a champagne flute next to an aeroplane window, Danielle penned: 'Who’s ready to start earning while travelling...

'Travel restrictions are set to lift in the next couple of months. Get ready to start earning as soon as they do. DM me for more info'. (sic)

Danielle also shared an exotic ocean picture to her Instagram Story and wrote: 'With travel restrictions set to lift and another travel boom set to explode...

'Now is the time to get ready to start earning 8/16% commission on every booking you make. Book everything from car hire, to spa, breaks, weekend in the cities, weeks in the Bahamas, cruises... and anything else you can think of'.

'My only regret is I didn't get involved sooner. The time is now. DM me for info'. (sic)

Danielle also shared a screenshot which quoted $87,375,331 as the alleged commission paid to travel agents through her company.

'Travel is trillion million dollar industry... travel is never going to stop.

'If you're dreaming of a holiday after this... what do you think everyone else is dreaming of doing?'

However, she didn't verify the legitimacy of the quote or provide additional information regarding the company she is working for or with.

The government currently asks UK residents to avoid unnecessary travel to prevent a rise in coronavirus cases.

New rules that have come into force require international travellers to come back negative after a PCR test before arriving in England.

Any arrivals who flout the rules will face a minimum £500 fine, while the operator who transported them will also be fined.

Passengers will still have to quarantine for 10 days regardless of their test results, transport minister Robert Courts said in a recent statement.

Dozens of reality TV personalities have swapped the UK's third lockdown for some sun in the Dubai, sharing regular updates from their lavish 'work trips' to social media, as business travel is still currently allowed.

It is now thought that fed-up Brits have hit back by unfollowing the stars accounts. Love Island's Anton Danyluk, 26, and Laura Anderson, 31, dropping a combined 26,000, reported The Sun on Monday.

Anton, who is thought to have lost 14,000 followers, shared that he was heading to Dubai on December 10 and has since posted glimpses of his impressive hotel views and dips in the pool with his 1m fans.

While Laura Anderson, who has reportedly dropped a sizeable 12,000 followers, sparked a backlash when she said it was 'really hard' to be an influencer following unimpressed comments on her Dubai snaps.

The beauty, who used to live in Dubai, has been in the reality star-flooded city since before New Year's and asked her 1.4m fans not to comment on posts 'if they don't have anything nice to say'.

Former WAG Danielle also faced backlash in December as she was branded 'disgusting' and 'irresponsible' for breaking Tier Three coronavirus rules to celebrate her 37th birthday with pals.

The reality star took to Instagram to share snaps from the festivities, as she posed with three friends for a selfie before filming a number of videos showing the mask-less group dancing inside a limousine with no social distancing in place.

While Danielle claimed in her comments she went 'nowhere', her slew of videos were very much to the contrary as the four women drank and danced on top of one another, after she shared a selfie with 'Out, Out' emblazoned on top.

Birmingham, where Danielle lives, was in Tier Three, which meant residents were banned from meeting anyone outside of their household or bubble indoors.

18 Янв 2021, 05:15

Josh Groban performed in an 'Indoguration Ceremony' Sunday to honor President-elect Joe Biden's German shepherd Major, who's about to move into the White House after President Donald Trump did not own a pet dog during his four years in office.

The 39-year-old performed the Patti Page classic, (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window? for the virtual event, the proceeds of which went to the Delaware Humane Association and Pumpkin Pet Insurance.

'It is a great privilege to be here on this first Indoguration. Congratulations to Major Biden, the first dog-elect who will soon be entering the White House,' he said in the Zoom special. 'Many animals have been in the White House but Major Biden will be the first rescue dog in the White House, which is why we're here. It's an incredible thing.'

The Los Angeles native last week used Instagram Stories to ask Biden if he could serenade his incoming pet, writing '@JoeBiden, please let me sing for this.'

The 99 Years singer previously took to social media on Sunday to promote the performance, writing in an Instagram post, 'IT CAME TRUE!! I am so happy. The world is a mess, but we can all agree dogs rule.'

The Tony Award-winning artist continued: 'Let’s celebrate Major’s Indoguration and raise $ for his rescue shelter, Delaware Humane Association ...all donations go to Major’s shelter, DHA. Zoom tickets have sold out but you can still watch the show on YouTube (link in my stories!) and donate to DHA using the link in the YouTube video description. See you there!'

The Biden family adopted Major in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Association, joining the family's German shepherd Champ. Major will be the first shelter dog ever in the White House.

In the Zoom stream, Groban urged his fans, 'Please rescue animals. There are so many animals out there in desperate need of homes and you will not regret one moment with the animal you brought into your life and your home.

'Thank you to the Delaware Humane Society, thank you to the Humane Society in general who are doing God's work for such incredible work to maintain that message and make sure we eliminate as often as we can the cruelty to animals and to make sure animals get the love and attention and homes they deserve all across the country.'

Trump was the first president in more than a century who did not own a dog, as the last commander-in-chief not to have one was President William McKinley.

Other recent presidential pets include Barack Obama's dogs Bo and Sun, George W. Bush's three dogs, Barney, Spot and Miss Beazley; and Bill Clinton's dog Buddy and cat Socks.

15 Янв 2021, 21:06

Основной владелец «Северстали» и «Силовых машин», миллиардер Алексей Мордашов заявил, что экономическая изоляция станет для России полной катастрофой. Его слова приводит .

По словам бизнесмена, страна сильно зависит от импорта и экспорта. Если внешнеэкономическая деятельность вдруг прекратится, то национальная экономика «сожмется в два раза».

«Такие отрасли, как нефтегазовая промышленность, машиностроение, металлургия, просто остановятся, если у нас исчезнет возможность экспортировать», — рассказал Мордашов на Гайдаровском форуме.

Он отметил, что в таком случае «тяжелейший удар» будет нанесен и российскому потребителю. Граждане потеряют возможность покупать зарубежные товары.

Бизнесмен заключил, что все разговоры про изоляцию России ему кажутся искусственными.


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