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14 Янв 2021, 09:46
В Москве продлили запрет на ночную работу клубов, баров и ресторанов

Запрет на работу заведений общепита и досуга в ночное время в Москве продлен до 21 января. Об этом в своем блоге сообщил мэр Сергей Собянин, подписавший соответствующий указ.

По его словам, в столице сохраняется неопределенная эпидемическая обстановка. На новогодних каникулах удалось остановить рост заболеваемости коронавирусной инфекцией, но количество госпитализаций при этом не снизилось.

После консультаций с медиками московские власти решили, что с 18 января все школьники возвращаются к очному режиму обучения. «Все остальные ограничения продлеваются на неделю — до четверга, 21 января 2021 года», — написал Собянин.

В число этих ограничений входит из запрет на работу после 23:00 ночных клубов, баров, ресторанов и других заведений. По словам мэра, ближайшая неделя позволит властям оценить ситуацию с COVID-19 в столице и принять более долгосрочные решения. Собянин не исключил, что при стабилизации заболеваемости часть ограничений смягчат.

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14 Янв 2021, 19:14

Jamie Laing has revealed he has Pamela Anderson's phone number - but learnt the hard way that he, in fact, doesn't.

Appearing on his BBC Sounds podcast with pal Spencer Matthews, Jamie tried to give the Baywatch bombshell a call - with tragic results.

Spencer was discussing how he had boxer Anthony Joshua's number, saying: 'I have Anthony Joshua's mobile number!'

At which Jamie pushed: 'Ring it now, ring it now!'

'No!' Spencer asserted, going on: 'We met in Mahiki and he's a Made In Chelsea fan. He came up to me and said he loved me on the show.

'We messaged a bit, back and forth...'

Jamie asked Spencer to call Anthony with Caller ID off, before telling him: 'I have Pamela Anderson's number. I'll call Pamela Anderson.'

Jamie gave it a try, only to hear an automated voice telling him: 'The number you've dialed is not a working number!'

Spencer and Jamie were left in hysterics at this, with Spencer joking: 'Bad luck mate. Yeah that's epic. You've really got Pam And's number!'

Spencer is returning to work after he and his wife Vogue Williams came back from a lavish New Year's trip to St Barts, insisting they didn't break any COVID-19 rules when flying to the Caribbean.

The pair jetted out of London with their children Theodore, two and Gigi, six months, after Tier 4 restrictions were implemented in London, banning all non-essential travel.

Vogue defiantly stated their family holiday was within the guidelines and wrote on social media: 'I would like to assure my lovely Instagram family that I have not broken the government guidelines since rules and guidance came into effect last March.

'I also had Covid tests to ensure I travelled safely and I adhered to all safety guidelines recommended. It's not ideal to be away working during these times but it had been booked in since last year...'

The family had been living it up in the French Caribbean where Spencer's family own exclusive resort Eden Rock, despite rules advising against all but essential travel from the UK.

At the time of the their flight, travel abroad for leisure was banned under Tier 4 guidelines. Travel exceptions were only allowed for reasons such as work, education and childcare.

Travel for leisure is now totally banned in the UK following the third nationwide lockdown.

The trip came after Vogue lamented the new restrictions - and expressed her sadness that she would not make it home to Ireland for Christmas.

15 Янв 2021, 07:50

Кто хотел «настоящую зиму» — получите: в Могилев пришли сильные морозы. В эти выходные с рабочей субботой прогнозируют и снегопады, и солнце. А в ночь на понедельник, 18 января, ожидается до -35 °С.

Сегодня, 15 января, весь день пройдут небольшие снегопады и будет около -15 °С.

В рабочую субботу мороз ударит резко и очень чувствительно: утром — до -29 °С, днем станет чуть легче — до -22 °С и выглянет солнце. К ночи столбик термометра может упасть снова до -30 °С.

В воскресенье, 17 января, в светлое время суток будет −19…−22 °С, к ночи — снова до -30 °С. Утром и днем ожидаются снегопады.

В ночь на понедельник прогнозируют самый крепкий пока в этом сезоне мороз — до -35 °С, — который сохранится и утром. Днем мороз спадет до −20…−22 °С. Весь понедельник будет переменная облачность.

14 Янв 2021, 03:15

Australian cricketer David Warner will kick off the fourth Test Match against India in Sydney on Friday.

And as the players remain in a strict bio-secure bubble amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 34-year-old has missed out on celebrating his daughter's fifth birthday.

On Thursday, the proud father shared a virtual happy birthday message and tribute to the youngster on Instagram.

David shares three daughters with wife Candice Warner: Ivy-Mae, six, Indi-Rae, five, and Isla Rose, one.

'Very big happy birthday to our gorgeous funny and energetic girl Indi. We love you lots and lots and hope you have a good day,' he wrote.

'Sorry daddy can’t be there with you,' he added.

It's not the first time David's sporting commitments have kept him away from his family.

In November 2020, he was reunited with his wife and daughters after spending a whopping 108 days apart.

David had just completed two weeks of mandatory hotel quarantine at the time after competing in the Indian Premier League in the UAE.

The Indian Premier League had started on September 19, and he had left Sydney in mid August.

This meant he also missed his daughter Ivy Mae turn six.

Before the Indian Premier League, he had been away for a white-ball series in England.

In November, Candice shared how hard it had been without David in an emotional Instagram post.

'For close to four months now it's just been me and my little girl gang at home while my darling husband @davidwarner31 has been overseas playing cricket. Fingers crossed that this time next week we will be a gang of five again. We miss you daddy!!' she wrote.

Just a month earlier in October she also shared a 34th birthday tribute to David after they were unable to celebrate it together.

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