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13 Янв 2021, 23:46
В Хабаровске при пожаре в девятиэтажке погибли пять человек

В Хабаровске загорелась квартира в жилой девятиэтажке. Об этом сообщили в ГУ МЧС по Хабаровскому краю.

Огонь вспыхнул в квартире на втором этаже, возгорание локализовали на площади 10 кв. м и потушили. «В настоящее время причины пожара устанавливаются, на месте пожара работает оперативная группа», — уточнили в МЧС.

Источник в экстренных службах сообщил, что из-за пожара погибли пять человек. Информацию о жертвах подтвердили ТАСС в пресс-службе краевого ГУ МЧС России.

Ранее при пожаре в девятиэтажке Екатеринбурга погибли восемь человек, среди них мать с семилетней дочкой. Несмотря на то что огонь не вышел за пределы одной квартиры, в подъезде было сильное задымление. Среди версий случившегося — замыкание электропроводки, неисправность электрооборудования и неосторожное обращение с огнем. СК завел дело по по ч. 3 ст. 109 УК (причинение смерти по неосторожности двум и более лицам).

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14 Янв 2021, 13:15

She is the model daughter of Oasis legend Noel Gallagher and his ex-wife Meg Mathews.

And Anais Gallagher showcased her toned figure as she shared another sultry underwear snap to Instagram on Wednesday.

The blonde beauty, 20, slipped into a tiny pair of blush pink satin ruched underwear which drew the eye to her taut midriff and bronzed legs.

Anais exuded confidence in a matching scanty crop-top while also showing off a glimpse of her pert derriere.

She captioned the snap: 'Guess the correct number of moles I have on my torso, winner gets a kinder egg.'

On Monday the star showcased her toned figure as she posed in a white crop top while looking away from the camera.

Anais, who appeared to be posing in her bedroom, added to her look with several gold necklaces.

Appearing to go make-up free for the snap, the social media star styled her platinum blonde locks into a ponytail.

It comes after Anais admitted that fans are disappointed when they hear her speak as they expect her to have a northern twang like her father, 53.

But as she spent many of her younger years in southern England, she instead has a 'posh' accent - much unlike her father and uncle Liam, 48.

She told the Daily Star: 'It disappoints people when they hear me because they have a perception that I'm going to be so Mancunian, then I come along and sound so posh. I want to be my own person.'

Last September, Anais revealed she ditched her bustling London life for a quieter dwelling in Dorset, after moving to the countryside with her beau Julius Roberts.

She had previously shared a glimpse of her new home in the sprawling fields, as she raised a family of goats with her chef boyfriend.

In a video posted to Instagram, Anais shared a glimpse of her journey to the country with boyfriend Julius and their pals.

Along with enjoying dinner and card games by candlelight, the model proceeded to chase after a field full of goats, before relaxing in a field to enjoy the stunning views.

Anais first revealed her romance with chef Julius in July, and has since shared a slew of loved-up snaps with him.

Speaking previously to NME, Anais told how it was normal for her to watch her father perform on stage as a child and she has only become 'emotional' watching his shows more recently.

Anais revealed the band's Wembley Stadium gig in 2009 is her earliest memory of an Oasis performance.

She said: 'Obviously I went to lots of Oasis gigs, but this is the one I can remember most vividly.

'I particularly remember being very upset there were no Cadbury Buttons in the dressing room – a huge travesty for eight-year-old me.

'People expect the memory of Oasis to have been just as crazy for me as it was for them, but I was born watching my dad onstage so it didn't really faze me.

'I've only started getting properly emotional when I see him onstage recently. Before, I was slightly oblivious.'

Noel shares two sons, Donovan, 13, and Sonny, 10, with his wife Sara MacDonald, whereas he had his only daughter Anais with his ex-wife Meg.

13 Янв 2021, 23:40

National Guard units are being told to prepare for the possibility that improvised explosive devices will be used by individuals plotting to attack the Capitol in the days surrounding the Inauguration, according to two Guardsmen briefed this week.

The briefings indicate that Washington, D.C.-area law enforcement believe the IEDs planted last week at the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee headquarters were not an isolated incident. The individual who planted those bombs has yet to be apprehended, and FBI agents have been going door to door in D.C. this week asking residents for any photos or video they might have that could help identify the suspect, two of the residents told POLITICO.

In addition to the IED threat, the Guardsmen are being briefed that protesters could be heavily armed. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy has authorized the National Guardsmen protecting the Capitol, previously only carrying protective gear, to carry lethal weapons including M-9 handguns. A “significant majority” of soldiers are also carrying M-4 rifles, one of the Guardsmen said.

A Guard spokesperson declined to say whether law enforcement had briefed units at the Capitol on an IED threat.

“Our primary objective is to provide support to local authorities,” said spokesperson Tracy O’Grady Walsh, noting that the Guard’s mission during the inauguration is to provide crowd management, traffic control, parking coordination and medical and logistical support to local authorities. “The public’s safety is our top priority.”

Up to 20,000 Guardsmen could be stationed around D.C. in the coming days, at the request of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and other civil authorities. On Tuesday night, hundreds of armed Guardsmen deployed to the Capitol ahead of lawmakers beginning a second round of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

It’s not clear whether National Guardsmen are preparing to respond themselves to potential IEDs, and the briefings about potential IEDs have left some uneasy, the people familiar with the matter said.

Guard members are trained in the use of lethal and nonlethal force, the use of protective equipment and “deescalation techniques,” as is standard for civil disturbance response missions, O’Grady Walsh said. Some Guard units, including Guard combat engineers, infantry and military police units, typically train for IED response ahead of overseas deployments, but not all Guardsmen are so trained.

“The most important element of defeating IEDs is knowing what to look for, knowing where to look, and understanding how to either quickly defuse or mark them for eventual destruction,” said retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, noting that IED training principally involves “early reconnaissance of anticipated routes by drones and engineers and scouts, the use of intelligence to plot and predict potential locations of placement of IEDs that would cause the most damage or destruction, and the interference of networks.”

An unclassified intelligence bulletin compiled by the U.S. Secret Service, obtained by POLITICO, warned that at least one right-wing extremist group, Patriot Actions for America, “is organizing and encouraging a violent demonstration” on Jan. 16 at the Capitol.

The bulletin, which primarily relies on open-source information from social media and was first reported by The Daily Beast, said law enforcement is also tracking a separate “Million Militia March” being planned by two other groups for Inauguration Day itself, warning that “although no civil disobedience has been confirmed, organizers have encouraged attendees to bring weapons to the event through the use of images of weapons on promotional materials for the event. The group claims they will not attack, but defend.”

14 Янв 2021, 03:06

Президент США Дональд Трамп выступил с заявлением после того, как Палата представителей объявила ему импичмент.

В своем обращении он заявил, что осуждает насилие, произошедшее на прошлой неделе в Капитолии. Политик подчеркнул, что «жестокости не место» в США.

«Никто из моих истинных сторонников не может быть причастен к политическому насилию, ни один мой истинный сторонник не может поддерживать неуважение к правоохранительным органам или нашему великому американскому флагу, ни один из настоящих моих сторонников не может обижать своих сограждан», — сказал Трамп в видеообращении, которое было опубликовано в Twitter Белого дома.

Он заверил, что участвовавшие в нападении на Капитолий будут привлечены к ответственности.

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