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14 Янв 2021, 06:06
В Госдуме хотят отменить обязательную сдачу ОГЭ

В Госдуме занимаются разработкой законопроекта об отмене обязательной сдаче ОГЭ после девятого класса. Об этом в беседе с «Известиями» сообщил зампредседателя комитета по образованию и науке Максим Зайцев.

Отмечается, что соответствующий документ будет вынесен на рассмотрение уже весной текущего года.

По словам парламентария, ОГЭ планируют оставить только для тех школьников, кто собираются поступать в колледжи и техникумы. Как рассказал Зайцев, в перспективе будет в Госдуме будет рассмотрена полная отмена этого экзамена. При этом следующим шагом может быть отмена ЕГЭ для выпускников 11 классов, указал он.

Депутат считает, что оба эти экзамена стандартизированы и оценивают не реальные знания, а только навыки, которые были получены при подготовке к испытаниям.


— Рособрнадзор: число сдаваемых на ОГЭ в 2021 году предметов сократят

— Школьников могут обязать писать контрольную по истории России для допуска к ЕГЭ и ОГЭ

— Досрочный ЕГЭ в 2021 году отменили

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15 Янв 2021, 09:16

Jessica Chastain has landed the January/February 2021 cover of Shape Magazine.

The 43-year-old redheaded bombshell spoke to the women's health magazine about her approach to fitness and food, and paving the way for women in Hollywood by fighting for fair pay.

Posing in vibrant neon colors, the Zero Dark Thirty actress opened up about her mission to use her platform for good as she said, 'For me, it's about the action of doing.'

An industry vet who boasts two Academy Award nominations, Chastain reveals she is more than a pretty face as she talks about putting in the work to make a change in Hollywood.

'You can talk about something; you can wish it to happen. But at a certain point, what can you do that actually shifts the conversation?,' she purports.

'I want to use whatever platform I'm given to amplify someone who doesn't have a platform. I've always felt it was irresponsible to allow another person to be ignored, bullied, or unheard. I don't want to live in a world where something like that is okay.'

Founding her own production company, Freckle Films, she has made it her mission to make movies that champion feminine strength both on and off camera.

'I'm trying to put images out there that challenge a preconceived notion or system or a stereotype of what a woman is.'

'Boys and men should be comfortable seeing women in these roles. Otherwise, we're denying them the realization that the feminine is powerful and strong,' she added.

Speaking about her 2022 film, The 355 - which she also produced - she spoke about her forward-thinking business approach when it came to ensuring the women in the project got the fair pay they deserve.

'A lot of times, our names are used to sell movies, and that's how the money is raised for them. So I thought, if our names are being sold, then we need to be the owners of the film.'

Starring alongside Lupita Nyong'o, Penelope Cruz, Diane Kruger and Fan Bingbing in the movie about female spies, Chastain opted for a fiercely unconventional approach to the film as she made all her co-stars partial owners of the film's rights.

Pitching the concept to her co-stars she told them: 'We're going to sell the distribution rights to raise the budget for the film, and then everyone owns a portion of the box office,' adding that the right's sold very quickly.

Realizing the magnitude of what she pulled off as a way to ensure fair pay for all the actresses involved she said:

'I don't know if anything like this has been done before, and honestly, I'm a bit shocked I got away with it...but hopefully it creates a new model in which artists can own their work.'

Her championing of women stems in large from the strong ladies in her life as she spoke about the blessing of being in lockdown alongside her mother and grandmother.

Speaking about her quarantine fitness regimen, the Interstellar actress said that even her 80-year-old grandma, Marilyn Herst, got in on the fun.

'I did Isaac Boots' Torch'd workouts with my grandmother, who is in her 80s. It was such a breath of sanity during that time to do it every morning with my grandma. And she really helped me be accountable.'

Though she said at times getting herself to workout was hard, the 'confidence' she felt afterwards kept her going.

'It's the sense of being proud of myself...once I finish, I immediately feel like a superhero.'

A trained chef, Chastain has been vegan for 14 years after she found her body was 'wrecked' from quickly gaining and losing weight for various film roles, prompting her friend to suggest a two week raw detox diet.

'The first week, I was so miserable. But by the second week, I had so much energy. When the two weeks were over, I was like, "I'm done!" I went to a restaurant and ordered risotto and fish. And that night, I felt sick again. I decided that my body was clearly telling me the way it wanted me to eat.'

A fierce go-getter when it comes to listening to her body and ensuring the projects she signs on to are 'socially responsible' she chalks it all up to 'the action of doing.'

15 Янв 2021, 17:15

Jurgen Klopp has admitted it is still touch and go regarding whether Joel Matip will be fit to feature in Sunday's crunch derby with Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskajer's side recently usurped reigning champions Liverpool at the top of the table and can potentially go six points clear this weekend, while also ending the Reds long home unbeaten run.

Still juggling his ongoing defensive crisis, Klopp revealed he is still unsure whether it 'makes sense' to throw the 29-year-old straight back into such an important match after limited training sessions, but admits Matip is 'close.'

Speaking on Friday during his pre-match press conference, Klopp said: 'Joel is close, does it make sense now to throw him in to a game with one or two sessions which he hasn't done yet?

'Today and tomorrow he might be involved.

To bring him [into the United game] I don't know, we have to see. We have to decide and look at him in training, these kind of things.'

Klopp went on to outline that his Liverpool side could continue taking contingency measures and deploying players like Jordan Henderson out of position, but conceded that his captain has vital important in midfield.

'We still have different solutions and Hendo [Henderson] is very important for us in midfield as well so we have to see.

'But it's not decided yet, why should I?' Klopp added.

The match will be Jurgen Klopp's 200th league game in charge of Liverpool, and his side can jointly regain top spot in the table should they go on to win.

Klopp added: 'Winning a football game against United is enough itself, it's not necessary that there is a special add on.

'We play at home versus united and we have to win, that's what we think about. They deserve the points they have so far, [but] the season is still a long way to go.

'It's not about saying if we win we are ahead again.'

Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are however breathing down the necks of both sides, ahead of their upcoming fixture with Crystal Palace on Sunday evening.

City currently sit one point behind Liverpool and four behind United, though have a game-in-hand on their two close rivals.

16 Янв 2021, 13:06

В России за прошедший день умерли 590 человек с коронавирусом. Такие данные приводит оперштаб.

Отмечается, что для наступившего 2021 года это рекордный показатель.

До этого максимум летальных исходов был зафиксирован 14 января. Тогда скончались 570 инфицированных пациентов.

Всего в России, по последним данным, умерли 65 085 человек с подтвержденным коронавирусом.


— Попова назвала ситуацию с COVID-19 в РФ «ровной и спокойной»

— В России выявлено еще 24 092 новых случая коронавируса

— В Москве за сутки выявили 4 674 заразившихся коронавирусом

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